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The Story of "Duke of Mont Sarret" of France
Family tradition of this branch of SARRETT'S in America, comes from Mrs. Gilda Mae (SARRETT) LESLIE, b. 19 March 1905 and her sister Miss Dessie Jane SARRETT, born 14 Sept. 1908, both of Raleigh County, West Virginia. They published an article in 1950, for the Beckley Newspaper, of Raleigh County Centennial in West Virginia, the following: [REF: #90. pg163]

Descendants of this SARRETT family which includes some of the early pioneers of Raleigh County, West Virginia can trace their ancestry back to a young French Nobleman who fought on the side of freedom in the American Revolution. [REF: #90. pg163]

This Nobleman who bore the title of "Duke of Mont Sarrette" came to America on the same ship which brought Marquis Jean Paul LAFAYETTE, to this country. Both offered their services to General GEORGE WASHINGTON and fought through the American Revolution after which they returned to their native land of France. When the French Revolution broke out, the "Duke of Mont Sarrette" with his little 2 year old son stole aboard a ship bound for America under the cover of darkness. The two were concealed by the captain and transported here. [South Carolina, 1799]. The reason for the Duke's hasty flight from France was the wave of violent antagonism which was sweeping the country at that time. During that period membership in the nobility was deemed necessary cause for beheading individuals. On his arrival in America the Duke became known as ELISHA SARRETT and settled in North Carolina where he met and married on 02 Jan. 1806, to Miss JANE JENKINS and they had Four sons and Two Daughters born to this marriage. [REF: #90. pg163]

 Jean Esteirnno de SARRET, a.k.a. "Duke of Mont Sarrette"; Click on Redball for More Info. [per REF:#001.004]
 Joseph Louis Henry de SARRET de Coussergues,
 a.k.a. "Duke of Mont Sarrette";
Click on Redball for More Info. [per REF:#001.003]
 (Son of Unknown French Parents);
 born c1747, in the South of France; d. Unknown, in the old Surry Co., NC; It's been reported Click on Redball for More Info. [REF: #90. pg163] at the age of 28 years he came to the America Colonies, on the same ship with Click on Redball for More Info. Marquis Jean Paul LAFAYETTE and was in the services of General GEORGE WASHINGTON during the American Revolution (1775-1783); The Duke Mont Sarrette, age 36 returned to his homeland of France after the Revolution. "Duke Mont Sarrette", married some time before 1770 in France, to Wife Unknown; "Duke Mont Sarrette" age of 52 years, in 1799, left France when the French Revolution broke out, stole aboard a ship bound for America, along with a young 2 year old son. On his arrival in America the "Duke" became known as Elisha SARRETT Click on Redball for More Info. [REF: #90. pg163]
 On his arrival in America Elisha (Duke) settled in North Carolina where he met and married Jane JENKINS, to this marriage on 02 Jan. 1806 was born a son John T. SARRETT, who married Miss Nancy COMBS. Click on Redball for More Info. [REF: #90. pg163] John T. SARRETT, had three brothers and two sisters. Click on Redball for More Info. [REF: #90. pg164]
  Possible Record Problem!
  The above contends that the "Duke of Mont Sarret" married Miss Jane JENKINS, but based on Census records it's more probable that it was the "Duke of Mont Sarret"'s son Elisha that married Jane JENKINS.
Also I have added Willis SARRETT to this family. ...prs

SFA© Coat of Arms - Click on Thumbnail for larger Photo!  Another story goes as: Click on Redball for More Info. [per REF:#001.004]
 The Duke Mont Sarrette (Jean Esteirnno)
 Born in Southern France, died in America, Married in France to
 The Dutchess Marie, born and died in France.
 The Duke Mont Sarrette first set sail on the ship "LaVictoire" for America on April 20, 1777 with nine other noble officers under the Command of
Click on Redball for More Info. Marquis LaFayette. The ship landed in Georgetown, [Georgetown Co.] SC.
  The noblemen volunteered their services in the Rev War (1775-1783) at Philadelphia, Pa. to Gen George Washington.
The Duke Mont Sarrette returned to France [aft 1783], then fled to America with his son Click on Redball for More Info. Elisha SARRET,, after being unable to find the
 "Dutchess Marie" in the melee . . The Duke Mont Sarrette returned to America in 1789 to South Carolina, had a plantation.
 He was one of ten Royal Officers under the Click on Redball for More Info. Marquis Paul LaFayette who fought in the Rev. War. (1775-1783)

  2 Sons of the Duke of Mont Sarret:
 Son/Dau  Click on Name for More Inf.  b.-d.  Married/Info.   Ch.
 5.1 1st Son:  Elisha1 SARRETT,  FRA c1870-1830 a60yrs VA.  m. c1804 NC. Miss Jane JENKINS,   8Ch.
 5.2 2nd Son:  Willis SARRETT,  FRA c1886-1850 a64yrs VA.  m. c1806 NC. Miss Sally SCOTT,   5Ch.
  13 Known Grandchildren/1st Cousins! 

Laura & Normans' 1980 book Is this Elisha SARRATT the "Duke" ???????
Some questions which come to mind are: Who was the boy who was supposed to come from France with his father? What became of him? Is Elisha SARRETT who allegedly- married Jane JENKINS (c1804, Person Co., NC.) being confused with Elisha SARRATT of Person County, North Carolina, who married Jan Jacobs in 1806?
Is the Elisha SERET who showed up in the 1830 census in Grayson County, Virginia, with Patrick and Wiley Seret the "Duke" or Elisha of Person County? Since he gave his age as between 50 & 60 he more closely follows the correct age for the Person County man, but it is not impossible he might have been the "Duke." After all, Lafayette was just a little over twenty when he offered to go to Amprica to aid the colonies.
If the "Duke" had been a young man in his early twenties when he first came to America during the Revolution, he would be nearing 75 in 1830 and the census indicates a younger man. But, if Elisha of Person County moved to Grayson County, why did he move in his old age? The most obvious reason would be to live near relatives. Were Patrick and Wiley Seret, also in the 1830 census, related to him? Were all the Sarratts and Sarretts connected, perhaps in France? Much more research will have to be done on this family to answer these questions. [REF: #90. pg168]
The last and most gnawing question is why didn't they show up on the early censuses in Surry County where these young men were supposedly born and where some marriages took place? If they lived across the border in Virginia, they should surely show up on some records and searching will have to be done to determine this. Some records have been found which placed Sarretts in Virginia in the counties of Wythe and Grayson from about 1810 on. [REF: #90. pg168]

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