McKINNEY, McKINNIE, McKINEY, McKENNY, McKENNEY, McKENNIE and other Smith County, TN surnames

Nancy P. Goodman's

McKINNEY, McKINNIE, McKINEY FAMILY of Virginia and Tennessee

NOTE: the information below is placed here as a 'service only' to try to bring together some information on some of my Smith County, TN families, plus other families that some of my friends are researching.
Subj: Re: McKinney/Smith County, TN       Date: 98-04-05
From: (Ron & Jo Anne Smith)

To: (Genny1)

Hi Nancy,
I have included my tree starting with Willie McKinney with children including a Nancy Jane McKinney and a Martha McKinney also in my tree. I descend from Samuel Jordan McKinney.
Would you have any information that you may be willing to share?
Ron Smith
1611 Valleyview Lane
Duncanville, TX 75137 (just south of Dallas)

Descendants of Willie McKinney

Generation No. 1

1. WILLIE1 MCKINNEY was born Abt. 1780 in VA, and died Abt. 1856 in Elmwood Community, Smith Co, TN. He married NANCY JANE GLOVER February 26, 1801 in Mecklenburg Co, VA, daughter of JOHN GLOVER and SALLEY JACKSON.

Notes for WILLIE MCKINNEY:  Born in 1780. Died 9/30 - 12/3, 1856.
Notes for NANCY JANE GLOVER: Born 1784-1786. Died in the 1860's.

2. i. MARY JANE2 MCKINNEY, b. Abt. 1805, VA; d. Aft. 1880, Smith Co., TN.

ii. MARTHA MCKINNEY, b. Abt. 1808, VA; d. Bef. 1856, Smith Co., TN.


Notes for NANCY JANE MCKINNEY: Recorded in the 1870 census in JeffersonCo., IL.

3. iv. SAMUEL JORDAN MCKINNEY, b. Abt. 1815, VA; d. December 06, 1900, Wilson Co, TN.

v. SARAH H. MCKINNEY, b. Abt. 1818, Smith Co., TN; d. June 1880; m. ORAN J. LEMONS.

Notes for SARAH H. MCKINNEY: Sarah was a faithful member of the Mulberry Grove Methodist Church on Turkey Creek.  

vi. WILLIAM W. (Bill) MCKINNEY, b. Abt. 1820, Smith Co., TN;  
m. (1) MARY LINCH/LYNCH, July 24, 1838, Carthage, Smith Co., TN.;
m. (2) SARAH CORNETT Jan 7, 1869.

Generation No. 2

2. MARY JANE2 MCKINNEY (WILLIE1) was born Abt. 1805 in VA, and died Aft. 1880 in Smith Co., TN. She married BANNISTER P. GLOVER, son of HENRY GLOVER and OMAH CHEROKEE.

Notes for MARY JANE MCKINNEY: Mary Jane Glover, also known as "Polly", was a faithful member of the Mulberry Grove Methodist Church on Turkey Creek where meetings were conducted at the house of William Pendarvis. Polly's sister, Sarah, wife of Oran Lemons and Adeline Bennett, Polly's daughter, were also members of the congregation.

Polly continued to live on the farm at Turkey Creek until the 1870s when she sold her homestead and dower rights to A. H. King. Polly spent her last days living with her grandson, Joseph Bennett. She died sometime after 1880 at an advanced age.

Notes for BANNISTER P. GLOVER: The "glove makers" or Glovers, as the name evolved from their early occupation, were among the early settlers of Smith Co., TN. By 1820 Daniel; Richard, and Edward Glover are residents of the area. On the 1837 Smith County Tax List Edward, John C., and Henry are land owners in District 11; George and Robert live in District 16; and peter is recorded as owning seventy acres in District One.

Bannister P. Glover is living in Smith County in 1818 when he purchased a mare from the estate sale of John Glover, deceased. In 1829 Bannister bought sixty-nine acres of land for $200 from Morris Robinson. The property was in District One in the Turkey Creek area, bounded by William Pendarvis and "John's Mill."

On November 24, 1836, having a premonition that death was near, Bannister Glover wrote his last will and testament. He leaves all of his real and personal property to his "beloved wife, Polly Glover" during her widowhood, and, after her death or should she remarry, the property to be equally divided among his children. The will of Bannister Glover was probated in January 1837, less than two months after being written. His will has another child listed as M. R.


i. WILLY M.3 GLOVER, b. 1827, Smith Co., TN; d. Bef. 1858, Smith Co., TN.

Notes for WILLY M. GLOVER: Born afflicted.

More About WILLY M. GLOVER: Fact 7: Never married.

ii. MALVINA ANN GLOVER, b. 1829, Smith Co., TN; d. Bef. 1858, Smith Co., TN; m. JOHN M. NESBITT, December 22, 1852, Smith Co., TN.

4. iii. TIMOTHY HANEY GLOVER, b. October 26, 1831, Smith Co., TN; d. March 23, 1863, Jefferson Co., IL.

5. iv. ADELINE E. GLOVER, b. 1834, Smith Co., TN; d. Abt. 1875, Smith Co., TN.

