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This is not intended to be a definitive, all-inclusive, Hartley family history;

it hopes to become an informative study of one branch of the family,
namely the ancestors of Letitia Hartley who married Joseph Rice in 1779.

compiled and copyright by M.J.P. Grundy, 2002, 2003

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English Ancestors

A William Hartley responded 14 July 1651 to The Pulpit guarded against XVII Arguments, a tract printed in London using perhaps for the first time in print the derogatory epithet "Quakers". Hartley's tract was entitled The Prerogative Passing Bell. Whether or not this man is a relative, is unknown to me.[1] This was a year before George Fox's vision on Pendle Hill and his missionary trip through Lancashire and Westmorland that catalyzed the movement, convincing hundreds of people.

On 25 Eleventh Month [January] 1654/5 John WHITEHEAD wrote to George FOX from Wellingborough with advice on where to find sympathetic homes to offer hospitality to travelling Friends or to host public gatherings in which to preach Friends' Truth. With spelling and punctuation as given, he wrote:

. . . but betwixt dingley and wellingburrow there is two towns where there is frends [sic] yt would be glad to haue meetings at their houses if any Come to supply them. the name of the one is rowell [sic: Rothwell] wher one bebee a baker would recaive [sic] and the name of the other is Ketterin a market towne where one Edward hackney, an aturney, would freely recaive [sic] any frends if a meeteing weare appointed at his house.[1a]
I have no proof yet of any connection between this Edward Hartley, attorney, and our family.

A "Matthew Hartly, a poor man, who lived by spinning wool" in 1676 was "bereaved of what he had" for frequenting meetings for worship in Nottinghamshire. If Friends had not taken care of them (meaning Matthew and his family) they might have perished.[2] Whether or not this poverty-stricken Quaker was a relative is not yet proved. Neither he nor William appear to be a direct ancestor.

There were many Hartleys in the area of Colne and Burnley, Lancashire, in the shadow of Pendle Hill. Patricia Junkin[3] has sorted through the parish and meeting records and I am much indebted to her for the following information. We are apparently descended from two Hartley families, or two branches of the same family. Our oldest proved Hartley is HenryCHartley, of Wynwall (today spelled Winewall, perhaps two miles east of Coln and a mile north of Trawden), who had a daughter, GraceB Hartley. She was born in 1606 and married on 12 November 1626 JohnB Hartley of Chamber, who was presumably a distant cousin. See information on the numbering system used on this web page.

The son of John and Grace was RogerA Hartley, born 6 April 1628 in Marsden, in the parish of Colne. He married Alice VIPONT sometime before 1656. Alice died 20 September 1701 in Marsden.[4] Marsden was a chapelry partly in the parish of Huddersfield but mostly in the parish of Almondbury, in the union of Huddersfield, West Riding of Yorkshire. It is seven miles southwest by west from Huddersfield on the road to Manchester, at the confluence of the Colne and Wessenden rivers. Little Marsden is a township in the parish of Whalley, union of Burnley, Northern Division of Lancashire, three and a quarter miles north northeast from Burnley.[5]

Patricia Junkin has very generously supplied the information for this paragraph, as well as the preceding one. Roger is consistently listed in the parish records as Roger of Chamber in Little Marsden. Patricia is still researching whether "Chamber" was a house or an area. In any event, Little Marsden is located near "Quaker Bridge". The bridge was also known as "Chamber Brigg" (Bridge). These geographical markers were used to identify various children in the parish register, as well as in Friends' records. Because there were so many Hartleys in the general area, this kind of identification is very important in trying to sort them out. Sometime between the birth of Ellen in Second Month (April) 1660 and the birth of Roger (Jr.) in 1663/4, Roger and Alice became Friends, and their children's births were recorded in Friends' records rather than in the parish register.[6]

