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Celebrating Huron County, Ohio in Pictures

School Daze

Bronson Country School ca. 1911
Bronson School 1938-39
Clarksfield Twp, White Joe School 1920's
Greenfield Basketball Team 1924-25
North Fairfield High School ca. 1913-14
Norwalk High School Basketball 1918
Norwalk High School Football 1917
Norwalk Twp, Medina Road School 1921

Norwalk High School Basketball team 1916
Norwalk High School Football team 1916
(submitted by Kevin Powers)

WWI Photos


School Daze

Norwalk High School Girls' Basketball Group, 1927-1928
Norwalk High School Basketball Team 1827-1928
Norwalk High School Basketball Champs 1916-1917
Norwalk Graduating Class of 1918
NorwichTwp, Phillips School - 1927 or 1928
Peru School (unknown year)
N.H.S. football team '13
(submitted by Bill Phillips)


*French, Elbert Claire

*Martha (Gifford) Fry

Herner, Charles & Margaret

*Rundt Family Relatives

**Catherine Josephine (Shrenk) Hillis

Timbs, Mary, Charlie, Ella and George

*King, Willam and Donna

Portraits of your ancestors:

Buckingham, Elyzie Van Buren
Keller, Charles and Hiram
Kellogg, Rebecca Jane
Kellogg, Freeborn
Macomber, Sarah Jane   
O'Neal, William Henry
      Seamon, Clifford R.
      Spencer, Clinton J.
      Washburn, Daniel Smith, Walter
      Washburn-Bliss, Etta Lucille
      Race, Luther Ensign
 Day, Moses Ransom
 Callin, Sabra
Timbs, William John
 Timbs-Rock, Ella Adelaide
Unknown Frey/Miller

Homesteads of your Ancestors:


Buildings of Huron County:


Bethel Church of God
Court System
      Huron County Jail
      Norwalk Court House 1909
Norwalk Pictures
  North Fairfield Hoyt's Market, 1900's
North Fairfield Irwin's Store, 1900's
     North Fairfield Library, 1900's
     North Fairfield The Old Hotel, 1800s
     Greenwich Railroad Station 1910
School Buildings
      Greenwich High School 1910

Picturesque Huron:


Area Scenes:

      North Fairfield main street
      North Fairfield public square
      Norwalk main street, 1858
      Greenwich Main Street, 1910
      North Fairfield Trolley, 1909
      Monroeville Bridge, 1913 flood

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