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Grandma's Shoebox

Contributed by
Wendy Gayle Walkup-Barry Please note that this tree has not been updated in a long time, some information may no longer be accurate.

My grandmother used to clip out obituaries of family and friends. When we visited her she would get a shoebox out and share with us what was going on. We used to tell her that she was creating a fire hazard in her house. Now we are glad that she did clip those articles out.  Unfortunately she was also a huge fan of the tabloids and would clip some of those items out also and now we just have to be careful that we don't note that one of our relatives "Gave Birth To Own Twin".

Some of these I am related to and some were old neighbors of my grandmother's.  Some were just hot news at the time or something that she found interesting.
Please note that the only papers these could be from are Tulsa World, Tulsa Tribune, and the local Wagoner paper.

GANN LACY - Patricia Ann, 28, passed away Wednesday. Survived by daughter Chandra Marie LACY; mother, Mrs.Marie AVILLA; brother, Alfred Earl AVILLA.
Funeral service 2 p.m. Monday, Tulsa Whisenhunt Chapel. Rev. John Daniels officiating Tulsa Whisenhunt.
Dated December 6, 1975.

BOLEN - Leo M.,  passed away Sunday. Retired painter. Survived by: wife, Ivie, of the home; son, Stephen Leon Bolen,; daughter, Mrs. Wilbur JONES; four grandchildren; five sister, Hazel COOK, Joyce NEWMAN; Vera SANDERS; Lucille OSTRANDER; Mary Alice HANKINS; two brothers, W.A. Bolen; Paul E. Bolen.
Services Wednesday 2 p.m., Moores Memory Chapel. Interment Park Grove Cemetery, Broken Arrow.
Dated Sept. 14, 1969.

Couple Wed 50 Years to Celebrate Picture With Article
Golden wedding bells will ring Sunday for Mr. and Mrs. W. W. MULLIKIN.
They were childhood sweethearts before their marriage Nov. 10, 1907, near Star City, Ark., where they lived until 1920 when they moved to Tulsa. Mullikin was employed by the Tulsa Park Department 30 years before retiring in August, 1956.
Mr. and Mrs. Mullikin will hold open house for relatives and friends at their home from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday.
They are parents of two sons, Alton and J. D., and five daughters, Mrs. Leo HARRIS (Lera), Mrs. S. C. AVILLA (June), Mrs. Virginia Van KLEER (Virginia Mae), Mrs. W. W. FISHER (Marguerite) and Mrs. Evadell KELLY.   They also have 23 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

MULLIKIN - William W., 77, died Tuesday. Survivors: wife, Mary; 2 sons: William A. and J. D.; 5 daughters: Lera HARRIS, Marguerite FISHER, Evadell KELLY, June AVILLA, and Virginia Van KLEER; grandson Frank NEELY; 23 grandchildren; 14 great-grandchildren. Service 2 p.m. Friday, Tulsa- Whisenhunt Chapel, burial Memorial Park. Dated November 23, 1965.

MULLIKIN - Mary E., 81, passed away Saturday. Survived by: two sons: William A. and J. D.; 4 daughters: Lera HARRIS, Evadell KELLY, June AVILLA, and Virginia Van KLEER; grandson Frank NEELY; 24 grandchildren; 23 great-grandchildren. Service 11:30 a.m. Monday, Tulsa Whisenhunt Chapel. Interment Memorial Park. WE 2-2351 Dated Jan. 16, 1971.

NEELY - Frank J., 67, Passed away Saturday. Building contractor. Survived by his wife, Margaret Jean Neely; daughters, Suzanne FERGUSON, Anita Neely; sons, Frank E. and Ronald Neely; brothers, David, Earl, H. Austin and Bob; sister, Alene SLANKARD; 3 grandchildren. Services were Monday 1:30 p.m. Ninde Garden Chapel. Interment Memorial Park.
Dated October 14, 1978.

REEVES - Edward, (Buck) 58, passed away February 7th. Survived by his wife, Opal; four sons, Vernon of Kansas; Chas., LA.; Joe, OK; James, of the home; three daughters, Mrs. Dorothy HALL, OK.; Mrs. Harold MILLER, OK.; Mrs. Gary MORRIS, OK; three sisters, Mrs. Leto ODUM, OK.; Mrs. Lois MORRISON, OK; Mrs. Betty PEDDICORD, OK.; 11 grandchildren; one great-grandchild. Funeral services will be at the Nogales Avenue Baptist Church, 10 a.m. Tuesday. Interment Rose Hill. Moores, LU3-6148
Not Dated.

