Sumner County African American Church Members
Sumner County African American
Churches and Church Members

Dry Fork Cumberland Presbyterian Church

Names of Colored Professors
Carson Dobbin's Peter
John McMurry's Peter
Mary Tinnin's CeleRemoved without letter, 1835
Mary Beard's HagarRemoved by letter
James Lackey's CeleRemoved by letter
Henry Dobbin's RachelRemoved by excommunication
E. McKissik's PhillisRemoved
" " SeenaDo
" " SarahDo
Sam. McMury Harvey
E. McMury's MatildyRemoved
Wm. Barr's Mender
J. Martin's RolenRemoved by excommunication
R. Guthrie's PeterRemoved without letter
E. McKisick's HyrumRemoved by death, 1835
John McMury's NanceJoined by letter, May 5, 1833
Cullen Gardner's Seele
E. McKisick's RebeccaRemoved
E. McKisick's Rachel
R. Stuart's Lethe

New Hope Baptist Church

Go to The History of New Hope Baptist Church, written by Wava (Bratton) Young..

Parker's Chapel

Go to The Parker's Chapel Story a history of an African American church, written by Gwen Smith, Great Granddaughter of Mr. & Mrs. Sam Groves, early settlers, and Vanesse P. Smith, Great-Great-Great Granddaughter of Sam & Lucy Groves.

Shiloh Presbyterian Church

Coloured Persons
Listed As In Church RecordsListed Alphabetically
Blythes, Michael (Exhorter)Anderson, ______
Kilpatrick, Jack (S.S. Teacher)Barr, Caroline
Elliot, PollokBarr, Fanny
Donnell, HowardBarr, Margaret
McMurray, DillyBarr, Violet
Robb, MillyBascoville, Reynolds
Desha, IsaacBlythe, Ann
Desha, SamuelBlythe, George
Tyree, PeggyBlythe, Priscilla
Tyree, PatseyBlythe, Sinai
McMurray, LindonBlythes, Michael (Exhorter)
McMurray, DinahDesha, Carson
McMurray, CeliaDesha, Celia
Malone, PeggyDesha, Elizabeth
Dobbins, EdmundDesha, Henry
Tyree, WillDesha, Isaac
Hodge, VinaDesha, Samuel
Hodge, PhillisDesha, Titus
Hodge, CharityDobbins, Edmund
Blythe, GeorgeDonnell, Howard
Blythe, PriscillaDonnell, Joseph
Blythe, SinaiElliot, Pollok
Blythe, AnnHodge, Charity
Desha, CeliaHodge, Phillis
Desha, CarsonHodge, Vina
Desha, ElizabethKilpatrick, Jack (S.S. Teacher)
Desha, TitusMalone, Peggy
Desha, HenryMcMurray, Andus
Barr, VioletMcMurray, Celia
Barr, MargaretMcMurray, Dilly
Barr, FannyMcMurray, Dinah
Barr, CarolineMcMurray, Lindon
Tyree, CatyPatterson, Felix
Bascoville, ReynoldsRobb, Milly
Donnell, JosephTyree, Caty
Anderson, ______Tyree, Patsey
Patterson, FelixTyree, Peggy
McMurray, AndusTyree, Will

Willow Grove Methodist Church

Go to Willow Grove Methodist Church, 1834, Membership List, Part One

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