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Early Settlers Page (The Ohio Register 1812-1813)

The Ohio Register was owned by Samuel Hoy Smith , and the printer in Oct. 1813 was John C. Gilkison. It served Clinton and Mt. Vernon Townships in Knox County. There were also notices printed about Richland in it in the early papers. By Jan. 1814, Sam still owned the paper, and it was printed by [John] Gastor and Shurtleff. By 1818, the paper was printed by John P. McArdle, and Sam was a partner in it with him. I believe Sam sold out his interest in the paper by 1820, but I will have to check on that. Legal notices for the most part are about stray horses, and I arranged them by the finder, appraisers, and local JP.

The paper repeated it's ads and notices for many weeks, so I have dated the extractions by when the post office lists were changed.

CategoryNames Extracted
Letters held at
Clinton Post Office
July 1, 1813

Fishback, Richard, Post Master
Arbuckle, Samuel
Brown, Abner
Barr, John
Davis, John
Dod, Rufus
Hubble, Ephraim
Kettle, William
Lepley, Jacob esq.
Lasa, John
Pool, William
White, Samuel
Letters held at
Mt. Vernon Post Office
July 1, 1813

Bryant, Gilman, Post Master
Banning, Sammuel
Cosper, William
Cooper, Carey
Doty, Peter
Enos, Alexander
Erwin, George
Geller, Solomon
Herrick, Edward
Logue, James
Merrit, Joseph
Reed, Phinas
Robinson, Wm.
Smittzer, Veletine
Stilly, John
Wheeler, John
White, John
Weeks, John
in July 1813
Boalse, Nicholas C.
Opened House of Public Entertainment
at Clinton, July 27, 1813

Nye, Ichabod
Lost Horse, July 27, 1813
List of Letters in
Mt. Vernon Post Office
Oct.1, 1813
Arbuckle, Samuel
Ashcraft, Rachel
Biggs, William
Briggs, Josiah
Bixby, Aaron
Barney, Charles
Finley, Alexander
George, Henry
Green, John
Hawin, John
Hart, John
Kratzer, Saml.
Murphey,, Asa
McCracken, James
Mifford, John
Riddle, William
Smith, James
Stelwill, Stephen
Stanberry, William
Staats, Joseph
Thompson, Andrew
Woodroe, Richard
Young, Mitchell
Yarnel, Henry
Zerrick, Sarah
Legal notices
in Oct.1, 1813
Smith, Henry
Craig, Andrew
Dawcy, Polly
Alexander, William W.
Zent, John
Zent, John jr.
McCluer, James
Strong, Arial
Boalse, Nicholas C.
Powers, Royal N.
Thrift, Rev. William
Johnson, John
Newel, Samuel
List of letters at
Clinton Post Office
Jan.4, 1814

Bryant, Gilman, Post master
Bixby, Aaron
Cooper, George
Cosper, Willaim
Ewers, Robert
Eitherton, Frances
Fox, Adam
Gastor, Henry
Geller, Henry
Hains, James
Lewis, John
Ogle, Enoch
Richardson, Issac
Royce, Nancy
Tevebaug, Jacob
White, Samuel
Woodruff, Joab
Young, B. William
Young, Mitchel
Young, Jacob
in Jan.1814
Fishback, Richard
store owner

Clinton Bryant, Gilman
agent for A. Mclaughlin
land sales

Silliman, L.S.
Mt. Vernon Store owner

Samuel H. Smith
store and newspaper owner

newspaper pub.

newspaper pub.

Glass, Robert
hatters ad

Mills, John
land notice

Woodruff, Joab
journeymen wanted, hatters
Legal notices
Jan. 1814
Scott, Allen
Berry, Joseph
Rogers, Joseph
Ayres, Abner
May, Shism
Young, John
Vennums, John
Farquhar,, Wm.W.
Kerr, John
Roberts, Henry
McKecan, Thomas
Coleman, Joseph
Ireland, Thomas
Barey, Benj'n