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Henderson Haley Cemetery
The Henderson Haley Cemetery is located on the former Lewis Beasley farm
that is now owned by Boze in Beasley's Bend. The cemetery is approx. one
mile from the highway on a knoll near the Cumberland River. Permission from
landowner to get thru locked gate will be necessary to visit.
36-17-42N 86-05-59W

Henderson Haley was a early settler in this area and had a large family,
several of which are buried in nearby cemeteries During the Civil War in
1863 a band of Union "bush wackers" came to his house during the night and
stole his horses. As they were leaving they shot Henderson killing him. He is
buried near his homeplace.

At another time Henderson's wife Midda Shaw found a Union soldier stealing
items out of a sugar chest so she slammed the lid killing the soldier.

Haley, Henderson 4 June 1806 - 25 May 1863
Haley, Midda 31 March 1813 - 5 July 18?? (Not readable) W/O Henderson Haley
"Gone Home - Our Mother"
Haley, Stephen Dec 1849 - Feb 1886 S/O Henderson & Midda
"Safe in the arms of Jesus"

Transcribed by Retta Waggoner & Terri Dillehay March 27, 2001
Listed in Smith County North Cemetery book page 107.

Sons of Henderson & Midda are buried in cemeteries as follows:

Thomas Haley

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John H. Haley

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William J. Haley (No Photo)

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Gabriel Haley - Son of William- Grandson of Henderson

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Stephen Haley - Pictured Below

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