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Wilkinson Cemetery
The Wilkinson Cemetery is located north of Pleasant Shade TN behind the house at #895 Pleasant
Shade Highway (Hwy 80). This cemetery is no longer maintained and the stones are all down.
36-24-26N 85-56-52W

Wilkinson, Inf son of W.C. & Bettie Wilkinson B & D 27 June 1878
Cleveland, Robert H. 16 Nov 1848 - 22 Feb 1925
Cleveland, Margaret E. Wilkinson 15 Dec 1851 - 3 June 1928
Cleveland, Laura May 5 Sept 1880 - 7 Jan 1897
"Lord she was thine and not mine own, Thou hast not done the wrong
I thank thee for the precious loan afforded me so long."
Wilkinson, W.C. 7 June 1853 - 17 Mar 1898
"Here is one who is sleeping in faith and love with hope that is
treasured in heaven above"
Wilkinson, Nancey 19 Jan 1825 - 6 Dec 1893 W/O A.F.
" A loving wife and a mother dear lies buried here"
Wilkinson, A.F. 22 Sept 1818 - 26 Oct 1887
Wilkinson, ? 22 1819 (unreadable fieldstone)
Wilkinson, D.A. 8 Jan 1816 - 17 Sept 1886 (handcarved fieldstone-broken)
Wilkinson, Susan 11 Feb 1823 - 14 June 1897 (handcarved fieldstone)
McKinnis, ? Apr 1871 - May 1878 ( partial unreadable fieldstone)
Several unmarked fieldstones.

Copied by Retta Waggoner Oct 23, 2002
Listed in Smith County Tennessee Cemeteries - North of the Cumberland River page 140.

Notes: Robert Hutton "Bob" Cleveland was the son of Jacob Martin Cleveland and Amanda
(--?--). He married Margaret "Maggie" Wilkinson daughter of Archibald F. Wilkinson and
Nancy McDuffee (daughter of Geo. Neil McDuffee and Barthenia "Thenie" Gregory). Bob
Cleveland was a merchant owning a large store in Pleasant Shade. He is mentioned in Cal's
Column on Dec 19, 1953. "Maggie's" occupation was listed in the census as weaver. Fred
Cleveland, who operated Clevelands Pharmacy across the street from the courthouse in
Carthage for many years, was a cousin to Bob Cleveland.

Daniel A. Wilkinson married Susan Smith daughter of Archie Smith and Elizabeth Piper. Daniel
Wilkinson and Archibald .F. Wilkinson appear to be brothers with their father born in Scotland.

The fieldstone (see last picture)Wilkinson, ? 22 1819 (unreadable fieldstone) is thought to be
Allen Wilkinson a bio written by Mike Wilkinson can be found on this website:

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