3. SAMUEL JORDAN2 MCKINNEY (WILLIE1) was born Abt. 1815 in VA, and died December 06, 1900 in Wilson Co, TN. He married MARTHA ANN LOCKE January 07, 1836 in Wilson Co, TN, daughter of RICHARD LOCKE and FRANCES POOLE.

Notes for MARTHA ANN LOCKE: Born in TN or NC?


i. SARAH J.3 MCKINNEY, b. March 13, 1839; m. WILLIAM UHLES, July 17, 1864, Smith Co, TN.

ii. NANCY T. MCKINNEY, b. Abt. 1842, Wilson Co, TN.

iii. MARTHA SANDERS MCKINNEY, b. April 20, 1843, Wilson Co, TN; d. April 20, 1868, Wilson Co, TN; m. THOMAS H. RAMSEY, July 22, 1861, Wilson Co, TN.

iv. MARY EMMALINE MCKINNEY, b. Abt. 1847, Wilson Co, TN.

v. RICHARD W. MCKINNEY, b. Abt. 1848, Wilson Co, TN.

vi. CLARISA PARASAIDE MCKINNEY, b. Abt. 1850, Wilson Co, TN.

vii. WILLIAM TROUSDALE MCKINNEY, b. April 11, 1851, Wilson Co, TN.

viii. THOMAS JEFFERSON MCKINNEY, b. March 1853, Wilson Co, TN.

6. ix. JOSEPH LOCKE MCKINNEY, b. June 16, 1855, Lebanon, Wilson Co, TN; d. August 08, 1926, Mt. Calm, Hill Co, TX.

x. ALICE ANNABEL MCKINNEY, b. June 27, 1859, Wilson Co, TN.

Generation No. 3

4. TIMOTHY HANEY3 GLOVER (MARY JANE2 MCKINNEY, WILLIE1) was born October 26, 1831 in Smith Co., TN, and died March 23, 1863 in Jefferson Co., IL.  He married JANE M. VANCE December 20, 1854 in Smith Co., TN, daughter of JOHN F. VANCE.

Notes for TIMOTHY HANEY GLOVER: In September 1859 Timothy and Jane moved to Wayne Co., MO. In August 1861, they moved to southern Illinois.  Timothy is buried in the Salem Graveyard.

More About TIMOTHY HANEY GLOVER: Buried: Salem Cemetery, Jefferson Co., IL

Notes for JANE M. VANCE:  Jane was buried in the Glover graveyard on the farm of her oldest son, Samuel King Glover, at the head of Bear Creek.

Children of TIMOTHY GLOVER and JANE VANCE are:
i. SAMUEL KING4 GLOVER, b. September 28, 1855, Smith Co., TN; d. May 15, 1936, Coldwater, Wayne Co., MO; m. NORA ELIZABETH GOAD, December 15, 1878, Coldwater, Wayne Co., MO.

ii. FELIX LEMUEL GLOVER, b. May 20, 1857, Smith Co., TN; d. December 31, 1941, Farmington, St. Francois, Co., MO; m. NANCY JANE SUTTON, October 27, 1978, Coldwater, Wayne Co., MO.


iv. TIMOTHY HANEY GLOVER , JR., b. October 24, 1861, Jefferon Co., IL; d. September 15, 1929, Miami, Dade Co., FL; m. LIZZIE J. LINVILLE, December 21, 1893, Fredericktown, Madison Co., MO.

5. ADELINE E.3 GLOVER (MARY JANE2 MCKINNEY, WILLIE1) was born 1834 in Smith Co., TN, and died Abt. 1875 in Smith Co., TN. She married JAMES L. BENNETT October 20, 1852 in Smith Co., TN.

Notes for ADELINE E. GLOVER: Adeline was a faithful member of the Mulberry Grove Methodist Church on Turkey Creek.  


6. JOSEPH LOCKE3 MCKINNEY (SAMUEL JORDAN2, WILLIE1) was born June 16, 1855 in Lebanon, Wilson Co, TN, and died August 08, 1926 in Mt. Calm, Hill Co, TX. He married FRANCES ELIZABETH CRESWELL December 12, 1878 in Lebanon, Wilson Co, TN, daughter of SAMUEL CRESWELL and MARY COLES.

Notes for JOSEPH LOCKE MCKINNEY: Moved from TN to TX in 1897? Baptist?

More About JOSEPH LOCKE MCKINNEY: Buried: Mt. Calm Cemetery, Hill Co, TX Occupation: Farmer

Notes for FRANCES ELIZABETH CRESWELL: Lived in LaGuardo, TN, Woodville, MS,. and Lebanon, TN. Believed to be a Presbyterian and Baptist.

7. i. CLAUDIA ATHELINE4 MCKINNEY, b. May 07, 1880, Lebanon, Wilson Co, TN; d. November 13, 1950, Fort Worth, Tarrant Co, TX.

ii. WILBUR CARL MCKINNEY, b. January 08, 1882, Lebanon, Wilson Co, TN; d. October 19, 1945, TX; m. ZORA ELLIOTT, May 08, 1905, TX.

Notes for WILBUR CARL MCKINNEY: Married 5/8/1905 in TX

iii. SAMUEL JAMES MCKINNEY, b. March 15, 1884, Lebanon, Wilson Co, TN; d. February 18, 1977, Mt. Calm, Hill Co, TX; m. ADA THOMPSON, Axtell, TX.

