The descendants of Edward Joyce and Mary Doyle are documented here

Joyce Family Tree


John Joyce IRE

Edward Joyce USA

Ellen Joyce USA

Margaret Joyce AUS

Briget Joyce AUS

The descendants of Edward Joyce and Mary Doyle in the Central New York area are documented here. They are the the ancestors that all of the following names have been linked. Edward was born in 1858 in Borris, County Carlow, Ireland. Here are listed their immediate offspring:                  

Click here to see Census from New York 1925

          James Joyce,  Number 1 Son

          Beatrice Joyce, Number 1 Daughter

          Robert Joyce, Number 2 Son

         Katherine Joyce, Number 2 Daughter

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Edward and Mary history narrative by daughter Bea Joyce Sweet.

Edward's  and siblings' baptismal records from Carlow Parish Records.

Original documents have been scanned in to this family tree. Click here to see Edward's Naturalization Paper and Edward's Declaration that he was loyal to the United States and NOT the King of England. (That was easy for him to sign!)

Click here to read a note from Bea to Kath Delahunty,   her cousin in Australia, notifying her of Ed's death and other family happenings (1965)

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