year property occupier tax owner
1784 Allescholes William Woodhead 0.8d. Henshaw (Kershaw?)
1784 Allescholes James Baron 12.0d.  
1786 Allescholes James Baron 11.7d Kershaw A
1794 Allescholes James Baron 10.8d.  
1795 Allescholes James Baron 10.8d. Kershaw A
1798 Allescholes James Baron 10.8d. Kershaw Widow
1788 Allescholes (cotts. in wood) James Baron 2.0d Kershaw A
1790 Allescholes (cotts. in wood) James Baron 2.0d Kershaw A
1794 Allescholes (cotts. in wood) James Baron 1.10d  
1795 Allescholes (cotts. in wood) James Baron 1.10d Kershaw A
1798 Allescholes (cotts. in wood) James Baron 1.10d Kershaw Widow
1788 Allescholes (lower) James Baron 11.7d Kershaw A
1789 Allescholes (lower) James Baron 11.7d  
1790 Allescholes (lower) James Baron 11.7d Kershaw A


Lower Allischoles James Lord 50 farmer yes
  Mary Lord 65   yes
  James Cryer 65 wool weaver yes
  Joseph Crossley 35 cotton weaver yes
  Robert Crossley 5   yes
Lower Allischoles John Taylor 25 cotton weaver yes
  Ann Taylor 20   yes
Lower Allischoles William Kershaw 40 cotton weaver yes
  Betty Kershaw 40   yes
  John Kershaw 18 cotton weaver yes
  James Kershaw 16 cotton weaver yes
  Mary Kershaw 8   yes
  Betty Kershaw 14 cotton weaver yes
  Robert Kershaw 5    
Lower Allischoles John Cryer 60 cotton weaver yes
  Hannah Cryer 45   yes
  William Cryer 20 cotton weaver yes
  James Cryer 20 cotton weaver yes
  Samuel Cryer 20 cotton weaver yes
  Hannah Cryer 15 cotton weaver yes
  John Cryer 13 cotton weaver yes
  Robert Cryer 10   yes
Allischoles James Fielden 30 farmer yes
  Samuel Fielden 30 ind yes
  Mary Fielden 9   yes
  John Fielden 45 ag lab yes
  Mary Cryer 15 fs yes
  Hannah Baron 70 ind yes
Allischoles Edmund Crossley 60 calico weaver yes
  Betty Crossley 60   yes
  Martha Crossley 30 cotton plw yes
  Betty Crossley 25 calico weaver yes
  John Crossley 22? calico weaver yes
  William Crossley 15 cotton plw yes
  Mary Crossley 1   yes
  Thomas Crossley 10   yes
  Hannah Mitchell 25 cotton plw yes
  Charles Mitchell 3   yes
Allischoles Samuel Jackson 40 labourer yes
  Mary Jackson 40   yes
  Sarah Taylor 35 calico weaver yes
  Esther Taylor 30 calico weaver yes
  Eve Taylor 15 calico weaver yes
  Mary Taylor 12 calico weaver yes
  Betty Taylor 6   yes


Allischoles James Baron Fielden 40 head un farmer owner 22 acres Lancshire Walsden
  Samuel B Fielden 42 brother w landed proprietor Lancshire Walsden
  Mary B Fielden 19 niece un   Lancshire Walsden
  Sarah Jane Daker? 13 servant     Yorkshire Erringden
  John Woodhead 39 servant un   Lancshire Walsden
Allischoles John Crier 72 head m cotton weaver Lancs Walsden
  Hannah Crier 56 wife m   Lancs Walsden
  William Crier 36 son un labourer Lancs Walsden
  James Crier 34 son un labourer Lancs Walsden
  Robert Crier 20 son un roller turner Lancs Walsden
Allischoles John Taylor 39 head m   Lancs Walsden
  Ann Taylor 35 wife m   Lancs Calderbrook
  Betty Taylor 9 dau     Lancs Walsden
  Mary Taylor 6 dau     Lancs Walsden
  Sarah Taylor 4 dau     Lancs Walsden
  Hannah Taylor 1 dau     Lancs Walsden
  Mary Crier 38 sister in law un   Lancs Calderbrook
  Samuel Crier 3       Lancs Walsden
  Susan Baldwin 8mths infant to nurse     Lancs Walsden
Allischoles Mary Lord 75 head w farmer 15 acres Lancashire Calderbrook
Allischoles William Kershaw 55 head m cotton weaver Lancs Calderbrook
  Betty Kershaw 53 wife m   Lancs Calderbrook
  John Kershaw 27 son un roller maker Lancs Calderbrook
  James Kershaw 25 son un cotton weaver Lancs Calderbrook
  Betty Kershaw 23 dau un plw Lancs Walsden
  Mary Kershaw 17 dau un   Lancs Walsden
  Robert Kershaw 14 son   plw Lancs Walsden
  Sarah Ann Kershaw 3 granddaughter     Lancs Walsden
  Thomas Holden 40     labourer Lancs Todmorden
Allischoles   8 uninhabited          