Thursday Rites For Lottie ANNIS
Services for Mrs. Lottie B. Annis, 78, a Tulsa resident since 1913, will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday in the Tulsa-Whisenhunt Funeral Home. Mrs. Annis died of an apparent heart attack at her home Tuesday.
She had been ill for several months. A native Texas, she lived at Hobart before coming here. Mrs. Annis was a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church .
Surviving are a son, William Edward COLE; a sister, Mrs. Dollie HOWARD; a brother; three grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.
Interment will be in Memorial Park.

HARRIS - Leo V., 63. Retired carpenter, passed away Friday. Survived by: one son, Charles Emery Harris; two grandchildren; two sisters, Mrs. Floyd DELOZIER; Letha STEPHEN; three brothers, A. B. Harris; Curtis Harris, CA.; Lester Harris, Texas. Services Saturday 10 a.m. Moores Memory Chapel. Interment Woodland, Sand Springs. Moore's, LU 3-6148
Dated Nov. 6, 1971, he was my grandmother's third husband.

FRIEND - Ruby M., 58, passed away Sunday. Member Southwest Christian Church, Eastern Star and former employee of Tulsa World.
Survived by: husband, Ralph of the home; two daughters, Sandra KLAUS, Carol DANFORTH, both of OK.; six grandchildren; three brothers, Cecil RUSTON, Calif., Claude RUSTON and Lamar RUSTON, both of OK.; two sisters, Ruth Watkins, Houston, Joan Davis, Tulsa. Service Thursday 2:00 p.m. Moore's Memory Chapel. Interment Rose Hill. Moore's 918-583-6148.
Dated April 10, 1977.

Mrs. WASSON, Tulsan Since 1900, Is Dead
Mrs. O.L. (Edith Caroline) Wasson, died Friday night in a Tulsa hospital.   Mrs. Wasson, 67, had lived in Tulsa since 1900. She was born at Table Grove, Ill.
Survivors, in addition to her husband, are a daughter, Mrs. Velma WADE, OK.; her mother, Mrs. Myra WARFIELD; OK. and five sister, Mrs. Esther MCCULLOUGH, CA.; Mrs. Hazel FREY, OK; Mrs. Ada SPURLOCK; Mrs. Gladys LAUGHLIN, CA.; and Mrs. Lucille KLEAGER, CA.
Funeral services will be at 2 p.m. Monday at Moore's Memory Chapel. Burial will be in Floral Haven Cemetery.

(Maybe Grandma cut this out because she was married 3 times)
Thursday, March 19, 1953
Little White Lie Leads to Divorce
Chester, PA. (INS)-When hubby lies to his wife, or vice versa, that first lie soon leads to another, then another, and finally to a domestic relations court.
That's the studied opinion of Joseph MIELCAREK, a desertion probation office in Chester.   Even if they are little white lies, he says, they are still harmful.   "The most dangerous element in a family unit," he explained, "is keeping the spouse in ignorance." For example:   "When a husband fails to divulge the true facts about his earnings, his personal affairs, his late hours or delays, it causes his wife to ask many questions in order to justify her intuition.   "Repeated questions may become too irritating yet necessary to her in order to clarify her suspicions.   "When these suspicions become revived by another similar episode, no matter how innocent that incident may be, it will cause a bitter verbal feud, at times, ending with abusive treatment.   "It would be much better and a happier union if we could speak to our mates, not only straight from the shoulder, but a little higher up. All the chlorophyll in the world could not remove the aroma of a family bitterness or stop a decaying marriage as much as telling about errors would."

Flood Loss Minimized Along S.S. Line Picture With Article
The oft-threatened and occasionally submerged Sand Springs road area had its annual worries Monday and Tuesday but partially completed levees and a lower-than-feared crest of the Arkansas river combined to minimize flood damage. Above, contractors park their equipment out of the way of the water atop a completed section of the levee about a half mile upstream from Newblock park. One machine, caught by the water, can be seen to the left of the levee. Below, a resident of the area near Riley school takes a load of groceries and a 25-pound chunk of ice to his family, marooned in their home. With him is a daughter, and providing transportation is a police boat skippered by Joe MCGUIRE, traffic director, aided by a motorcycle officer.
Note: My grandmother, father, and several other relatives lived in a neighborhood right by Newblock Park. My father has fond memories of it.

