Book 2 Contents

Casebolt -- An American Family

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Book 2 -- The Twenty-two Eldest Grandchildren Plus Two Sets of Step-grand Children -- their Families and Descendants -- first edition being constructed on this site.  Please check the Log to see what has been done most recently.  If a chapter heading is underlined, it has text.  If you click on it you will go there.

Chapter 5.  Thomas11 McNeal Casebolt (c.1772-1839)

                                        -- The Ozark Mountain Clan


Chapter 6.  Jamina12 Casebolt Ohaver (1775-1834)

                                                     -- The Ohaver Clan


Chapter 7.  Asahel13 Casebolt (c.1777-1815)

                                       -- The Randolph County Clan


Chapter 8. Robert14 Casebolt (1779-1861)

                                              -- The Logan County Clan


Chapter 9. John4M Barlow (1781-1866)

                                                        -- The Barlow Clan


Chapter 10. Sarah15 Casebolt Burgess (c.1782-c.1813)

                                                      -- The Burgess Clan


Chapter 11. Elizabeth16 Casebolt Tidrow (c.1783-??)

                                                        -- The Tidrow Clan


Chapter 12. James21 Burney (c.1784-1815) 

                                             -- The James Burney Clan


Chapter 13. Thomas41 Casebolt (c.1784-1872)

                                          -- The Greenbrier River Clan


Chapter 14.  Nancy42 Casebolt Kinnison (1785-1870)

                                                      -- The Kinnison Clan


Chapter 15.  Patricia17 Casebolt Buckley (c.1786-c.1808)

                                                       -- The Buckley Clan


Chapter 16.  William43 Casebolt (1787-1865) 

                                               -- The Saline County Clan

Chapter 17.  John22 B. Burney (c.1787-??)

Chapter 18.  The Davis step-siblings (c.1789-??)

Chapter 19.  John18 Casebolt (c.1790-bef.1829)

                                             -- The Morgan County Clan


Chapter 20.  Sally19 Casebolt McCoy (c.1792-??)

                                                         -- The McCoy Clan

Chapter 21.  Thomas32 Casebolt (c.1792-bef.1820)

Chapter 22.  John31 Casebolt (c.1792-c.1814) 

                                     -- The Floyd-Knott County Clan

Chapter 23.  Mary23 Burney (1792-1868)

Chapter 24.  WilliamM1 Brock (abt.1793-??) and siblings

                                                -- The Thos. Brock Clans

Chapter 25.  Daughter24 Burney (c.1793-??)

Chapter 26.  Robert25 Burney (c. 1795-aft.1870)

Chapter 27.  Robert Brock (c.1796-??) and siblings

                                             -- The Richard Brock Clans

Chapter 28.  Daughter26 Burney (c.1797-??)

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