Evans' Brigade
Fairfield County's Part in Evans' Brigade
was in the 17th Regiment in
Company B Captain W. Preston Coleman's Company
Company D Captain James Beatty's Company
Reference 1: History of Fairfield County by F. H. McMaster page 125 said
there were 2 companies of the 17th Regt. which were from Fairfield County
and on page 133 it gave the roll of Co. B of the 17th,
but never gave what the other company from Fairfield County was.
Reference 2: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~york/17thSCV/Heroes.htm
also said there were 2 companies of the 17th Regt. which were from Fairfield County
& went on to say the captains of both companies: Captain W. P. Coleman & James Beatty
& said this Coleman's company was B, but left out the letter of Beatty's company.
Reference 3: http://www.geocities.com/BourbonStreet/Square/3873/b/reg17.html
showed Capt. James Beatty to be captain of Company D "of Chester Co."
so this allowed me to finally add D as the designation of the other company from Fairfield Co.

Reference 4: N.B., a James Beatty is shown as 1st Lt. of Pickens Guard on
page 129 of the History of Fairfield County by F. H. McMaster,
so Pickens Guard may be related to this Company D.
  1. Source 1, Soldiers in:
    Company B, Fairfield County
    pages 133 - 134 & 137? of History of Fairfield County by Fitz Hugh McMaster q.v.
  2. Source 2, Soldiers in:
    1. Company A, Richland/Chester County
    2. Company B, Lyle's Rifles, Fairfield County
    3. Company C, Broad River Light Infantry, York County
    4. Company D, Chester County
      Fairfield County is implied from Reference 2 & 3 above.
    5. Company E, Indian Land Tigers, York County
    6. Company F, Carolina Rifles
    7. Company G, Barnwell County
    8. Company H, Barnwell County
    9. Company K, Lacy Guards, York County
  3. Source 3, Clicking path:
    Civil War in South Carolina (part of ResearchOnLine)
    1. Military Units of South Carolina in Service to the C.S.A.
      1. 17th Infantry Regiment

          Soldiers in:
        1. Company C, York County
        2. Company E, York County
        3. Company F, ? County
        4. Company I, ? County
        5. Company K, York County
  4. Source 4:
    For the 17th Regiment:
    1. Commissioned Officers of all Companies,
    2. List of Battles,
    3. Corps, Division, & Brigade (Brigader Generals) the 17th was in, and
    4. Commanding Officers of the 17th Regiment.
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