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Thomas Haley Cemetery
The Thomas Haley Cemetery is located in Beasleys Bend on the Marvin Nixon
farm. This cemetery is in poor condition with the iron fence down, stone
down, and grown up in bushes and briars.
36-16-99N 86-04-72W

Haley, Thomas 31 Oct 1837 - 19 Dec 1925
Haley, Sarah F. 18 Nov 1839 - 15 Oct 1915

Thomas Haley was son of Henderson and Midda Haley whose cemetery is about a
mile away. He married Sarah Frances Bradley on Nov 9, 1859. They had 10
children, 3 dying in infancy.
He was a Confederate soldiers during the civil war. He served four years and
was wounded twice.

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The Smith County cemetery book reports 15-20 unmarked graves and broken stones.

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