More About SAMUEL JAMES MCKINNEY: Buried: Mt. Calm Cemetery, Hill Co, TX

iv. MAE EUGENIA MCKINNEY, b. September 02, 1888, Lebanon, Wilson Co, TN; d. May 27, 1917, McClennan Co, TX; m. J. ARTHUR ELLIOTT, March 26, 1913.

More About MAE EUGENIA MCKINNEY: Buried: Mt. Calm Cemetery, Hill Co, TX
Fact 7: Model-T car was hit by train between Moody TX and Waco TX

v. NORACE PERCIVAL MCKINNEY, b. January 23, 1896, Lebanon, Wilson Co, TN; d. April 02, 1957, Wichita Falls, Wichita Co, TX; m. RUBY AVERITT, January 01, 1918.

Generation No. 4

7. CLAUDIA ATHELINE4 MCKINNEY (JOSEPH LOCKE3, SAMUEL JORDAN2, WILLIE1) was born May 07, 1880 in Lebanon, Wilson Co, TN, and died November 13, 1950 in Fort Worth, Tarrant Co, TX. She married (1) J. J. LESLIE in Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX. She married (2) BENJAMIN H. SMITH December 23, 1896 in Lebanon, Wilson Co, TN.

More About CLAUDIA ATHELINE MCKINNEY: Buried: Mt. Calm Cemetery, Hill Co, TX

8. i. CRESWELL OMEGA5 SMITH, b. January 29, 1899, Silverton, Briscoe Co, TX; d. August 25, 1981, Fort Worth, Tarrant Co, TX.

Generation No. 5

8. CRESWELL OMEGA5 SMITH (CLAUDIA ATHELINE4 MCKINNEY, JOSEPH LOCKE3, SAMUEL JORDAN2, WILLIE1) was born January 29, 1899 in Silverton, Briscoe Co, TX, and died August 25, 1981 in Fort Worth, Tarrant Co, TX.
She married LESLIE HEITE BAKER June 15, 1915 in Mt. Calm, Hill Co, TX, son of SAMUEL BAKER and ANNA SCHUSTER.

More About CRESWELL OMEGA SMITH: Buried: Mt. Olivet cemetery, Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX
Occupation: Homemaker

More About LESLIE HEITE BAKER: Occupation: Vetinarian

Children of CRESWELL SMITH and LESLIE BAKER are: i. LESLIE HEITE6 BAKER , JR, b. August 28, 1924.

More About LESLIE HEITE BAKER , JR: Occupation: Quality Assurance Technicain

9. ii. DORIS ELAINE BAKER, b. February 28, 1931, Fort Worth, Tarrant Co, TX.

Generation No. 6

9. DORIS ELAINE6 BAKER (CRESWELL OMEGA5 SMITH, CLAUDIA ATHELINE4 MCKINNEY, JOSEPH LOCKE3, SAMUEL JORDAN2, WILLIE1) was born February 28, 1931 in Fort Worth, Tarrant Co, TX. She married (1) JAMES DALE EVERITT.  She married (2) ROBERT SHELDON SMITH April 12, 1957 in Fort Worth, Tarrant Co, TX, son of CHESTER SMITH and EDITH SHELDON.

More About DORIS ELAINE BAKER: Occupation: Public School Teacher
More About ROBERT SHELDON SMITH: Buried: Moore Cemetery, Arlington, Tarrant Co., TX
Occupation: Accountant  

Children of DORIS BAKER and ROBERT SMITH are:
10. i. RONALD DALE7 SMITH, b. November 24, 1952, Fort Worth, Tarrant Co, TX.

11. ii. CYNTHIA ELAINE SMITH, b. April 02, 1954, Houston, Harris Co, TX.

Generation No. 7

10. RONALD DALE7 SMITH (DORIS ELAINE6 BAKER, CRESWELL OMEGA5 SMITH, CLAUDIA ATHELINE4 MCKINNEY, JOSEPH LOCKE3, SAMUEL JORDAN2, WILLIE1) was born November 24, 1952 in Fort Worth, Tarrant Co, TX. He married JO ANNE MCCLURE January 09, 1976 in Arlington, Tarrant Co, TX, daughter of JAMES MCCLURE and RITA DESROCHERS.

More About RONALD DALE SMITH: Occupation: Information Technology Project Manager

More About JO ANNE MCCLURE: Occupation: Photo Lab Technician

Children of RONALD SMITH and JO MCCLURE are:
i. SHERRY NICOLE8 SMITH, b. January 25, 1977, Fort Worth, Tarrant Co, TX;

m. KENNETH JAMES PETTIFER, August 17, 1996, Duncanville, Dallas Co, TX.

More About SHERRY NICOLE SMITH: Occupation: Sales Clerk
More About KENNETH JAMES PETTIFER: Occupation: Photo Lab Technician

ii. STEPHANIE MICHELLE SMITH, b. August 08, 1981.

