Monroeville, Huron County, OH
Bridge after flood

On the back of the photo post card was the following message:

"This is Monroeville Bridge from the west side. We are about the same, hardly able to live."

It was signed Nil or something like that. I can't make out the first letter of the name. My great grandmother, Ellen S. Haskell Wheaton was know as Nell. She and my Great Grandfather, John Edward Wheaton, moved to Siloam Springs, Arkansas until he died in 1934 and she died in 1939.

My grandparents, Floyd Haskell Wheaton and Grace Kilburn Meigs, were married in Benton County Arkansas in 1912, but I'm not sure when his parents joined them.

Photo is owned by Jarel Wheaton

"This is the Monroeville Bridge & Geo Pedon & Max Fisher. Ain't that a sight? The water was over the bridge for two days."

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