History of New Hope Baptist Church

History of New Hope Baptist Church
About 1875

Written by Wava (Bratton) Young

The church started in a brush arbor and moved to a dwelling house. The first pastor was Rev. Will Felt. About 1880, Rev. West Crocker organized the first church in Scattersville at the present site. The church was named by Lulu (Buntin) Parrish.

Pastors of New Hope Baptist Church included: Rev. Will Felt, West Crocker, Mat Martin, Rev. Gibson, Charlie Watkins, Jay Gardner, W. M. Thomason, J. N. Rucker, M.D. High, Jay Northerson, O.F. Robertson, W. A. Duncan, Rev. Crigler, J. B. Butts, Joe H. Cantrell, present pastor, Rev. Emmitt Jones.

The first deacons were: John Branham, Charlie Brown, and Jim Goodall.

The church was rebuilt in 1923 under Rev. W. M. Thomason, pastor. It was remodeled in 1974 under Rev. Joe H. Cantrell, pastor, and is still making improvements.

The church turned out six ministers: Rev. J. B. Bratton, John Branham, Charlie Brown, Bill Bledsoe, Ewin G. Turner, and Thomas Goins.

The church land was purchased from Ike Brewer.

In 1935 the church purchased the first cemetery in Scattersville from the African Bell Association in 1952 which purchased one acre from Joe Johnson. The first person buried in the cemetery was Sanders Richmond.

(Some of this information was given to me by John Duncan, William (Dick) Brewer, Luther Bratton, Sr., and Deffie Bell.)

Update: The current pastor's name for New Hope Baptist Church of Sumner County is the Reverend Dennis Page. He has been with the church since May 1997. This information was contributed by Vivian Mullen.

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