Every three years the Bishop "visited" his diocese, the visit consisting of a lengthy list of questions addressed to the various local ecclesiastical officials requiring information on any breach of discipline. Quakers constituted an enormous breach, and their presentment gives us valuable information as to who identified with Friends at this period. Once he received the list of names, the Bishop presented them for trial before two Commissioners. Practically no Quakers answered the charges. The bishop could then excommunicate them. If this did not bring them to their knees, the bishop ordered a writ of "de excommunicato capiendo", at which point the civil authorities could step in and fine or imprison them. As a result of the early autumn 1665 bishop's visitation to Colne, in December John Hartley, Peter Hartley, James Hartley, and Roger Hartley, along with thirteen others, were presented for being Quakers. In Burnley, Richard Wilkinson was presented for "suffering Elizabeth Hartley to be buryed contrary to the lawes of the Church; on which day he appeared personally, and stated that the said Hartley dyed at his house, and was fetched away by a company of Quakers, and that he was not anything privie or consenting to it", so he was discharged upon paying 2sh 6d court fees. Then John Smith, of Hill, Quaker, was presented "for suffering dead corps to be buryed in his land."[6a]

Apparently Roger, like so many other Friends, spent time in the Lancaster gaol, suffering for his faith.[7] One historian surmised that "almost every Friend in the district spent at least weeks, if not months or years, in its dark and filthy gaols.[8] The castle had been built in the reign of William I on the site of a Roman fortification, and it still has its Norman keep. The main gateway was added by John of Gaunt, son of Edward III, who was created Duke of Lancaster in 1362.

Children of Roger and Alice (Vipont) Hartley[9]: Each birth is identified as being from the Colne parish register or the Marsden Meeting records.

i. John1, son of Roger of Chamber Brigg [Bridge], b. 18/6m/1656 (Colne Register)
ii. Thomas, son of Roger of Chamber, b. 29/1m/1658 (Colne Register)
iii. Ellen, daughter of Roger of Chamber Brigg [Bridge], b. 12/2m/1660 (Colne Register); m. a cousin, Roger Hartley.
iv. Roger, b. 1663/4, "of Chambers in Marsden" (Marsden MM records)
v. Edward, b. 16/3m (May) 1666, "of Chambers in Marsden" (Marsden MM records); d. 14 June 1745; m. 4 Nov. 1693 in Heptonstall, Yorkshire, Sarah MIDGLEY. For a view of Heptonstall see http://www.westriding.fsnet.co.uk/heptwint.html

vi. Jenet, b. 30/1m/1668, "of Chambers in Marsden" (Marsden MM records)

vii. Henry1, b. 8/2m/1670, "of Chambers in Marsden" (Marsden MM records); emigrated to Pennsylvania with his brother Edward, and resided in Solebury. In addition to a 1700 deed in Solebury, early evidence I have found of Henry's presence in Bucks County was his name as a witness to a deed in Bristol Township 10/1m/1702.[10]

viii. Ann, b. 31/1m/1672, "of Chambers in Marsden" (Marsden MM records), twin of Anthony

ix. Anthony, b. 31/1m/1672, "of Chambers in Marsden" (Marsden MM records), twin of Ann; Patricia Junkin wonders if he may have died young?

x. Jane, b. 10/7m/1674, "of Chambers in Marsden" (Marsden MM records)

There was another Roger Hartley "of Wheatley". This could be either an old village located between Burnley and Nelson, or it could be Wheatley Lane, near Chamber. I do not know who his parents were. He had the following children:[11]

i. Alice, d. 11/11/1682

ii. John, d. 25/2m/1682

iii. Thomas

iv. Anthony[12]

v. Judith, d. 2/3m/1684, bur. Heyhead.