Wednesday, April 18, 1973

LONDON (UPI) - When the undertaker opened the coffin to prepare Mrs. Rose HANOVER, 85, for embalming, he received the shock of his life. The "corpse" snored.
He called the police and an ambulance took Mrs. Hanover to a hospital where she was reported today in "much improved" condition. She collapsed in her London apartment last week and was certified dead by Dr. Alfred BESELAU.
"By all the normal tests, breathing and heart, she appeared to be dead," he said. "These things happen."
After the doctor left, neighbors paid their last respects and Mrs. Hanover was placed in a coffin. Two hours later, the undertaker opened the coffin after he said he thought he heard strange noises.   Inside, he found Mrs. Hanover asleep and snoring.

Tulsa, April 28, 1962

Lost: A Winning Smile Picture With Article
Tight-lipped, wet-eyed policeman scoured Tulsa Friday for one of the burglars who helped steal a favorite smile.
The smile was a part of veteran police officer Hugh G. GREER.
Hugh was shot and killed and his partner Ray BURCH was seriously wounded while making a routine call on an attempted burglary early Friday morning.
Hugh was not a "tough cop".   His war smile of concern could patch a family fight or spark an unruly drunk to rearrange the furniture that he had stacked in a local bar. Rarely would Hugh embarrass anyone by saying "You're under arrest."  
Hugh's method was to say to the offender, "Let's go down and talk to the captain and try to get this straightened out."
When the news spread that Hugh and Ray had been shot, hundreds of off-duty policemen and firemen turned out to find the man who helped steal Hugh's smile.
Informants from the underworld voluntarily brought in information, because "Hugh wouldn't turn you around" (double cross). Call girls were listening, because "Officer Greer treated us like ladies even when he booked us."
Skid-row people in trouble often asked to talk to Hugh because "He understood."
Billie, Hugh's wife, and Saundra Cody and Robin, his children, "Can't understand." But Hugh would have.

Note: My grandmother had written "his mother is a good friend of mine".

Wounded Warriors Aid War Chest - Two Oklahoma veterans, wounded in Italy while fighting with the 45th division, were guests at the junior chamber of commerce luncheon meeting in connection with the current war chest drive.
The men are on temporary leave from Borden General Hospital, Chickasha.

March 27, 1974

Pneumonia Kills "Deep-Freeze" Woman of 1951
CHICAGO - Dorothy Mae Stevens ANDERSON, who in 1951 amazed doctors by surviving a body temperature of just over 60 degrees, has died of pneumonia and congestive heart failure, a hospital spokesman said today. the "deep-freeze woman" was admitted last Friday to Billings Hospital and died Monday. She was 45.
Mrs. Anderson was found near death in a Chicago Alley Feb. 1, 1951, with her blood frozen to a slush, her eyeballs like glass, and her legs like cold metal, according to a medical report released later that year.   Her pulse count was 12, compared with a normal count of 70 to 80. Her blood pressure was not measurable and she was breathing only three to five times per minute. Medical examiners estimated her body temperature dropped to 60.8 degrees as she lay in 12-below-zero outside temperatures. Normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees. Shortly after her rescue, her temperature was measured 64.4 degrees.

April 5, 1977

MULLIKIN - Loretha Joan, 54, passed away Tuesday. Survived by: husband J.D. Mullikin (my great-uncle) of the home; mother, Etta Ellis; sons, Jerry and David Mullikin; daughters, Mrs. JoAnn Lee, Miss Cathy Ellis; 5 brothers; 3 sisters; 5 grandchildren. Services 2 p.m. Thursday Hale Baptist Church. John Ennis Funeral Service.

February 21, 1976

Reward Offered In Tulsa Slaying - A $500 reward fund has been established in the Tuesday slaying of 62-year-old Bessie Virginia SANDERS, of 257 W. 12th St.
The reward, which is offered for information leading to the conviction of the killer, was established by Herb MONGER, the owner of a lounge near where the woman lived. Police have made no arrests in the strangulation case, but reportedly are close to an arrest.

NOTE: Grandma had underline Herb's name, I believe she used to work at his lounge.

