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Erie County (PA) Genealogy

1820 Census - LeBoeuf Township

Contributed by Barb Seyler

The information below was obtained from the 1820 Federal Census for Erie County. This is a complete census extract, containing the names of those Heads of Household living in LeBoeuf Township, Erie County, PA, as listed in the 1820 Federal Census. As per census format of 1820, numbers and age groups only of other individuals in the family are included. Contact Barb Seyler for ommissions and corrections, etc.

1820 Federal Census - LeBoeuf Township, Erie County, PA

Robert Block

Elizabeth Block

James Polock

George Isherwood

Francis Isherwood

Walter How

Walter Walker

James Weston

Artimus Johnson

Nathan Brown

Nathan Mitchell

John Henry

Jeremiah Rodgers

Thomas McClennahan

Jane Miles

Robert McClennahan

William McClennahan

Jessie Brown

Andrew Herd

Robert King

Asa Converse

Oliver Campbell

Nancy Frisby

Joseph McPherson

Samuel Bunting

John Ray

Thomas Green

John Green

Benjamin Brown

Richard Gage

William Gray

Armon Martin

James Smith

Sarah Little

William Brackin

John Robinson

James Blair

Samuel Cochran

Thomas Little

Samuel Anderson

Daniel S. Converse

John Hodge

Peter Ford

Thomas Black

Joseph Black

Philip Gregory

William Bordman

William Black

Benjamin Every

William Mulvin

Robert Mulvin

James Thompson

John Thompson

Thomas Carrol

Benjamin Carrol

John Miller

James Alexander

Martha Smith

George Carrol

William Colt

Alexander Colt

Samuel Bunting, Sr.

Charles Colt

John S. Bunting

John Black

James Blair

Mathias Hindbaugh

John Malory

Nathan Malory

David Boyd

Jessie Mannon

John Clemings

John Lenox

James Biggars

Ebenezer Kindle

John Hair

Joab Thompson

Abner Cottrell

Sandars Lacay

Samuel King

End of LeBoeuf Twp., 1820 Federal Census

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