Philip Alexander (1712-) and Abigail --?--  

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b. 29 Sep 1712 in Deerfield, MA, the son of Joseph and Margaret (MATTOON) ALEXANDER
m. unknown
d. unknown

Abigail --?--
b. unknown
d. unknown

Philip and Abigail were among the first settlers of Putney, VT. Their son Aaron is said to be the first white child born there.

Children of Philip and Abigail Alexander:

  1. Abigail Alexander, b. 10 Jan 1743/44
  2. Aaron Alexander, b. 6 Apr 1746 in Putney, VT.
  3. Rhoda Alexander, b. 10 Apr 1747.
  4. Lucy Alexander, b. 11 Mar 1749.
  5. Philip Alexander, b. 10 Jan 1744
Five-Generation Pedigree Chart
Offspring This Family Parents Grandparents Great-grandparents
Philip Alexander Philip Alexander Joseph Alexander John Alexander George Alexander
Susannah Sage
Sarah Gaylord Samuel Gaylord
Elizabeth Hull
Margaret Mattoon Philip Mattoon
Sarah Hawkes John Hawkes
Elizabeth Browne
Abigail --?--

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