Salesman Awards Set - Annual Banquet's Speaker Named Armand GARIEPY, Barre, Mass., president of Sales Training International, will speak Monday at the annual Distinguished Salesman Award Banquet of the Sales and Marketing Executives of Tulsa. Thirty-four men and women in the Tulsa area will receive Distinguished Salesman Awards at the dinner, to be held in the Mayo Hotel's Crystal Ballroom.
Award winners are:
W. G. GIFFORD Jr., Sapulpa, Barlett-Collins Co.
Russell ADAIR, Cains Coffee Co.
Larry YOUNG, Canteen Co. of Oklahoma;
Gordon WALKUP, Charles T. Clark Co.
Clyde B. BUCHANAN, Coca-Cola Bottling Co.
Oliver POLK, Cox Motor Co.
Carl CAUGHMAN, Emmons Electric Co.
Oscar W. SHERMAN, Falstaff Distributing Co. Inc.
Tom C. QUINN, General Tires Inc. Howard Whitely, KOTV Inc.
F. L. CASTL, Gary HOCKETT and Kenneth MARQUETTE, Meadow Gold Dairies
Howard PICKLE and Jim BRAGASSA, Milner Pontiac Inc.; B. C. Lewis, Moulder-Oldham Co.
High CHRISTIAN and Dennis REED, Phillips Petroleum Co.
Richard D. ADKINS, Prudential Life Insurance Co.
B. D. SMITH, RC Cola Bottling Co.
Mrs. Juanita GREENIG, E. G. KELLY, Mrs. Norma PEYTON and I. J. STAATS, Southwestern Bell Telephone Co.
J.C. BURRIS, F. E. MCANALLY, Laverne RAY and V. E. STERLING, Sunray DX Oil Co.
J.C. MCCORMICK, Trans-World Airlines Inc.
Jack HAUS, Tulsa Chamber of Commerce
Clyde E. KERNLEY and Dan WITTER, Western Supply Co.

Note: Gordon Walkup is my father

Two Women Fined After Vice Raid - A 46-year-old white woman and a 22-year-old Negro woman were arrested by members of the police vice squad Thursday in a raid at 202 N. Frisco Ave. The white woman, Ruby THOMPSON, was charged with keeping a house of ill fame, and the Negro, Nannette DIRKS, was charged with vagrancy. They both pleaded guilty to the charges in municipal court today and were fined $18 and costs by Alternate Jude Karl E. JONES.
Chief of Detectives Harold HAUS said Walter SPENCER and Archie WELKER made the arrests after the house had been watched for 10 days. Neighbors complained that Negro women were brought to the house to keep dates with white men.

Radio To Salute Generous Tulsa Pair Next Week - It'll be orchids - literally - to Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. LAMB of 412 North Rosedale on January 23.
The floral tribute comes to the Tulsans from Tom BRENEMAN's "Breakfast in Hollywood" program; over KOME, when the two will be saluted nationally over the American Broadcasting company network as "good neighbor of the day" on the program. Mr. and Mrs. Lamb were selected for the honor on the basis of a letter sent to Breneman by Joyce PUGH, 1724 West Cameron, which explained: "I believe I know some very good neighbors. They are Mr. & Mrs. Lamb of 412 North Rosedale. They have a club for children called the Kindness Club. There are over a 1,000 enrolled. The children come to their house between 12 and 5 o'clock. Mr. Lamb asks them what they have done for their mothers and they tell him something like washing the dishes. Then Mr. Lamb or the Candy Man as he is called, gives them a handful of candy. Mr. & Mrs. Lamb have done this for many many years.
Boys in the service write to them about how they enjoyed the Kindness Club when they were little. "I think Mr. and Mrs. Lamb are very good neighbors, don't you?"

Note: Mr. and Mrs. Lamb and Joyce Pugh were neighbors of my grandmother and father when he was young.

December 1978
HAROLD CLIFFORD WALKUP - Services for Harold Clifford Walkup, 1121 W. 16, are to be held Friday at 10:00 a.m. in Tulsa at Memorial Park Chapel, with interment in Memorial Park Cemetery, Tulsa. Walkup, 68, died Dec. 6 in Claremore Health Center following a brief illness, (cirrhosis of the liver, alcoholic). Born March 20, 1910 in Wapanucka to Fred and Willie Valentine Walkup, he had resided in Claremore for the past eight years.
He was a retired milkman from Pasadena, California. Walkup is survived by his wife, Margaret of the home (his second wife, first wife was Lera Martha Mullikin Walkup Harris); two sons, Charles Edward Landrum of Claremore (stepson), and Harold Gordon Walkup of Las Vegas, Nevada (now resides in Tulsa, Ok., his birthplace); a daughter Peggy Walkup Stevens of Las Vegas, Nevada; a sister, Margie Davison of Maui, Hawaii; four grandchildren and one great-grandchild. The obituary does not state the my grandfather was also a veteran. Subject: Shoebox Entry Date: Tue, 8

