Tennessee on its southern border, in Giles county, right up against what was then still Indian country and is now Alabama.

    By 1827 Thomas11 may have arrived in south-central Missouri. At least as early as 1828 he definitely was at least as far west as what is present-day Laclede Co, MO.From about 1831 until the end of his life, he apparently lived west of Laclede County in, and sometimes just southeast of, Springfield, MO.2

    In 1830-32 he and his wife, along with some of her other siblings, were sued in the name of her younger half-siblings in Lee Co, VA in matters arising from her recently deceased father's estate.3

    In 1833 and in 1836 as a minister of the gospel, he was performing marriages in the James and Finley river valleys 


1 Missouri Pioneers, 2:14 (text taken from the Pulaski section of the 1889 History of Laclede Co, MO), Thomas M. Casebolt along with his son Jacob is on "the 1828 Tax list for the Pulaski section of Laclede Co, MO" which was then part of Gasconade County.

2 The Wilma Lassley Green Collection, Tax Receipts of Casebolts, transcribed from the original handwritten receipts by Kerry McGrath, August 16, 2000. The first receipt is dated 8 September 1831, is for 75 cents for full state and county taxes for the full year 1831, and is signed by J.P. Campbell, who, according to McGrath, subsequently was a Greene County county official. In 1831 he probably was an official for Ozark Township of Crawford County. That township/county had jurisdiction over the area that was to become Greene County in 1833 and Springfield in 1835 (according to p.725 the 1883 History of Greene County Missouri).

3 Lee Co, Court Order Book, 3:304, 28 Dec. 1830, Jacob Blubaugh vs Casebolt and Casebolt; 3:311, 24-25 Jan. 1831, Esther Blubaugh vs. Casebolt and Others, Benjamin Dickenson, Claiborne Anderson, Jacob Blubaugh [Pit] against Job Casebolt & Elizabeth Casebolt {kld: they must mean Thomas and Christina) [Defts.], the complainant being dead, case revised to Ester M. Blubaugh, widow etc and [Thomas] Casebolt and Christina his wife, formerly Christina Blubaugh, Elizabeth Boggs, late Elizabeth Blubaugh, Thomas Flanary, Benjamin Blubaugh, Rachel Blubaugh and Ester Ann, Catherine & Margaret Blubaugh, children & heirs of Jacob Blubaugh, deceased. 22 Aug. 1832, Esther M. Blubaugh, and Esther Ann, Catherine and Margaret Blubaugh infants under the age of twenty one years, who sue by their mother and next friend [Plaintiffs] Against Thomas Casebolt & Catherine his wife, formerly Catherine Blubaugh, Elizabeth Boggs, Thomas Flanary, Benjamin Blubaugh, Rachel Blubaugh, Daniel Razor, John Olinger & Robert W. Wynn [Defendants] ... Thomas, Catherine and Benjamin not being inhabitants of Virginia did not appear.


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