More About STEPHANIE MICHELLE SMITH: Occupation: Student


More About LEE EDWARD WITT: Occupation: Policeman

Children of CYNTHIA SMITH and LEE WITT are:

i. CLIFFTON LEE8 WITT, b. December 23, 1978, Arlington, Tarrant Co, TX; d. December 23, 1978, Arlington, Tarrant Co, TX.

ii. PETE CLIFFTON WITT, b. June 13, 1980.

> The above was in reply to my note to Ron Smith as follows:
From: Genny1 <>

> To:
> Subj: McKinney/Smith County
> Date: 98-04-04

> From: 
> Hi:

> I have McKinney in Smith County: my ancestor was William (Bill) McKinney, born 1820, married Mary Lynch (?); among his children were John McKinney, Liza McKinney, Nancy Jane McKinney (mine) and Martha McKinney.
> Nancy Goodman in TN

> I am looking for more information on a Willie McKinney b. 1780 in Mechlenberg, VA and d. 1856 in the Elmwood area in Smith Co. TN. Willie married Nancy Jane Glover on 2/26/1801 in Mechlenberg, VA. Willie was a farmer and served in the War of 1812. He had 6 childern born between 1804 and 1820. They were Mary Jane (Polly), Martha, Nancy Jane, Samuel Jordan, Sarah H. (Sallie), and William W.
Willie was recorded in the 1830 census.
Willie's will was dated 9/30/1856.
> Ronald D. Smith --
1611 Valleyview Lane,
Duncanville, TX 75137-4149
> Submitted on Sun Feb 1 1998

Possible location of Martha McKinney 98-04-19
From: (Ron & Jo Anne Smith)
To: (Nancy Goodman)
Hi Nancy,
Possible location of Martha McKinney, Willie and Nancy McKinney’s missing daughter.
An unidentified Richard McKinney was witness with Willie Mckinney to Bannister Glover’s will on 24 November 1836.
If Martha was born in 1815 (see 1820 census) and married about 1835-36, then Samuel *, Nancy A.C.*, and Mary* could have been her children and Richard McKinney her husband. The under 5 male in the 1840 census could have been Samuel. Therefore, Richard McKinney and Willie McKinney, who witnessed Bannister Glover’s will would have been in-laws.
Jackson County, TN (which ENE of Smith County) with the county line about 8 or 9 miles overland from Elmwood (where Willie and Nancy lived). Someone found an item from Jackson County Martha McKinney died suddenly from pelvis problems April 4, 1850. She was 35 years old and she was married. This pelvis problem could have been childbirth related.
1820 Census Smith County TN found:
Willie McKinney (26-45); 2m(-10);1f(45+); 1f(16-25); 2f(10-16); 3f (-10).
If Martha was one of the three females under 10 born 1815 and
1840 Census Smith County TN found:
Richard McKinney with 1m(-5); 1f (20-30) and
1860 Census Smith County TN found:
Nancy McKinney 63 NC
W.W. (Male) 40 TN
Eliza A 15
John 15
Malvina 13
Nancy J. 12
Samuel J. 11
Elizabeth 10
Nancy 9
William 3
Nancy A.C. 17 *

Clem McKinney 57
Emily 44
Samuel 23 *
George W. 18
Panthea 16
Pamelia 13
Mary 11 *

NOTE: the * children are not the children of W.W. or Clem as per earlier census


Ann Gabbert  EMAIL:     Apr 19, 1997

I am looking for information on the families of ROBINSON, SHOEMAKE, BROOKS, MCKINNEY, WEST, and GLOVER in the Smith Co, TN area in the 1800s. I will willingly share what I already have on the families listed. My grandmother was Metie D. Robinson, d/o Ridley and Sarah Shoemake Robinson. Their parents were Samuel B Robinson, Susan West, Patrick Shoemake, Martha McKinney.
Ann Gabbert
408 Stotts
El Paso, TX 79932


Nancy P. Goodman
PO Box 863
Hendersonville, TN 37077

               1850 Census, Smith County, TN:
McKINEY, William, age 30, born in TN
Mary, age 30, born in TN
Eliza, age 10 (married John LYNCH)
John, age 5 (buried in Ft Smith, AR)
Susan, age 3 (married Harrison DOUGLAS ?)
Nancy, age 4 (Nancy Jane, married Orin LYNCH
Samuel, age 1

McKINEY, Wyley, age 70, born in VA
Nancy, age 58, born in NC

In 1880 Census, Smith County, District 22, William W. McKinney is shown as:


Place buried: "Old Thomas Place" near Carthage, TN according to oral and written information from my maternal aunt, Miss Daisy LYNCH, who was a school teacher in Smith County, TN.

1880 census lists Sarah Cornet as William's 2nd wife, she is age 45 and born in TN. Smith County Marriage record gives date as Jan 7, 1869.
Her children as listed in the 1880 Smith County TN census:
John Cornet, age 20,
Elizabeth Whiteacher, age 25
John W. Whiteacher, age 4

Children of William  W. (Bill) McKINNEY and Mary LYNCH:

Eliza A. or Liza McKINNEY, born ca 1840, married John LYNCH, brother of Orin LYNCH; Orin was my great-grandfather.

