Woodville, Marshall County
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Woodville, IT
Woodville,  Marshall County, Oklahoma 1939

         Woodville came into
existence about 1880 when
a small building was con-
structed to store supplies
hauled from Denison,
Texas, for people living in
the area. Gradually, as the
community was settled,
stores and homes were built
of  lumber  hauled  from
Texas towns in wagons
pulled by oxen or horses.

Back then there were no
roads and wagons or bug-
gies would cut across fields
so there were many trails
leading to Woodville.

The Frisco Railroad put
its tracks about one mile
north of Woodville in 1900.
It wasn't long until the
stores, blacksmith shops,

and cotton gin and most of
the homes were moved to
the new location. From
about 1901 to 1910.

Woodville had it 's boom
period. Nine brick build-
ings were constructed. The
showplace of the town was
a two-story bank. The first
story was built of stone
quarried nearby and the
second story was made of
brick. They also had one of
the largest sawmills in In-
dian Territory that supplied
lumber for Woodville and
other developing commu-
nities. In 1908 a three-story
brick school was built and
was considered a top edu-
cational facility. The first
Automobile came to
Woodville in 1907. The

population increased from
less than one hundred to
almost five hundred dur-
ing the decade.
A public well was dug
in the intersection of
Broadway and Main Street.
Almost everyone got their
water from the well since
there was no water system.
Farmers would come to
Woodville in wagons to get
barrels of water. When the
construction of a highway
from Madill to Denison
was planned the people of
Woodville wanted the
highway to come through
their town. The only prob-
lem was no one wanted the
old well to be covered up
because by then it was a
popular landmark. The
highway was finally routed

through the edge of town
to save the well.

The construction of the
Denison Dam in the 1940s
brought an end to the town
of Woodville. The site of
the old town is covered
when the lake is a high-
water level. Buildings were
torn down and some were
rebuilt in New Woodville.

Several homes and the
cemetery were moved. The
only reminders of Old
Woodville are the two is-
lands a few yards offshore.
They are the remains of the
overpass of the Frisco. At
low water some founda-
tions and the old bank vault
could still be seen for many

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