Retirement of two veteran postal workers was announced today by acting Postmaster Chauncey O. MOORE. They are Ralph SALE, 61, whose name was at the top of the carrier seniority list, and R. Vester LOWE, 67, who was fifth among clerks in seniority.
SALE first started carrying mail March 16, 1921. For 22 years he was he was assigned to the route on Elwood, Frisco and Guthrie avenues between Seventh street and the Arkansas River. For the last 11 years he had delivered in the Thompson Building. He and Mrs. Sale live at 119 N. Florence Ave.
The postal career of LOWE, who has manned a lobby stamp window in the main office eight years, began June 1, 1918. His other tasks included working in virtually every postal operation. He and Mrs. Lowe, who live at 5120 Sand Springs Rd., have two children, Norman Lowe of Sand Springs and Mrs. Nellie Bean of 3541 S. Louisville Ave., and three grandsons

2 WOMEN GUILTY IN WILD PARTY CASE - Two housewives -- one the mother of seven minor children and the other the mother of one baby -- have been convicted by a jury of 11 women and one man on charges of contributing to the delinquency of high school boys.
They are Mrs. Goldie LOWELL, 25, and her sister, Mrs. Audrey RIGHTMIER, 29, both of Bellflower, the latter the mother of the seven children. Several boys testified they had been intimate with the women at parties at Mrs. Rightmeir's home after football games and on week-ends. Judge Clement D. NYE denied the defendants liberty on bond pending sentence and remanded them to jail until an April 24 hearing.

HIJACKERS ROB WOMAN CASHIER -- Hijackers late Wednesday $53 from Lera KIRK, 3914 Sand Springs Rd., cashier of the combination drug store and railway waiting room at 27 E. Archer st. Paul GUTHRIE, employee of a filling station at 601 W. Third st., told police two men attempted to hijack him late Wednesday but were frightened away.
The Pine Steet Grocery, 1401 E. Pine st., lost candy and cigarettes valued at $10 and a service station at Apache street and Peoria avenue was burglarized of 100 gallons of gasoline and 1,300 gallons worth of rationing coupons, police said. W. H. PRATHER, 405 E. Eighth st., reported the theft of a pistol from his parked car, and Roy BIGBY, 1201 S. Elwood ave., said he lost fishing tackle from his parked car.
Kenneth L. RICE, 735 S. Phoenix ave., reported the theft of $8 and a pistol, R. L. JEFFERSON, 824 E. Independence ave., Negro, told police that four young negroes took $25 from him.
NOTE: Lera Kirk is my grandmother, the reason for the shoebox. John Kirk was her second husband.

Picture With Article
THE WOUNDED TELL WAR EXPERIENCES -- Three of the first casualties evacuated from Guam and one from Tinian are shown in background as they talked with war correspondents.
Left to right, Warren A. SUNZERI, of San Jose, Cal.; Norman F. COOK, of Portland, Ore.; Floyd L. OLLER of Tulsa, Okla.; and Corporal Fred HOFMANN Jr.  Corporal Hofmann, shown resting his arm on an "airplane" splint, escaped from the Japs by playing dead.

November 10, 1958 Picture With Article 
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. MULLIKIN, 112 N. union ave., feel they are "getting too old" to paint the town red on an anniversary so they plan to make the 51st observance Monday a quiet one. Actually, Mrs. Mullikin said, her husband "hasn't been feeling too good lately."
Married at Star City, Ark., the couple came to Tulsa from there and Mullikin was employed for 30 years with the city park department before his retirement in 1956. They are the parents of two sons, Alton Mullikin, 11423 E. Newton pl., and J.D. Mullikin of 1129 N. Cheyenne ave.; five daughters, Mrs. Leo HARRIS (my grandmother, Lera), 3117 W. Cameron st.; Mrs. S.C. AVILLA (June), 2 N. Tacoma ave.; Mrs. Virginia Van KLEER, 4403 W. Easton st.; Mrs. W. W. FISHER (Marguerite), BERRYHILL district, and Mrs. Evadell KELLEY, Beverly Hills, Calif. The Mullikins also have 23 grandchildren and five great- grandchildren.
NOTE: They are my great-grandparents.

Picture With Article
-- A dug out amphitheater built by 45th Division engineers is the classroom site for the Co. B, 245th Tank Battalion, as they go through a training problem in the open air classroom. Instructing them are Sgt. Curtis RIDDLE, left, Mangum, Okla., and Cpl. Gerald R. HAYES, Granite, Okla.