John McKINNEY, born  ca 1845; married to Emeline ? Robertson;
Emeline was born  ca 1857.
John and Emeline lived with Andrew ROBERTSON, age 40, and Andrew's wife, Susan H., age 38,
Listed in district 14 in the 1880 Smith County TN census.
note by Nancy Goodman: I have a copy of a picture of John McKinney's daughter, Ella. She was age 6 in 1880 census. the inscription says "she married to George McKinney.")

Nancy Jane McKINNEY, born 1846, died Aug 22, 1883, married Orin LYNCH (Rev. Lynch) (my great-grandparents)

Susan McKINNEY, born  ca 1847.

Samuel McKINNEY, born  ca 1849; married to Nancy E. ?; Nancy E. was born 1861.
Listed in 1880 census, Smith County, district 11:
listed with him were:
son, Wm. H. McKINNEY, age 5;
daughter, Rosa E. McKINNEY, age 2;
cousin H. R. Herring, age 24 .

Martha McKINNEY, born ca 1863, died Dec 23, 1922, married Orin Lynch after death of his first wife. ( She was known as grandma to his grandkids, one of whom was my mother, Annie Lizzie LYNCH PHILLIPS.)

Melina McKINNEY (?) born ca 1847

Richard McKINNEY, born  ca 1858; listed in 1880 census with John LYNCH and his second wife Margarette LEE LYNCH;
Richard is listed as 'brother-in-law" (he was brother of John LYNCH's first wife, Eliza/Liza McKINNEY). Richard's age listed as 22.

George W. McKINNEY (?), listed in 1880 census, Smith County, TN. living in household with John McKINNEY, listed as "brother", age 17 (born ca 1863)
EMAIL: Nancy P. Goodman at:

Gregory's Of Smith Co.
Researchers!!   Charles Gregory May 22, 1997

About 1791 there came from North Carolina Thomas Gregory b. 1725 moving his family here 7 children. Thomas Jr. b. 1755 ; Bry b. 1761 ; William H. (Squire Bill) b. 1764 ....there were more who came. If interested why not get on the mailing list!! Just send me mail i will add you to the list. This family was the beginning of almost every Gregory line that orginated in Smith Co. Tn. We have quite an extensive data base including the data base of Truman Gregory who lives in Macon Co. Tn .
A complete copy of Cal's Column written by Calvin Gregory.
Fax me at 615-331-7306 or
Snail Mail: 320 Bart Dr Antioch Tn 37013

Reita Sparrowk EMAIL:  Aug 11, 1997

My UHLS ancestors came to Smith Co. and purchased land first in 1808. My line (Jacob Uhls) lived in the area that became Macon Co. I would appreciate any UHLS information or contact with anyone else with UHLS in their families.
Thank you.
Reita Sparrowk,
6073 Lanterman Dr.,
Bethalto, IL 62010.


Viona Howery Sep 13, 1997

I am looking for info on the family of Patrick and Elizabeth Mullins Moore both of whom are supposed to be buried in Smith Co. They had 12 kids Hugh,Winny Lucinda, Nancy married Lewis Washburn, Robert(my line) William,Betsy, Patrick married Sarah Elston, Alfred, John ,Mary, Martha Ellen married Joel Coffee. and Elijah James, Robert married Lydia Powers dau of Alexander and Dorothy Wheeler Powers.
Any info on any of these people would greatly be
appreciated .
Please Email any info...
Snail mail is
1810 Maddi Ave
City,Mo 64132


Faye Kuykendall  EMAIL:   Oct 9, 1997
All of these were in Smith Co. in 1850 to 1915 All related to my mother.
Faye Kuykendall


I am looking for information on Newton Harrison GLOVERS brothers and sisters his father was Lee Clay GLOVER.Newton is buried in Smith CO. AT Chestnut Mound Pearidge Baptist Cementery which was part of his farm.
BOX 310 ,
Tow, TX 78672-0310
EMAIL:  Jan 10 1998


Seeking information on David WILLIAMS b.1792 Guilford, NC Married Joanna VANCE ..m.1816 in Smith Co, TN. Searching for Joanna's Family ...parents, siblings etc. ANY help appreciated.

Box 310
Tow, Tx .78672


SKIP WILLIAMS Nov 21, 1997

Seeking the PARENTS of David WILLIAMS b.1792 NC ..... David served in the War of 1812 in the Smith Co, TN militia... Married Mary SLINKARD of Smith Co, in 1813 ..They were parents of one son, Benjamin..b.1814..Smith Co,... Mary died in 1815.... David then married Joanna VANCE in 1816 in Smith Co. They were parents of Joseph Thomas b.1819 and John W. Williams..b.1822.. Famil;y may have also lived in Bedford Co, TN...before migrating to Franklin Co, ILL abt 1826... Also looking for Parents of Joanna VANCE....b. Smith Co. ??
ANY help
appreciated !!


Patrick MOORE b. 8 January1804 settled about 1825 in Smith county. Married Elizabeth MULLINS and later Sarah TINDAL. Moved to MO by 1840.

Sarah Elizabeth and
Any information appreciated.

