1810 Census, Toby Twp., Armstrong Co., PA

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1810 Census
Toby Twp., Armstrong Co., PA

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Originally Toby Township included the southern half of the current Clarion County and a considerable portion of northern Armstrong County. The original boundaries were the Allegheny River to the west, the Clarion River to the north, Mahoning Creek to the south, and the current border with Jefferson County to the east. This vast tract of land included all or part of 14 current townships in Clarion and Armstrong County, namely, Redbank, Porter, Limestone, Clarion, Millcreek, Monroe, Madison, Toby, Perry, Piney, and Licking (southern half only) in Clarion County and Madison, Mahoning (except portion south of Mahoning Creek) and Redbank in Armstrong County.

By 1805 the population in this area had increased, and Toby Township was divided by a line running north-south. The portion to the east became Redbank Township, while the portion to the west kept the old name of Toby Township. While the line separating these two townships was disappeared in Armstrong County when Madison was later created from both Toby and Redbank, the old boundary can still be observed in Clarion County in the form of boundary line running north from the Red Bank Creek with Madison, Toby and Piney Townships to the west and Porter and Monroe Townships to the east. Land to the west of this line was Toby Township in 1810, while the land to the east was Redbank Township. As a result, the inhabitants listed in the 1810 Toby Township census below were living in what is now one of the following six townships:
           1) Madison Twp., Armstrong Co. (only the western portion)
           2) Madison Twp., Clarion Co.
           3) Toby Twp., Clarion Co.
           4) Perry Twp., Clarion Co.
           5) Licking Twp., Clarion Co. (only portion south of Clarion River)
           6) Piney Twp., Clarion Co. (except northeastern corner)

Spelling was very erratic during this period, and researchers should always be alert to the possibility of spelling variations.  I have attempted to transcribe the records exactly as they were written, even when I know that other spelling variants eventually became the standard spelling. Accordingly, Mony has NOT been changed to Mohney, Dobespeck has NOT been changed to Daubenspeck or Doverspike, McCawl has NOT been changed to McCall, etc. Please do not write and tell me that I misspelled your ancestor's name unless you've checked the census first.

Although I have carefully attempted to exactly transcribe this census, be aware that errors are possible with any transcription and that wise genealogists always check the sources personally.

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