First Generation in Pennsylvania

1 Hartley was born 16 May 1666 in Marsden, Lancashire, England, the son of RogerA and Alice (Vipont) Hartley. Edward died 14 June 1745 in Solebury Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.[13] He married 4 November 1693 in Heptonstall, Yorkshire, Sarah MIDGLEY. Heptonstall is a chapelry in the parish of Halifax, union of Todmorden, in the West Riding of Yorkshire. It is four miles northeast from Todmorden and eight and a quarter miles north by west from Halifax. Its southern boundary is the river Calder. The parish is described as being "wildly beautiful", with steep hills and narrow rocky dells. The village had been burned by Parliamentary forces for its strong support of Charles I. The town is on a "bleak and lofty summit of a precipitous hill". Our ancestors would have been familiar with the fairs held in Easter week and July. The chapel of St. Thomas a Becket was rebuilt in 1500, and its massive tower was repaired in 1822. A free grammar school had been founded in 1642. The area has a mineral spring.[14]

Edward and his brother Henry emigrated to Pennsylvania sometime between 1693 when Edward married in Yorkshire, or perhaps after the birth of a first child in England, and 1700 when he purchased land in Solebury. John M. Freund wrote that Edward was "said to have come to Solebury from Maryland" but neither of us have any documentation for this. Edward was apparently not a Friend at the time, although two of his sons later joined, and his mother was a Vipont, a family that became well-known in British Quaker circles. One source claims, without any primary source justification, that Edward was a Friends' minister.[15]

Map of Solebury from Reeder, showing Hartley tractsDocumentation begins with a warrant dated 17 Seventh Month (September) 1700 to survey 300 acres for Henry and Edward Hartley from the 500 acre tract granted by William Penn to John ROWLAND. The Hartley's purchase is the lower orange rectangle shown on this map from the second edition of Reeder's Early Settlers of Solebury Township, Pa. One side abuts the Buckingham Township line, the south east edge runs near the Upper York Road. In 1738 Edward conveyed seven acres to his son Roger for five shillings.[16]

Edward bought more land in Solebury 28 May 1702. That was the year that the Township was erected. Wrightstown and Buckingham were established the following year.[16a] Reeder did not mark it on his map, and I have not seen the deed, so I am unclear just where it was situated.

In his will dated 13 June 1744 and probated 14 June 1745, Edward left to his son Thomas £20, to his daughter Jennet HUGHES £30, to his deceased son Roger's seven children, £6 each as they reached the age of 21. All [the residue of?] his real and personal estate was to be divided equally between his sons Thomas and John, and they were to serve as executors.[17] Apparently Edward's wife predeceased him, as she was not mentioned in his will.

Children of Edward and Sarah (Midgely) Hartley (order uncertain, may be incomplete):[18]

i. John2 Hartley b: ca. 1698 in Marsden, Lancashire, Eng. He may be the John who died in Philadelphia and was buried there 22/4m [June] 1733.[19]

ii. Thomas Hartley, b. 29 Dec. 1700 in Lahaska, a village in Buckingham Township (later when Solebury Township was set off from Buckingham, the boundary passed through Lahaska); d. 30 May 1787; m. 1 Mar. 1725/6 Elizabeth PAXSON. [20]

iii. Edward Hartley b: 1701/2;

iv. Roger Hartley, said by one source to be the second son. Roger was b. ca. 1703; died 3/7m (Sept.) 1743, in his 41st year; m. Rebecca (PACKER). William Penn had 500 acres laid out for himself in Solebury before 1703, of which 100 acres were sold to Roger in 1737. Another 50 acres were deeded to Roger from his parents in a deed dated 26 January 1739, the land being part of the 300 acres which Edward Hartley had purchased from John ROWLAND in a deed dated 5 Seventh Month (September) 1710. Roger ran into difficulty with Buckingham Meeting in 1727, but after continued labor his paper of acknowledgment and condemnation was accepted. Roger and Rebecca had 8 children whose births were recorded by Buckingham MM: Janey (b. 27/7m/1728); Bathsheba (b. 14/10m/1729, d. 8/6m/1731); Ann (b. 14/5m/1732); Roger Jr. (b. 19/1m/1734, married Agnes __); James (b. 11/9m/1735, a merchant in Philadelphia); Bathsheba (b. 25/4m/1737); Benjamin (b. 2/12m/1740); Rebecca (b. 25/10m/1743. married John KEY). It may have been Roger Jr. who was disowned from Falls MM for marrying out of unity with Friends. After Roger's death his widow Rebecca married Matthew ASPDEN, and had a son Matthew Aspden, Jr. Rebecca, her daughter Rebecca, and son Matthew/Matthias removed from Philadelphia to Haddonfield, NJ, with a certificate of removal dated 28/3m/1760. Matthias Jr. died without issue, leaving an immense estate to his half-brothers and -sisters and their representatives, ..."which has been a source of considerable agitation and litigation among the Hartley's to this day" (1908).[21]

