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About the cemetery list and the entries:

The cemetery list is a combination of information from the Geographic Names Information System Query Results; information submitted by others and research about the cemeteries of Creek County, OK.  Information accumulated from various sources concerning any of the documented / undocumented cemeteries, their locations and inhabitants will be noted when possible.  

Do you know of other cemeteries in Creek County, OK? Please email me with the name and town/location or directions where the cemetery is located.

In an effort to build our Creek County cemetery information I have started pages for the cemeteries that have not been submitted and/or canvassed. More will be added as you submit information or as I glean information from Anna's Obits and other sources about who is buried there.

If you have information about where your Creek County ancestor is buried and that information is not yet online, feel free to email the information and I will add it to our cemetery listing? If it is not online, we can put it online!  Please include any information you may have on the location /directions, contact name, or phone number of the cemetery. Please use this format: 

SURNAME, Given, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Comments (keep it short), Name of Cemetery

TO: Creek County Cemetery Submission

Subject: Creek County Cemetery Submission

NOTE: Not all cemetery pages contain data at this time.



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