Very obviously this book could not have been completed without the assistance of many, many people. Several relatives are mentioned in the text as having contributed. Except for the pressures of time and the failure of memory, many more could and should have been mentioned.

Among those institutions where archivists, librarians, and county clerks were of outstanding help were (not in order of importance!): the Augusta County Court House (Staunton, Virginia), the Boston Public Library (Boston, Massachusetts), the Greenbrier County Court House (Lewisburg, West Virginia), the Harvard University Library (Cambridge, Massachusetts), the Kentucky State Archives (Lexington, Kentucky), the Maryland State Archives (Annapolis, Maryland), the National Archives (Washington, DC), the New England Historic Genealogical Society (Boston, Massachusetts), the New York City Public Library (New York, New York), the Pennsylvania State Archives (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania), the Pocahontas County (Marlinton, West Virginia) Court House, and the Virginia State Archives (Richmond, Virginia).

In addition, this "family" research was a major imposition on two wives, Adele and Pat, and I want to thank them both for their help and for their long-suffering patience. Special thanks goes to my brother John, especially for his most recent help, without which, I would not have been able to gear up for the final push to finish this work. The best of the map work is due to him and to my wife Pat. The worst of those maps are mine alone.

Let me add one big thanks for all the hundreds of others who contributed in so many ways.

Richard A. Kraus
October 1992


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