Thursday, January 26, 1950 Picture With Article
- Knows good secretaries get essential training at this school.
Peggy WALKUP of Central High School says: "When you're in the last semester of your senior year in high school, I think it's about time that you know what kind of work you intend to do in life. I have decided that I like secretarial work better than anything else I have tried. I know that the competition is high in the secretarial field because so many girls choose this type of work for their profession.  For this reason I want to have the best training possible in typing, shorthand, and other subjects that are related to secretarial work."

Picture With Article
-- Members of the Downtown and Brookside Lions clubs enlisted the aid of a lovely lass to boost their waste paper drive which is scheduled Sunday. Perched atop the bale of paper -- in case you've noticed it--is petite Peggy WALKUP, a member of the K.T.U.L staff.
Members of the civic organization will start their pickup work at noon Sunday. Tulsans are asked to put their waste paper, tied and weighted down, at the curb in front of their homes. Proceeds from the drive will go into the blind activities funds of the clubs.

Picture With Article
.... Pretty Peggy WALKUP, symbolizing Saturday night's "Powder Puff Derby" at the Fairgrounds stock car races, poses on the chassis of Howard Donahue's new car, No. 68. Donahue is in California picking up a 275 HP engine for the frame now. Miss Walkup will crown the Trophy winner Saturday night.
NOTE: Peggy Walkup is my aunt.

GIBSON FISH ACTIVE -- The fish are biting so hard at Snug Harbor Resort on Lake Fort Gibson that you'd think that they'd never had a square meal. Evidently the rebaiting of the pier since Ed WRIGHT again took over operation of the rocking chair fishing pier is luring the finny friends in by the hundreds.
Catches this week include fine strings carried home by the following Tulsans:
Mr. and Mrs. Leo HARRIS, 25 crappie; Mr. and Mrs. Earl JAVINE, 26 crappie; Mr. and Mrs. Orville MCCLASKEY, 15 crappie to 1-3/4 lbs.; E. Sigler, 14 crappie; Mrs. Willa Mae REASONOVER, 20 crappie, 14 sand bass; Nina SMITH, 6 crappie to 1-3/4 lbs.
Fishing in boats at the "hog pen" in Flat Rock area, Mr. and Mrs. Dave JONES, Wichita, 15 sand bass, 10 crappie; Mr. and Mrs. R. W. TROY Oklahoma City, 20 crappie; W. R. HILL and J. T. MITCHELL, Tulsa, 35 white bass, trolling north of the Flat Rock Creek. (dated 1961)
NOTE: We all went fishing at Fort Gibson, my parents and my grandmother loved to fish, I wish I could say the same for myself.

Picture With Article
NEW BASS PLUG SNAGGED THESE BEAUTIES  A new bass lure concocted by the three Tulsans above has proved highly effective in early experiments. The 30 bass above were caught at Fort Gibson, last week near the highway 51 bridge. The largest was a five pounder.
Pictured are Joe KRIEGER, left, Ray WILLIAMS, center, and Red CONWAY--designers of the bass plug which they hope soon to have on the market.

Friday, February 26, 1954  Picture With Article
MANTLE ALSO CAN FISH--Mickie MANTLE of Commerce, New York Yankee outfielder, (left) and Allan WOOLARD, Lawrence, Kan., football coach, strung up a nice lot of fish on a weekend visit to Pritchett's East Bay resort on Monkey Island, Grand Lake. They are shown with part of their catch.
NOTE: Grand Lake is in Oklahoma

May 28, 1974

TULSA MAN BADLY HURT IN CRASH - A Tulsa man was critically injured today when his pickup truck crashed through a fence at the West 23rd Street exit ramp of the Red Fork Expressway and struck a parked flat car in the Frisco Railroad yard.
Stephen Hays, 27, of 134 N. 43rd W. Ave., who was pinned briefly in the truck was freed by Tulsa firemen. According to Oklahoma Highway Patrolman Jim Hayes, the accident occurred shortly before 7 a.m. as the truck was traveling south on the expressway. The patrolman said Hays' vehicle left the road, traveled 135 feet before striking the fence, then traveled 135 feet farther across a service road, and 159 feet beyond that before striking the flat car.
Hays is a patient at St. John's Hospital.

