Dingman Family

Dingman Family

I have been working on the Dingman family for many years. A Will for Gerardus Dingman was located by Sandy Reiss that proved that he was the father of Cornelius Dingman, and gave information on several of the siblings. I have alot more work to do on this generation. Most of the information on the following pages pertains to Cornelius and his family. As my research into Gerardus continues I will be adding more to that.

The information on Catharine Dingman and Daniel Patterson was sent to me by Adria Shearing. Information on the Darling's was contributed by Beverly Quance Baugham and Daniel Massey sent me information on the Massey family. Barb King is working on the Dingman family as it is connected to the Garrison family. Bob Schell has given me information on Vinson Dingman. I am most grateful for their assistance. Each of us holds a piece of the puzzle. By sharing and working together eventually we will have the complete picture.

I have obtained some information over the years indicating that the father of Gerardus was Johannes Dingman, the son of Adam Dingman. This information needs to be verified and this will be another one of my research projects. If anyone has further information along these lines please contact me.

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