3 Wanda

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3. Wanda Myrtle "Wanda" Casebolt

    Mom was born 19 June 1913 on the family farm in the Round Mound neighborhood near Cedar Vale, Chautauqua County, KS.  She was the youngest daughter who survived and, by all accounts, was the apple of her father's eye.  The feeling evidently was mutual.

    Upon hearing that her father had been murdered, she went into shock and woke up the next morning, only 13 years of age, with snow-white hair and so it remained for her next 73 years!  It was absolutely gorgeous but she was embarrassed by it.  For most of her life she wore it dyed or heavily tinted.  Most weeks of her life she had a hairdresser's appointment.  During my teenage years I sometimes was almost convinced that my mother had blue hair!

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