Manitoulin Genealogy Awards

Thank you for your interest in my Award!
As soon as possible I visit your site. Once I have, I will send an email informing you of my decision. Only winners will be notified! At that time, I will also send you the code needed to link back to my site.

The following is the criteria needed to apply for the award.

A The site must not be pornographic nor have any links to pornographic sites. It should not have any implications or reference to sex, nudity or illicit material.

B The site must not be commercial in nature.

C The site MUST be genealogy oriented, with content pertaining to heritage of helpful genealogy information.

D. The site must not have any profanity, vulgarity, or lewd language and must not provide links to sites.

E.The site must be easy to navigate. All links should be working. Those with excessive broken links will not be considered.

F. The site should be pleasing to the eye and should not contain excessive animation.

G. The site cannot be a LINKS-ONLY site.

If you know of a site worth receiving this award, you are ready to nominate!

If your site wins an award, please upload the .gif onto your own server. Please do not link directly to the .gif.

Gather the following information and email me

Name of your site:
Site URL:
Full Name:
Include a brief description of your site:

Thank you for taking the time to apply and good luck in your continuing research!

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