Roster-4th Ky Infantry, Field & Staff

    First Kentucky "Orphan" Brigade 

    4th Kentucky Infantry, Field & Staff

The following is a listing of the Officers and Staff of the 4th Kentucky Infantry Regiment

Transcribed by Laura Cook from Ed Porter Thompson's "History of the Orphan Brigade" (Louisville, 1898)

Soldiers are listed alphabetically, by rank

Last Name First Name County Rank
TRABUE ROBERT P. Columbia Colonel (died in service, Feb. 1863)
HYNES ANDREW R. Nelson Lieutenant-Colonel
NUCKOLS JOSEPH P. Barren Capt., Maj., Lt.-Col., Colonel
THOMPSON THOMAS W. Jefferson (Louisville) Lt., Capt., Maj., Lt-Col., Colonel
MONROE JR. THOMAS B. Franklin (Frankfort) Major (killed at Shiloh)
WORTHINGTON ED S. Jefferson(Louisville) Captain and A.Q.M., Major
THEOBALD GRIFFIN P. Owen Captain and A. Q. M.
PHILLIPS WILLIAM Union Captain and A. Q. M.
SHAW GEO. T. Jefferson (Louisville) Captain and A. C. S.
FORMAN SAMUEL T. Maysville 1st Lt., Adjutant (killed at Shiloh)
MARSHALL B. T. Greensburg Surgeon
SCOTT PRESTON B. Franklin Surgeon--later Brigade Surgeon
BRECKINRIDGE S. P. Jefferson (Louisville) Assistant Surgeon
DODGE THADDEUS L. Hickman Assistant Surgeon
ECKFORD JOSEPH W. Mississippi Assistant Surgeon
SMITH ALFRED Nelson (Bardstown) Assistant Surgeon
WALTON REV. E. P. Kentucky Chaplain
BLIEMEL FR. EMMERAN Germany Acting Chaplain (killed at Jonesboro)


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