v. Jennet, b. 1710; m. ___HUGHES.

Roger1 Hartley who married his cousin, Ellen Hartley, the daughter of RogerA and Alice, confuses the picture somewhat. This Roger died in 1714, and his will (pr. 1715) names his wife Ellen, and the following children (order uncertain, and may be incomplete):[22]

i. James2, who was named executor of his father's estate

ii. Anthony, whose identity is unclear. Perhaps he is the man who m. Mary __; if so, he was a vintner (wine merchant) who purchased land in Philadelphia in 1714, and died there in 1732, apparently without surviving issue. His will names no children but divided his estate among his brothers, James Hartley and Henry Hartley, his sister Mary, and his wife Mary.[23] The presence of Henry as a brother, who is not listed in their father's will, is troubling. Patricia Junkin suspects that this Anthony is a nephew rather than a son of Roger and Ellen.

iii. John. There is a John who was bur. 22/4m/1733 in Philadelphia [24]

iv. Thomas

v. Jenet

vi. Elizabeth

vii. Mary

viii. Ann

Second Generation in Pennsylvania

Thomas2 Hartley, the son of Edward, was born 29 December 1700 and died 30 May 1787. He married on 1 March 1725/6 [see explanation of  Old Style dating] under the care of Buckingham Meeting, Elizabeth Paxson, the daughter of Henry-the-first-born child in Middletown Monthly Meeting. She was born 18 June 1709, and died 4 December 1786.[25]

Thomas purchased land from Joseph DUER, carpenter, and his wife Sarah (Paxson), by deed dated 26 January 1739. This 259 acre plot is shown on Reeder's map (as the upper orange rectangle) bounded by his father's plot and that of Paul WOLFE to the southwest, the Upper York Road on the south east, John Balderston on the northwest, and James Hambleton on the northeast. The Cuttalossa and a creek that runs into the Aquetong began in his property.[26]

Thomas and his brother John inherited their father's real estate. In 1753 John sold 175 acres to Thomas. This is the tract that Thomas bequeathed to his son Anthony in 1787.[27]

Thomas and Roger asked to come under the care of Friends (i.e. to become members) of Buckingham Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends 6 Eighth Month (October) 1724. Roger was accepted at the monthly meeting held 3 Ninth Month, but as Thomas was not present, his request was held over til the following month. He was accepted 2 Tenth Month (December) 1724. Since it was understood that in order to raise a family within the somewhat counter-cultural patterns of Friends, both spouses had to be convinced of Friends' faith and practice. It was not unusual for someone falling in love with a Quaker to join the meeting. This was the case with Thomas. At the monthly meeting of 1 Twelfth Month (February) 1725/6 he and Elizabeth Paxson, daughter of Henry Paxson of Solebury, declared their intentions of marriage. The men's meeting appointed a committee consisting of John DAWSON and Thomas CANBY, Jr. to "inspect into the sd Thomas's Clearness & conversation In Respect of marriage and make Report thereof to next meeting". The next meeting, 1 First Month (March) 1725/6 the couple again appeared and declared their continuing intention to marry. The committee reported "they find nothing to obstruct their said Intentions and therefore the meeting leaves them to their Liberty to consumate their marriage according to the good order of Truth & appoints James Hamleton [sic] and Thomas Canby Junior to see it decently accomplished and make report thereof to next meeting." The following month it was reported that "it was accomplished decently & In good order."[28]

