Bruner Cemetery, Creek County, Oklahoma Genealogy


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 Updated: 06 Sep 2009

Bruner Cemetery
Sapulpa, Creek County, Oklahoma
[Cemetery name may be incorrect]

Submitted by and used with permission of Vickey Hahn, July 1999.

SURNAME  Given Date Birth Date Death Comments
BRUNER Annie   01-31-1912 Age 65Yrs
BRUNER Annie     No Dates -- The same Annie?
BRUNER Charley W. 09-18-1920 02-24-1927 Son of Esther Rabey Bruner
BRUNER Esther J. 07-08-1902 03-28-1949  
BRUNER Jennie 03-07-1873 02-05-1908  
BRUNER William G. 04-05-1852 04-13-1952  
GODWIN Siella M. 02-25-1907 01-07-1924  
RODGERS Jemima?   06-11-1905 could not read date of birth -- day of death my be incorrect -- stone in poor condition
RODGERS Lucy   00-00-1903 could not read date of birth
TigerBone     02-09-1887 Age 35? Yrs

* Vickey did not know the name of this cemetery.
She named it Bruner because it was the dominant surname.
Any input would be appreciated.