Mike Page
EMAIL:   Mar 28 1998


Looking for the MCKINNEY family from Smith County. Nancy Jane McKinney was born May 7, 1850 and she married John Nelon. I understand a McKinney family was in the 1860 census with a Nancy J. age 63 listed along with a family of 10 people. I'm just starting on this family and finding it hard to figure. If anyone has a McKinney in their line, please let me know.  
Robin Novo
 Feb 18 1998


Joseph Allison of Smith Co., TN is my 4th great-grandfather. Wish to correspond with other family researchers. See undocumented ancestors at:
Also, need to know address of
Sue W. Maggart who wrote articles on Joseph and Samuel Allison in the 1986 History of Smith County, TN.

Jynelle B. Caffey --
130 Jeffrey Circle,
Gun Barrel City, TX 75147
 Feb 11 1998


I am looking for some help on Smith Co., Lancaster, where my paternal ancestors came thru from Orange Co., NC, and then most of them on to Fannin Co., TX. William Finn LAYCOCK (b 1833) was the father of nine children. Most all moved on to TX, but Robert Wirt LAYCOCK (b 1864) remained in Lancester (m Sally SMITH) I'm especially looking for info on W.Finn and R.Wirt LAYCOCK.

LeRoy Laycock --
1001 Brandywilde Circle,
Sealy, TX 77474-3719
EMAIL:    Feb 1 1998


I am looking for more information on a Willie McKinney b. 1780 in Mechlenberg, VA and d. 1856 in the Elmwood area in Smith Co. TN. Willie married Nancy Jane Glover on 2/26/1801 in Mechlenberg, VA. Willie was a farmer and served in the War of 1812. He had 6 childern born between 1804 and 1820. They were Mary Jane (Polly), Martha, Nancy Jane, Samuel Jordan, Sarah H. (Sallie), and William W Willie was recorded in the 1830 census. Willie's will was dated 9/30/1856.  

-- 1611 Valleyview Lane, Duncanville, TX 75137-4149
  Feb 1 1998


I'm looking for info on Thomas FELTON who married Polly GLOVER sometime between 1820 and 1840 in Smith County TN. They had 8 children before 1840 according to the 1840 census.

Roberta Felton --
2170 Courtleigh Lane,
Chesterfield, MO 63017
  Jan 31 1998


I would like to make contact with persons who have, or are researching the VANCE Family in Smith Co. I believe that one of these son's of Samuel and Agnes (PENQUITE) VANCE, who were living in Bucks Co, Penn ca 1764, and migrated down to this area of Tenn, is the line of my Benjamin Franklin VANCE, who was born in Tenn in 1827. Benjamin married in 1850, in Carthage (Hancock) Illinois, Catherine TANKSLEY of Jackson Co, Tenn. Andrew VANCE was very early to Hancock Co, Illinois, James VANCE was in nearby McDonough Co. Neither of these, are Benjamin's parents. Many other family's from this area, were in Hancock/Schuyler Co, Illinois, in the 1840-1850's.

Sherry Morell Shelts --
3749 Chapel Rd,
Spring Arbor, MI 49283-9732
  Jan 29 1998

Subj: McKinney   Date: 98-02-21
From: (Ina Lowe)
Hi Genny,
I was looking at your web page and am wondering if your McKinney's tie in with mine. I have an Elizabeth who was apparently married twice. I don't know if her maiden name was LOVING or MCKINNEY. She was born abt 1801 and according to the cnesus records, born in VA. She married Samuel C. Lowe 18 Sept 1838 in Crossville, TN.
Does this fit with yours?
Ina Lowe


Date: 98-04-03  
To: Genny1@AOL.COM  

Hi Nancy,  
Been working and traveling .... I need you to check out something for me. So here goes. Mansfield ELROD came to Montgomery County from Putnam county, Tn where he had married Margaret Ann HOOPER of Smith County, TN. She was born in NC was a sister of Layfayette HOOPER.
The children of Mansfield and Margaret ELROD were
Joseph Franklin ELROD, who married Minnie FUQUA,
Elizabeth Elvima ELROD, who married Cornelius Winfree,
William T. ELROD, who married Lina Rolling,
Rena ELROD, who married James Maxey,
Nelson ELROD,  who married Allie Logan,
Horward ELROD, who married Lillie Fuqua,
and Artie Mississippi ELROD, who married
     1. Samuel Williams
     2. John Grigby Patterson.

I need to know where Margaret Ann HOOPER was born in NC. My mother was the daughter of Samuel Williams and Artie Elrod Williams. Samuel died at a young age and Artie later married Grigsby Patterson. They were the parents of aunt Margaret  PATTERSON LYNCH, and aunt Minnie PATTERSON LYNCH. So that makes them half sisters to my mother.
Margaret Ann Elrod raised my mother bacause Grigsby Patterson didn't want her around.
My dad, Robert Steeley, was left an orpan at age 11 and was taken in by an aunt. They put him to work in a sawmill;... treating him bad so Mansfield Elrod just went and got my dad and took him home with him. So dad and mother grew up in the same house. When my dad was 23, Pa Elrod died and then he and mother married. They took care of Granny Elrod until she died in 1936.
Jess Steeley

Subject: ELIZABETH MULLENS/MULLINS:   DATE: Sat, 11 Apr 1998
From: VHowery <>
I am going to post this one more time to see if there are any researchers who might have her...
Elizabeth Mullins/Mullens was b abt 1767 in VA (Where unknown) She supposedly was a daughter to Martha Washington d/o William Washington who married a Mr. Mullens.   Elizabeth in 1790 married Patrick Moore and had son Hugh MOORE and dau Winny MOORE, before migrating to SC where they had several more kids; in about 1806 moved to Wilson Co TN and in abt 1810 moved to Smith Co TN where she is buried in the family cementary on their Homestead...
Their son Robert MOORE migrated to Osage Co Mo (my gggganddad)
Any help greatly appreciated....