One web source claims that Thomas was a Friends minister, and even refers to him as "Rev." which is a gross misunderstanding of early Friends' practice and underscores the dangers of copying web material without checking its accuracy in primary sources.[29] In actual fact, the Buckingham Monthly Meeting Men's Minutes do not mention his name as one whom Friends appointed to offer pastoral care or carry out other tasks on behalf of the meeting. So, although he and his family presumably regularly attended meeting for worship, Thomas was not active in the ongoing work of the meeting. He certainly was not recorded as a minister. However, he did faithfully uphold all Friends testimonies against participation in war or payment of taxes to support war during the Revolution. This often meant crops, animals, or other possessions would be seized, often of a far higher value than the fines Friends refused on principle to pay.

Elizabeth died on the 4th day of Twelfth Month (December) 1786.[29a]

Thomas made his will 27 January 1787, shortly after Elizabeth's death. It was probated 31 May 1789, so he probably died shortly before that date. He was identified as a yeoman of Solebury. Thomas left the plantation on which he lived to his son Anthony; 110 acres purchased from Joseph DUER to his son Benjamin; the remainder of the tract adjoining Jane SCARBOROUGH, Isaac PICKERING, and William HAMBLETON to his son William. Three daughters, Sarah BEANS, Elizabeth FELL, and Rachel SMITH were each given £30. Son Joseph was given £100. Daughter Martha was left £5 and each of the five children she had by Luke WILLIAMS was given £5. The residue was to be divided "share and share alike" between sons Anthony, William, and Benjamin. Anthony and William served as executors.[30]

Children of Thomas Hartley and his wife Elizabeth (Paxson)[31]

i. Sarah3, b. 7 Tenth Month (Dec.) 1726; d. 29 Jul 1795 in her 69th year; m. ca. 1746 Jacob BEANS (he d. 13 Nov. 1807); 8 children. Jacob m(2) widow Hannah IDEN. He d. 13 nov. 1807 in his 87th year.[32]

ii. Mary, b. 19 Eleventh Month (Jan.) 1727/8; d. 15 Seventh Month (Sept.) 1746; unmarried.[33]

iii. Thomas, b. 6 5th mo. (July) 1729; d. 2 2nd mo. (Apr.) 1736.

iv. Anthony, b. 3 Tenth Mo. (Dec.) 1730; d. 1 May 1811; m(1) 29 Oct. 1755 Elizabeth SMITH of Wrightstown. Anthony and Elizabeth had 7 children. Elizabeth d. 3/8m/1769). Anthony m(2) 17 Apr. 1771 Sarah BETTS. She was b. 14/4m (June) 1747, daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Smith) Betts of Buckingham. They had 6 more children.

v. William, b. 15/2m (Apr.) 1732; d. during the night of 31 Dec. 1807-1/1m (Jan.) 1808; m 30 Nov. 1757 Catherine FISHER at Buckingham MM. Catherine b. 28 Apr. 1740.[35]

vi. Elizabeth, b. 16/11m (Jan.) 1733/4; m. 1753 John FELL at Buckingham MM. John Fell was b. 1 Apr. 1730; 5 children, including Rachel (b. 10 Oct. 1770; m. John Paxson).[36]

vii. Martha, b. 26/6m (Aug.) 1735; m. Luke WILLIAMS and had 5 children.[37]

viii. Anne, b. 8/5m (July) 1738; d. 28 Feb. 1758; m. 1757 James HILL.[38]

ix. Rachel, b. 2/5m (July) 1740; m. 12 June 1765 Ephraim SMITH under the care of Buckingham MM. He was the son of Thomas2 and Elizabeth (Sanders) Smith, and a grandson of William1 and Mary (Croasdale) Smith. Rachel and Ephraim had 8 children when they were granted a certificate of removal to East Caln MM in Chester Co., Penna. on 6 May 1783.[39]