June 5, 1974
HAYS -- Stephen C. (Buster), 28, 134 North 43rd West Ave. passed away Tuesday of injuries May 28th, traffic accident. Owner of Craftsman Carpet Co., Broken Arrow.
Vietnam veteran. Surviving wife, Sheila June, daughter, Krystal, son Steven, all of the home, mother, Mildred Russell, Wichita Falls, Texas, grandmother, Mrs. Annie K. Russell, aunts, Frances Thornburg, Zona Crockett, Shelia Esmond, uncle, John Russell, all of Tulsa, Kathleen Pearse, Wichita Falls, Texas.
NOTE: Sheila June is my second cousin and this is regarding her first husband.

Barbara Fisher, 2, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Fisher (Wesley and Marguerite Ommie Mullikin), Vinita, and granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mullikin and Mrs. Myrtle Fisher, died Monday night in a Vinita hospital.
The parents lived in Tulsa before moving to Vinita about three years ago. Also surviving are eight sisters, Eva Sue, Maxine, Patsy, Carol Ann, Billie, Doris, Jackie Jo and Carlene Fisher (she died shortly after Barbara), and two brothers, Walter and Tommy Fisher of the home; a half-sister, Mrs. Mary Moody and a half-brother, Sgt. Frank Neely, Okinawa. The Burckhalter Funeral Home is in charge.

February 20, 1953
HELD IN SHOOTING -- Bert WHITEIS, 61, was held Thursday for investigation by police in connection with the accidental shooting of a 19-year-old youth.
Whiteis, who owns the Spring Inn, is pointing to a gash above his left eye which he said was inflicted by well-known police characters in the flight he was attempting to stop at the time of the shooting.


Mrs. Eugenia Debra GREENLEE, 37, of 1123 N. Utica Ave., a native Tulsan and formerly a resident of Claremore, was found dead at her home Sunday morning by members of the family.
An autopsy was conducted which indicated death was caused by intestinal hemorrhage. Mrs. GREENLEE had suffered from polio in childhood and was hospitalized for an illness last month. She had returned here from Claremore 7 months ago. Members of the family told investigating officer Ed UNDERHILL they found Mrs. GREENLEE partially clad in her bed when they arose.
She is survived by the husband, Thomas M. GREENLEE; a son, Tommy Jr., and a daughter Gloria (my mother), both of the home; her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. GREEN, Claremore; four sisters Mrs. Roxie BRIMAGE, Bakersfield, Calif. and Mrs. Betty SIMPSON, Mrs. Rita Mae PROIETTI, and Mrs. Aslee (Azalea) JAMES, all of San Bernardino, Calif.; four brothers, Wallace GREEN of Tulsa, and L. E. GREEN, H. D. GREEN and Dillard GREEN, all of San Bernardino. Arrangements are pending with the Tulsa-Whisenhunt funeral home.

Back Row: Rita Mae Green PROIETTI (in bathing suit), Jean GREEN GREENLEE holding Thomas Moses GREENLEE, Jr. (Tommy); Front Row: Thomas Moses GREENLEE, Sr. with my mother Gloria Jean GREENLEE RENNICK MAINES WALKUP BROWN ANDERSON (Candy) and Roxie's nephew (see obit above) Thomas BRIMAGE - his wife Madeline sent me the picture.


EX-CITY RESIDENT, MRS. GREENLEE DIES -- Mrs. Eugenia GREENLEE, 37, a former resident of Claremore died Sunday in her home in Tulsa.
Survivors include her husband T. M. GREENLEE (Thomas Moses) and two children, Tommy and Gloria (my mother) all of the home in Tulsa, her father, C. L. GREEN, of Claremore, and her mother, Mrs. Olive Jean BURKE, of San Bernardino, Calif.; four sisters, Mrs. Roxie BRIMAGE (sic), Bakersfield, Calif., Mrs. Betty SIMPSON, Mrs. Rita Mae PROIETTI (sic), and Mrs. Aslee JAMES, all of San Bernardino, Calif., four brothers, Wallace GREEN, Tulsa, and L. E. GREEN, H. D. GREEN, and Dillard GREEN all of San Bernardino, Calif. Services for Mrs. Greenlee will be held at 2 p.m. Wednesday in the Claremore Assembly of God church, with burial in Woodlawn cemetery under the direction of the Whisenhunt Funeral Home of Tulsa.
NOTE: Eugenia Evelyn Debra GREEN GREENLEE was born in Stidham, Oklahoma September 17, 1920 and died December 15, 1957, she is my maternal grandmother. We have been told that her husband beat her up when he came home drunk that night.

