Fairfield Co. Richland Co. SC line 1785 - 1797
The County Line
Fairfield County & Richland County SC
from 1785 to 1797

South Carolina A Guide for Genealogists by Theresa M. Hicks on page 83 - 84 says on March 16, 1783 the state was to be divided into counties ... not more than 40 miles square and in 1785 Camden District was divided into 7 counties, Fairfield County beginning at the mouth of Cedar Creek, thence up Broad River [north] to the mouth of Sandy River, thence in a strait line [east] to the mouth of Rocky Creek, thence down the Wateree River [south] to the corner of Richland County, Richland County's northern line being defined as from the mouth of Cedar Creek, thence [east] to the mouth of 25 Mile Creek.

This lasted until 1797 when Fairfield County's southern line was moved north. See page 95 of the above book.

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