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The Happenings In And Around Woodville Indian Territory
"Grandfather's Memories"

Prepared and Contributed by
Vicki Bell-Reynolds
[email protected]

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My name is Vicki-Bell-Reynolds, the granddaughter of James Thomas Bell,
the author of "The Happenings in and Around Woodville, Indian Territory of
which now is Marshall County, Oklahoma.

My Grandfather was born James Thomas Bell, known to everyone as Jim.
He was born March 2, 1894 in Woodville, Indian Territory to Robert Simon
  and Ezetta B. (Buck) Bell and the grandson of Rev. Robert Scott Bell
and  Arvilla (Waterman) Bell.
Other  siblings  included  Benjamin Chrisman Bell,  born  September  21,
1891 and Addie Bell-Ashton, born June 24, 1898.

  In 1910, my grandparents met each other at an Ice cream social in
downtown Woodville. Not too long after meeting, the Frisco railroad
transferred my grandfather to  Sherman TX  for a short time during

Taken 1967 at his church in Springfield, MO.
Jim and Norah  married February  27, 1914
Woodville, Marshall Co. Oklahoma

which time they exchanged love letters. I still have those love letters in my possession. When my grandmother died May 1966 they
had been married for fifty two years. She was just as beautiful as my grandfather with love & kindness.

I grew up with my grandfather and grandmother, Jim and Norah Etta (Lemmons) Bell in Springfield, Missouri and recall him working
on these memories every week-end. I would stand at the door of his bedroom where he kept his desk and typewriter, watching him
type .
He worked on these memories in the 1950's and early 60's. I still have all the pages of those mistakes he made which he typed on
white onion paper.

His reputation was that of a fine Christian man, taught Sunday School Classes, fed the hungry by delivering groceries to their door
step and loved God with all of his heart. He worked for the Frisco Railroad up till he had a stroke in 1968 and he died May 20, 1968.
He is buried along with my grandmother, Norah Etta Lemmons-Bell, my dad, Thomas Edison Bell, and  my uncle, who was Doctor
Eugene J. Bell of Cheyenne, Oklahoma.

I hope you will find his memories to be very interesting . He only had an 8th grade education and I have submitted these in verbatim.

He was without a doubt, one of the very finest Christian men around, who was very meek, gentle, kind, loving, and my Grandfather,
Jim Bell.

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