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Ilesboro Local News
           Washington Township,Hocking County, Ohio

Journal Gazette,  October 5,1903

   Ilesboro, Oct. 5. ----Preaching here last Sunday by Rev. Wm. Harble. The attendance was good.
   Our school is progressing finely under the management of Miss Nellie Mathiott of Logan.
   Quite a number of our people attended the Ash Cave camp meeting last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. James Harden, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Harden and John Iles were among the number.
   Mrs. Jacob Nimon and Miss Minnie Nimon passed through here on the way to Logan last Thursday.
   Mr. F. M. Gordon and Mr. Wm. Iles of this place made a trip to Logan last Friday.
   Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Rosser of Nelsonville, and Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Harden of Ewing, visited Mr. and Mrs. James Harden Sunday.
   Miss Clara Leach who has been visiting relatives at Haydenville and Logan has returned to her home at this place.
   We learned that Mr. John Iles of this place has the contract for digging the holes for the telephone poles from Ilesboro to Orland.
   Mr. and Mrs. Abe Vest of Pleasant Valley and Mr. and Mrs. Allia Nixon of Logan visited F. M. Gordon and family Sunday.
   Some of the young men of our neighborhood are in the habit of sending their horses home before them and the buggy too. Wonder why?
   Mr. and Mrs. Joel Harden of Ewing  were the guest of Mr. and Mrs. James Harden last Friday evening.
   Mr. T. D. Trimmer of Smock, is seriously ill of typhoid fever.
   On last Wednesday Oct. 30th, Mr.  Welcome Stone and Miss Iva Hoy of Honeyfork sprung quite a surprise on their many friends by getting married. They passed through here on their way to Logan about 11 a. m. where they were united in marriage by Rev. H. J. Steward. Coming back at 6: 30 p.m. they found their wedding supper and a few near friends awaiting them at the home f the bride's aunt, Mrs. James Harden. The instrumental music was rendered by Messrs. Porter Walker, Darley West and Bundy Iles. At a late hour friends dispersed to their homes wishing Mr. and Mrs. Stone a happy journey on the matrimonial seas. The couple expect to make their future home at Union Furnace.

Journal Gazette,  March 14,1904


    Everybody is talking of the bad roads and wishing for pikes.
    Mrs. Wm. Walker of Logan, is visiting her son, J. W. Walker of near this place.
    John Iles of Logan, visited his parents of this place last Sunday.
    Delta Gordon of this place has gone to Logan where she is in the employ of the Hocking Valley Rug Company.
   Ephraim Harden still remains poorly.
   We understand that John Ferguson has been doing some work for the Logan Home Telephone Company.
   Luther Warthman of Orland, passed through here on his way to visit his uncle Mr. Alfred Nimon who has been seriously ill.
   Minnie Nimon of Smock, has been on the sick list for some tome but is reported convalescent.
   Wm. Iles has been doing some papering for Mrs. H. H. West.
   Clara Leach and Delta Gordon of this place visited John Walker and family last Tuesday.
   Porter Walker of near this place contemplates going to Logan to work.
   Emanuel Nixon made a business trip to Orland last Saturday.
   Cecil Milsted and Russel Johnson are in the employ of the telephone company. They have the holes dug for the telephone poles as far as Ilesboro.
   Mr. M. Nixon and family who have occupied the Wadsworth house for the past year are going to move to the farm formerly occupied by Jacob Bainter of Pine.
   Miss Lou Iles of Ilesboro, has gone to Logan to work.

Journal Gazette,  April 4, 1905


    Mr. J. P. Miller closed a successful term of school here last Thursday. About ten a.m., the patrons of the school district arrived with  well-filled baskets. After a few recitations, dinner was served to which all did ample justice. In the afternoon Mrs. Willoughby Huggins entertained with the xylophone. The pupils entertained by reciting a few choice declamations. Before dismissing Mr. Miller made an address in which he declared this to be a pleasant term of school for himself and pupils. All most cordially invited him to teach our school next winter.
   John Iles made a business trip to Logan Saturday.
   Sherman McDowell is on the sick list.
   Mrs. Pernell Hankinson and daughter of Ewing, attended the last day of school here Thursday.
   An automobile passing through our village last Saturday morning caused quite an excitement. A horse belonging to Bun Iles, who was in the grocery became frightened, and Bun was notified but before he could reach him he was galloping down the road at break neck speed. Afterward the horse was found quietly standing by the gate of Mr. Griffith's barnyard.


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