Map of Sidney Township 1787

Map of Sidney Township, dated 1787

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Records of the Bay of Quinte
1787 map
Small portion of the map.
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Sidney:  Plan of the Township of Sidney in the District of Mecklenburgh surveyed in 1787 by Lewis Lotte; with the names of the proprietors inserted in the lots.

This map measures approx. 54 x 60 cm. Although it is dated 1787 there are clearly additions and alterations well into the 19th C. The map shows the "proprietors" of concessions 1 thru 7 and from lots 1 to 38.

The original map resides in the land offices at Peterborough, ON. I thank Eleanor Moult UE (deceased) of Belleville, who had been active in the UEL Association and OGS for many years, for finding this map. Eleanor had a few copies produced and made one available to me.

Click here to see a chart of all the names written on this map.
Many of the names are of influential men who received land in Sidney while living elsewhere. There may be names on this map that do not show up in the township abstracts as land often changed hands early without the transaction ever being registered. I plan to check this out against the OLRI.
Peter Johnson made these observations below about some of the men named on the Township map.
  1. WD POWELL Esq. - undoubtedly William Dummer POWELL who was a big wig in Toronto. Never lived in Sidney..
  2. Philip EMBURY - son of Andrew EMBURY UE. He did live in Sidney for a time before moving to Madoc Tp where a tree clobbered him in 1845. Born c1785.
  3. M GRASS - likely Capt. Michael GRASS UE who lived in Kingston.
  4. Capt. Redford CRAWFORD - a Capt. in the 2nd Battn King's Royal Yorkers. Didn't live here
  5. George FAIRMAN - Likely  George c1784 son of John FAIRMAN UE. Did live in Sidney. Buried at Vanderwater Cem.
  6. Peter SWITZER - did not live in Sidney.
  7. Matthias ROSE - did not live in Sidney.
  8. SIMMONS - most of them are children of Pte. Henry SIMMONS of Murray Tp
  9. David R. KETCHESON - Earliest David R (David Roblin KETCHESON) I can find was born in 1823, a grandson of William KETCHESON Sr. UE.With names such as David KETCHESON not born until 1823, this 1787 map was much a work in progress.
  10. HAWLEYS - One branch was local, but I suspect most of the ones listed didn't live here. Lots of HAWLEYS in Ernestown Tp.  esp. Jeptha HAWLEY
  11. Capt. George SINGLETON another officer in the King's Royal Yorkers. Died 1789, but settled in 'Belleville' ahead of MEYERS so in that respect more of the 'founder' of Belleville.
  12. The various SMITHS interest me, especially those near the Front of Sidney, as John SMITH c1793 married a MEYERS granddaughter, and we have never been sure of his parents, but so likely one of these here as John lived in Sidney Tp.
  13. ASSELSTINE - They more likely lived at Ernestown Tp
  14. Arra ROSE - Thought I might see his name as the first town meeting in 1790 was reportedly held at his place. Might be the Jacob ROSE property. One of his sons was a Jacob.