Subj: McKinney, Glover of Smith County, TN  Date: 05/11/98

Hi Beth ( and Robin (

Ron Smith (, Ann Gabbert ( and I , Nancy Goodman ( are all working on McKinney's in Smith County,TN which does include Glover, which Pat Janssen ( is also working on.
I have some info on our McKinney/Glover line in VA and Smith County, TN posted on a web page at:
Nancy Goodman in Hendersonville, TN
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 17:11:52 EDT
Subject: McKinney, Glover, Grisham, Bellar/Smith Co
I am in the process of planning a trip to Smith County, TN, the end of May.
The names I am searching are McKinney, Glover, Grisham, Bellar, who were in the area by about 1820.

I am hoping there is someone out there who might be familiar with the names or the area, particularly the area around Chestnut Mound, and might be willing to help us make the best use of our time.
Beth McKinney in Redmond, WA
From: Robin Novo <>
> To:
> Subject: McKinney Family
> Date: Thursday, April 16, 1998
> Hi,
> I am looking for Nancy Jane McKinney born May 7, 1850 in Tenn. She died March 4, 1904 and is buried in Okla. She married John Nelon place and date unknown. They had 9 children with #8 born in Texas and #9 born in Okla.  
> If this fits anywhere in your line please let me know.
> > Thank you,
> > Robin
Subj: Glover Research   Date: 98-05-10 03:47:25 EDT
From: (Leonard K Janssen)
To: Genny1@AOL.COM
Hi Nancy,
I am researching my Pendarvis/Vance family and through a series of e-mails I was sent some work you compiled for Nancy P. Goodman's Genealogy and Tennesee. Would you please fill me in on what Nancy P. Goodman's Genealogy and Tennessee is all about. My 3rd great Aunt, Nancy Pendarvis married into the Glover family and I am trying to find additional information on her parents and her family for that matter.
What names do you have information on? I am looking for Pendarvis, Herron, Dickens, Vance, Wood, Robert(s), Piper, Dudley, Fley, Wallis, Allen, Lamons, and Perry.
Pendarvis, Herron, Glover, Dickens, Vance, Wood and Robert(s) are family names while Piper, Dudley, Fley, Wallis, Allen, Lamons and Perry are good friends of the Pendarvis family and may or may not be connected at this point in my research. In a letter that William Pendarvis wrote to his son in IL 25 Dec 1833 he mentions that cousin Pepy is about to marry Glen Glover and that cousin Thomas Vance has died. I am trying to ID both Pepy and Thomas Vance.
Do you have information on any of these surnames from Smith Co., TN 1780-1850 or can you refer me to people who searching any or all of those names?
I am not on "online" yet so I am stuck with whatever Juno can do is is
e-mail only. Thanks for your help.
Pat Janssen
Subj: Re: McKinney, Glover of Smith County, TN Date: 05/12/98
Hi Beth;
That is interesting on the Mrs. Robert Q. McKinney, I had not heard of her prior to Ron Smith ( sending me the link to the Smith County page which mentioned McKinney as one of the authors. So I emailed the TSLA for information and they sent me back her name as author or compiler of some of the Smith County published records.

Do you have any of her works? Or do you know if they are still available for purchasing? If you have her email address, I would like to get in contact with her.

Let me know how Robert (and you) descend from the McKinney's, I didn't know if you were connected with the same McKinney as Ron Smith, Ann Gabbert and I are.

Willie or Wyley McKinny who married Nancy Jane Glover, as shown in Ron Smith's post on my McKinney page.

As to research locations in Smith County, I am not really familar with them; the only times I have been there was to visit my Aunt Daisy Lynch who died in 1981, and then to her funeral. She and some of my other Lynch family, are buried in Ridgewood Cemetery, and my aunt Daisy owned the house right at the corner of the road which entered into the cemetery (McGuiness Rd).

I imagine everything will be closed on Memorial Day; not sure if the court house closes that day or not, but I think so.

Smith County has a genealogical/historical society; I have the address, will check and see what it is and send it. They publish an excellent quarterly, and membership in the group is only about 15.00 (I think) but I just haven't gotten around to joining.

There is also the Mid-Cumberland Genealogy Society in Cookeville, TN which covers Smith County; along with all the surrounding counties. I understand they have an excellent genealogy library in Cookeville, and they too publish an excellent quarterly.

I don't know what Smith County has as far as records, since I haven't been able to go there to research, but I will check around and see if I can find out anything.

I am sending a copy of your note to Ron Smith and to Ann Gabbert, since we have been sharing on the McKinney/Glover line. Ron is the one to talk to on the Glover connection, as I got it from him. Also sending a copy to Pat Janssen and to Robin Novo who may also be connected with our McKinney/Glover line.

