Records of the Bay of Quinte

Transcribed Records of the Bay of Quinte

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First I grew up in the area and love the extensive waterways and variety of communities that make up the region. From a genealogical and historical perspective, non native settlers arrived from the 1780's onward and the families became interconnected. It has a history filled with stories worth uncovering.

Genealogists speak of "census substitutes." The documents below; account books, minute books, directories and petitions by lists of inhabitants are examples of substitutes when census reports are lacking. Researchers can place a person at a particular location and time and this can often be very valuable evidence. See also
deed books and militia lists at other locations on this web site.

More importantly, these old documents, transcribed as written, inform us about the concerns and hopes of the settlers and help us imagine what was life was like back then.

Pre 1851 documents are the focus of these transcription efforts.
This aid to volunteers was created during some of the larger transcription efforts. My deepest thanks to the many people who have volunteered to help and share their enthusiasm. It lifts the spirit.

Various Transcribed books and other major pieces 

Transcribed Petitions and other stuff

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