x. Joseph, b. 18/8m (Oct.) 1742; d. 9 Jan. 1824 in Monongalia Co. [now West] Va.; m(1) Sarah RICHARDS 1 son; m(2) Elizabeth WASSON (she was b. 12 Oct. 1747; d. 6 Oct. 1834); had 10 children.[40]

xi. Benjamin, b. 6/10m (Dec.) 1745 in Lahaska; d. ca. Aug. 1804; m 12 Apr. 1769 Elizabeth SIMCOCK, at Buckingham MM.; she d. 13 July 1827.[41]

xii. Mahlon, b. 21/5m (July) 1749; d. 1824; m 12 February 1772 Hannah MOON, daughter of Roger, at Falls meeting house.  Hannah was b. 29 Aug. 1749. Mahlon was received at Falls Monthly Mtg. 5/2m/1772, with a certificate from Buckingham Monthly Mtg. On 7/9m/1796 Mahlon and Hannah and their children Thomas, Edward, Mahlon, Roger, and Hannah, were granted a certificate of removal from Falls Mtg to Westland Monthly Meeting. [42]

Third Generation

Anthony3 Hartley, son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Paxson), was born on 3 Tenth Mo. (December) 1730, and died on 1 May 1811. His first marriage, on 29 Oct. 1755 was with Elizabeth SMITH of Wrightstown. Elizabeth was born 7 Tenth Month (December) 1730, daughter of William and his second wife Mercy.

Elizabeth died the day after her daughter Elizabeth was born. She was aged 35 years 3 months and 11 days. Anthony then married for a second time on 17 Apr. 1771 to Sarah BETTS. She was born 14 Fourth Month (June) 1747, daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Smith) Betts of Buckingham, and granddaughter of William SMITH and his first wife, Mary (CROASDALE). Sarah was the half-niece of Elizabeth, to coin a name for this complicated relationship.[34]

Children of Anthony and Elizabeth (Smith) Hartley:

i. Thomas, b. 27/12m/1756, m. 1780 Elizabeth BRADFIELD, daughter of John, at Buckingham MM. On 6/11m/1780 it was noted that Thomas was "guilty of fornication with her who is now his wife". By Third Month, the case not being satisfactorily resolved, Oliver Paxson and J. Simpson were added to the committee dealing with Thomas. Finally it was decided to disown him and his wife. Although he resisted receiving a copy of the minute they read it to him anyway.

ii. Samuel, b. 30/3m/1758, m. 1781 Lavinia BRADFIELD, also a daughter of John.

iii. Mary, b. 20/8m/1759

iv. Jonathan, b. 21/10m/1761.

v. William, b. 22/3m/1763, d. 3/6m/1775.

vi. Sarah, b. 11/11m/1765;

vii. Elizabeth, b. 2/8m/1769).
Children of Anthony and his second wife, Sarah (Betts) Hartley:
viii. Ann, b. 6/3m/1772, d. 3/6m, 1775.

ix. Rachel, b. 23/12m/1773, m. 1801 John ELY, Jr.;

x. Jane, 1/4m/1779, m. 11 Dec. 1804 Amos RANDALL.

xi. Hannah, b. 30/1m/1781;

xii. Amy, b. 2/4m/1788.

xiii. Sarah, d. 6/8m/1797.

