William 1760-1808

A Second Brother?  William Ruggles 1760 (MD) - 1808 (KY)

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A descendant, the Rev. J. S. Ruggles said in this remembrances in 1927 in Ohio that he believed William had a brother named John.  William's descendants are covered extensively in Steve Ruggles' Home Page:  www.scans.edu/~ruggless/gendex.

As we have seen in the "Into Kentucky" page, William was the second male Ruggles to arrive in Mason County, KY.  Tradition says he married Lucy Conway, but the earliest reference we have found to Lucy as a Conway is very suspect and seems to have confused her family name with that of her eldest daughter-in-law's family name, which indeed was Conway.  That her given name was Lucy is proven in Lewis County tax records.  

We have, so far, discovered no contemporary source which gives William's age or birth year.  His son Enoch reported in 1880 that his father was born in Maryland.  Lewis County tax records have his widow "Lucie" in possession of his land in 1809.

Although we have found no contemporary documentary proof, except for James, family memory has attributed three children to William and Lucy.  Their names and suggested dates and places of birth are: James (1784, Washington [became Allegany] Co, MD), John (1786, Washington Co, MD), and Enoch (1790, Allegany Co, MD).   Their birth years are evidently taken from their gravestones and their birth states taken from census reports.  [William is my ancestor, through his eldest son James -- Dick Kraus.]  At James' first wedding, he was underage and William 20000, as his father, gave permission for him to marry.

In this study William is identified by the number 20000.  For the first two generations of his descendants, click on them.

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