December 12, 1952  

VICTIMS OF MASS MURDER -- It was nearly two years ago that the car of the Carl MOSSER family, above, was found near Tulsa, touching off one of the greatest manhunts in history.
William E. COOK, their killer, died in a California gas chamber today, not for killing them, but for the slaying of a salesman in California as he fled after dumping the bodies of the five MOSSERs into an old mine shaft near Joplin. This picture was found by a Tribune reporter in the abandoned car. It shows Carl MOSSER, 33; Mrs. Thelma MOSSER, 29; Gary Carl, 5 on extreme left; Ronald Dean, 7; and Pamela Sue, 3.

April 15, 1957

"IT DOESN'T HURT' -- Nine-year-old Jimmy RAINS of Oklahoma City kept repeating to his father that the arrow in his head didn't hurt. During one-hour surgery the home-made arrow was removed from his skull. It penetrated one-half inch. The lad is reported in serious condition but out of danger. He told his father he and another boy had been shooting the shaft into the air when the accident occurred. "It's a good thing they didn't try to pull the arrow out," a doctor said.

Mr. and Mrs. Leroy COOK, 527 S. 40th W. Ave., announce the engagement of their daughter, Miss Darlyne Sue Cook, to Hugh Melvin PAYNE, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill HAMILTON, 4148 N. Johnston Ave. Wedding plans will be announced later. The bride-elect is a graduate of Central High School. Mr. Payne served four years with the United States Marine Corps.

Date Unknown

We ripped open the envelope and pulled out a clipping of the "Beetle Bailey" comic strip -- the one which appeared in the Tulsa Tribune on November 13. Taped to the clipping were two pennies. Then we pulled a letter out of the envelope. It said: "Dear Rambler: I am enclosing the sum of two cents in cash, together with an "advertisement" which appeared in the Tribune." "You seem to know the answers to many problems. I should appreciate you acting as my agent in this transaction. Your commission should be 10 per cent of the value of any proceeds." "I," the letter continued, "am an old maid and have spent some time looking for a man who is worth two cents. This is the first time I've found one who will admit his worth is not greater than two cents, and I feel that it is as near as I'll ever come to finding what I seek."


Reunited after Detective Bob CLEVELAND of the Tulsa police department, through an investigation, freed them from alleged religious slavery, the two victims posed -- free from terror--on the grounds of 'hex house' at 10 East 21st. Left to right, they are Mrs. Marion SAMPLE of Stroud; her sister, Miss Virginia EVANS; Miss Willetta HORNER, and Miss Horner's brother Jack Horner.


Traffic officers were called into service Friday to keep carloads of curious Tulsans from congesting the area around Boulder park -- where at 10 East 21st, two young women told County Atty. Dixie GILMER? they were held virtual "spiritual" prisoners by Mrs. Fay H. SMITH.

Flanked by her two attorneys, Harold MCARTHUR, left, and Luther LANE, Mrs. Fay H. SMITH waited in District Judge S. J. CLENDINNING's court today, only to learn later that she could not obtain her freedom on bond. County Attorney Dixie GILMER was allowed 24 hours in which to file charges, although the attorneys insisted charges be filed immediately so she could post bond. She was remanded back to the county jail by Judge Clendinning, who refused to grant an application for a writ of habeas corpus.


Carmen D. LOUDEN from Burrell Louden
Lawrence CHEEVES from Pauline Cheeves
Hazel ROBERTS from Eldon Roberts
Ida ELKINS from H. C. Elkins
LaVeta GOODNOW from Wilbur Goodnow
C. R. GENET from Thelma Genet
Willard HUTCHINSON from Dorothy Hutchinson
William C. JAMES from Corine James
Vern BROOKS from Pearl Brooks
Alice CUMMINGS from Harry Cummings

S. S. RAILWAY ROBBED; OTHER ATTEMPT FAILS -- Two attempts at armed robbery, one of them successful, were reported to police shortly after 10 p.m. Wednesday. Police said the same two men were involved in each case. Lera KIRK, cashier at the Sand Springs railway waiting room was held up by two men when she was the only person in the room. They left with $53. The other attempted robbery was at Vernon's service station, 601 West Third, where the would-be thieves were frightened away by an approaching car.

Father of 15 Sues Wife for Divorce

The father of 15 children sued the mother for divorce in Tulsa district court Monday. The children range in age from 5 months to 24 years. The father's petition accuses the mother of "drunkenness, quarrelsomeness, improper conduct with other men" and claims she has not supervised the children properly. To prove this allegation, he claims an 18-year-old unmarried daughter has given birth to two children; a 17-year-old daughter is pregnant, and a 15-year-old daughter is pregnant.


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