1 Allischoles William Kershaw 63 head m farmer of 28 acres Calderbrook
  Betty Kershaw 60 wife m   Calderbrook
  James Kershaw 35 son un chemical labourer Calderbrook
  Robert Kershaw 24 son un chemical labourer Walsden
  Sarahann Kershaw 13 dau   cotton weaver Walsden
2 Allescholes James Scholfield 26 head m cotton weaver Walsden
  Mary Scholfield 27 wife m cotton weaver Walsden
3 Allescholes Samuel Law 51 head w retired farmer Walsden
  Hannah Dearden 66   w house keeper Walsden
  Dorothy Howarth 8       Burnley
4 Allescholes John Taylor 48 head m scutcher of cotton Walsden
  Ann Taylor 42 wife m   Calderbrook
  Betty Taylor 19 dtr u cotton weaver Walsden
  Mary Taylor 16 dtr u cotton drawer Walsden
  Sarah Taylor 14 dtr u cotton winder Walsden
  John Taylor 8 son   scholar Walsden
  Alice taylor 5 dtr   scholar Walsden
5 Allescholes John Scholfield 36 head m powerloom weaver Walsden
  Betty Scholfield 33 wife m   Walsden
  James Wm Scholfield 5 son     Walsden
1 Higher Allescholes James Cryer 42 head u house painter Walsden
2 Higher Allischoles James Heyworth 70? head w farmer of 28 acres Walsden
  Zaccariah Heyworth 35 son un iron roller turner Walsden
  William Heyworth 14 grandson   weaver of cotton Walsden
. . . . . .
  William Waite 33 head m picker maker Walsden
  Sally waite 28 wife m . Walsden
  John Waite 9 grandson . scholar Walsden
  William Waite 4 grandson . . Walsden
  Marcy J Waite 1 granddaughter . . Walsden
. . . . . . .
3 Higher Allescholes William Cryer 44 head m farm labourer Walsden
  Betty Cryer 43 wife m   Walsden
  Robert Fielden 21 son u cotton weaver Walsden


1 Lower Allescholes Hartley Cunliffe 35 head m farmer of 13 acres Stansfield Yorkshire
  Fielden Cunfiffe 30 brother un farmer Stansfield Yorkshire
Lower Allescholes 2 unoccupied          
4 Lower Allescholes Thomas Fielden 31 head m weaver of cotton Walsden Lancashire
  Sally Fielden 28 wife m housekeeper Walsden Lancashire
  Mary H Fielden 9 dau   scholar Walsden Lancashire
  Frank Fielden 6 son     Walsden Lancashire
  John Fielden 7 mths son      
Higher Allescholes William Hardwick 37 head m wheelewright Leeds Yorkshire
  Elizabeth Hardwick 32 wife m housekeeper Leeds Yorkshire
  Emma Hardwick 7 dau     Lancashire
  George Hardwick 5 son     Lancashire
  John Hardwick 1 son     Lancashire
2 Higher Allescholes James Howarth 80 head m shepherd Walsden Lancashire
  Jane Howarth 74 wife m housekeeper Walsden Lancashire
  Zachariah Howarth 44 son un labourer for picker maker Walsden Lancashire
3 Higher Allescholes William Cryer 55 head m farmer Walsden Lancashire
  Betty Cryer 53 wife n housekeeper Walsden Lancashire
  James Cryer 8 son   scholar Walsden Lancashire
4 Higher Allescholes Robert Fielden 31 head m weaver cotton Walsden Lancashire
  Betty Fielden 30 wife m weaver cotton Walsden Lancashire


Lower Aliscoles unoccupied          
Lower Allescholes Wm Sunderland 43 head m farmer 24 acres Withens Yorkshire
  Sally Sunderland 40 wife m farmers wife Hebden Bridge Yorkshire
  Joseph Sunderland 24 brother u farm servant Ovenden Yorkshire
  James Sunderland 74 father w retired farmer Walshaw Yorkshire
  Grace Varley 65 mother-in-law u retired handloom weaver Hebden Bridge Yorkshire
Higher Allescholes Zachariah Heyworth 53 head u picker maker Walsden Lancashire
Higher Allescholes Farm Robert Fielden 41 head m farmer 20 acres Walsden lancashire
  Betty Fielden 40 wife m farmers wife Walsden lancashire
  Betty Fielden 63 mother w farm servant Walsden lancashire
  Leah Uttley 5 niece     Calderbrook Lancashire


Allescholes Farm Andrew Fowler 48 head m farmer Yorkshire Wakefield
  Elizabeth Fowler 54 wife m   Yorkshire Sowerby
  Tom Fowler 26 son un farm labourer Yorkshire Soyland
  Samuel Fowler 22 son un farm labourer Lancashire Littleborough
  Edith Normington 13 adopted     Yorkshire Halifax
Several empty houses occupied as hen roosts