William3 Hartley, son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Paxson), was born on 15 April 1732 and died on 31 December 1807. He married Catharine FISHER under the care of Buckingham Monthly Meeting on 30 November 1757. She was the daughter of John Fisher and his wife Elizabeth (SCARBOROUGH). The Fishers had been married at Buckingham Meeting 29 Tenth Month (December) 1719.[43]

William's will was dated 10 April 1805. In it he directed that his wife receive a room in the house, and various goods. His grandson William Rice was to furnish a comfortable living for his grandmother, who was to live with him in his family. Trying to disentangle Reeder's somewhat ambiguous notes, it appears to me that William left £12 each to his grand-daughters Catharine PAXSON and Letitia RICE, and £30 to grandson Joseph RICE. Achsah HILL was given £6. It seems that a further provision stipulated that since his son-in-law Joseph Rice had purchased the tract formerly the property of Benjamin Hartley, William's grandson William Rice was to pay one-half the purchase price to Joseph Rice or to his wife, Thomas's daughter, Letitia. The residue of the estate was directed to go to William's grandson William Rice, and William Rice and Elias Paxson were named executors.[44] I have not yet seen the originals of these wills to sort it out for myself.

Children of William and his wife Catharine (Fisher):[45]

i. Letitia4, m. 14 Apr. 1779 Joseph RICE at Buckingham MM.


iii. Samuel,

Benjamin3 Hartley, son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Paxson), was born on. 6 Tenth (December) 1745 in Lahask, Bucks County. He died probably in August 1804. Benjamin married on 12 Apil 1769 Elizabeth SIMCOCK, at Buckingham Monthly Meeting. Elizabeth had been born on 13 July 1827.

Children of Bemnjamin and Elizabeth (Simcock) Hartley (may be incomplete, and order is uncertain):
i. Mary, b. 29 Jan. 1770 in Solebury Twp. who m. 1789 Joseph TOWNSEND in Buckingham MM. The Townsends went west to Harrison County, Ohio.

ii. Samuel who m. 1810 Letitia ARMITAGE at Buckingham Mtg. Samuel was a chair and spinning wheel maker and settled along the Delaware. After the canal was built he dealt in coal, iron, and stoves. He died 10 Dec. 1832. His offspring mainly went west.

iii. Thomas, m. 1818 Elizabeth PAXSON, daughter of Elias, at Solebury Mtg.[41]

Fourth Generation

Letitia4 Hartley, daughter of William and Catharine (Fisher) Hartley, and Joseph RICE brought their intention to marry to Buckingham Monthly Meeting held 3 First Month (January) 1779. They made their second declaration of their intention and the meeting received a favorable report from the clearness committee, releasing them to marry. Isaac PICKERING and John BALDERSTON were appointed to oversee the marriage, which took place on 14 April 1779. On 3 Fifth Month it was reported that the marriage had been accomplished in an orderly manner. Joseph was the son of Edward Rice from Killyman, County Tyrone, Ireland.[46]

Joseph purchased from Letitia's uncle 100 acres of the Hartley tract. Joseph Rice owned 100 acres on the northeastern part adjoining the Balderston tract, while his brother William Rice came into possession of 100 acres of formerly Hartley land bordering on the Upper York Road. Joseph died on the farm in November 1848 in his ninety-fourth year. Letitia died 30 November 1815.[47]

Children of Joseph and Letitia (Hartley) Rice:[48]

i. Catharine5 Rice, b. 1780, m. 1798 Elias PAXSON; three children: Elizabeth Paxson m. Thomas HARTLEY; Abraham Paxson m. Evelina WALTON; Howard Paxson m. Mary SMALL.

ii. William Rice, b. 30 Apr. 1782; d. 1827; m. ca. 1803 Sidney HARTLEY, daughter of Anthony. William was directed by his grandfather William3 Hartley to provide a "comfortable living" for his grandmother, Elizabeth (Paxson) Hartley. His grandfather bequeathed him a farm of 180 acres, adjoining one purchased by his father. His children were: Samuel H. Rice, Hiram Rice, Charles Rice, and Eliza Rice.

iii. James Rice, b. 1785, d. in infancy.

iv. Letitia Rice, b. 1788; m. John BODDER or BOTHERS.[49]

v. James Rice, b. 7 Feb. 1791; died young.

vi. Joseph Rice, Jr., b. 2 Mar. 1792; m. 1825 Julia IDEN of Richland Township

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