Nancy Goodman in TN

In a message dated 98-05-12 05:17:22 EDT, you write:

<< Subj: Re: McKinney, Glover of Smith County, TN   Date: 98-05-12 05:
To: Genny1
Sixty quadrillion bazillion thanks for your post. I did check out your website. I have the next three days off, and have determined that tomorrow I will print out all your information so that we can look it over and, hopefully, find some connections.

I was especially interested in the post about Newton Harrison GLOVER. He was my husband's great grandfather. I have a photograph of Newton Harrison Glover, and I'll swear that if he and my husband stood side-by-side, you couldn't tell the difference.

I also checked in on the TSLA site. There are many references to Mrs. Robert Q. McKinney. Robert Q. McKinney is my husband's uncle, the youngest of 8 children and only survivor of the family. His wife is the genealogist. They live in California, and are quite recently "on-line".

When I originally posted, I thought we were going to have several days to stomp around in Tennessee and Kentucky (I have ancestors in the Bardstown area of Nelson County, KY). Unfortunately, we are now reduced to only a little more than a day in Smith County. We hope to arrive in the Nashville area prior to 3 pm on Monday, May 25 (Memorial Day). we will probably move on to Kentucky after dark on May 26. That is a very short time to spend in Smith Co.

Any help we can get in locating cemeteries, relatives, property sites or whatever, would be most appreciated. Based on past experience, I think we will NOT have time to spend in the local genealogical or historical library.

Thank you again.
Beth McKinney in Redmond, WA >>

Subj: -Reply
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Date: 98-05-11 11:45:55 EDT
From: (Ron Lee)
I have found the following entries in our online catalog:

Lynch, Louise Gillespie. Cemetery records of Smith County, Tennessee

McKinney, Robert Q., Mrs., Index to Smith County, Tennessee, marriage schedules, part 1, part 2, 5 Feb. 1838-15 March 1854 /, 1976.

McKinney, Robert Q., Mrs., Smith County, Tennessee birth records, 1881-1882 : compiled from the records of Smith County, Tennessee

McKinney, Robert Q., Mrs., Smith County, Tennessee, deaths, 1881-1882/, 1972.,

McKinney, Robert Q., Mrs., Smith County, Tennessee, lists by years, 1799-1805 /, 19--],

McKinney, Robert Q., Mrs., Some abstracts from and persons mentioned in will book B, Smith County, Tennessee /, 1976-,

7. McKinney, Robert Q., Mrs., Some persons mentioned as deceased in Smith County, Tennessee, records, 1800-1855 /, 1976.

You can find our online catalog at the following URL:

Note: this link is no longer valid

Ronald A. Lee
Tennessee State Library and Archives

>>> Genny1 <> 05/10/98 10:44am >>>

Note: this link is no longer valid

Who are the authors of the following where last name is indicated as



I recognized the Partlow as Thomas, but wondered if the Lynch is Louise?
And I am not familar with the McKinney name as an author of genealogy material.
I have both Lynch and McKinney ancestors in Smith County, TN.
Nancy Goodman in Hendersonville, TN
copied from web page at:
Note: this link is no longer valid
Smith County TN:
Published Local Records:
*Cemetery records (Lynch);
Marriages 1838-1881 (Caney Fork Chapter DAR);
County court minutes 1799-1805 (McKinney);
*Deed books 1800-1884 (Partlow);
Deed books 1899-1904 (Partlow);
Wills 1805-1808 (McKinney);
* Wills 1803-1896 (Key);
*Birth records 1881-1882 (McKinney);
*Deaths 1881-1882 (McKinney);
*Cemeteries north of Cumberland River (Smith County Historical and Genealogical Society); Cemeteries south of Cumberland River (Key, 1984);
Marriage books 1838 and 1845-1854 (Embry);
Smith County list by years 1799-1805 (McKinney);
*1860 slave schedule (Partlow).
*WPA typescripts include:
  County court minutes 1799-1824; Wills 1805-1823;
  Baptist church records 1799-1818;
  Index of loose chancery court records.

Subj: McKinney  Date: 12/8/98
From: Genny1

I have McKinney in Smith County, TN, and a web page for them at:
Check it out and let me know if we connect, please...
Thanks, Nancy Goodman in TN


Looking for info on the MCKINNEY family of Chestnut Mound,TN.
Henry Savage
Submitted on Wed May 6 20:26:00 CDT 1998

Subj: MCKINNEY  Date: 12/11/98
From: (Henry Savage)

Yes -I am kin to Irene Mckinney's husband Robert.Will try and look back and get our connection.Robert's GG grandfather Edwin Mckinney born 1824 to James and Eliz Bickey McKinney had two brothers Caleb B.1808 and my side-John Mckinney b.1816.Caleb and John moved to Davidison Co,TN and had families while Edwin stayed in Smith Co,TN.I have most all the data on John and Caleb Mckinney and some pictures of their families.
Will write later,
Henry ( Hickson-Mckinney ) Savage

Google Search:

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McKinney Family Genealogy Forum

NOTE: the information above is placed here as a 'service only' to try to bring together some information on my Smith County, TN families, plus some of the families that my friends are researching.

See more Smith County TN families at: GENEALOGY AND TENNESSEE 1850 Census - LYNCH family; lynch.html

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