Tealtown Cemetery

Clermont County Genealogical Society
Tealtown Cemetery
Off Tealtown Road, Union Township
GPS coordinates:  N39 07.143   W084 14.519

Cemetery on private property, need permission to enter. Please contact Rosemary Craig, 4839 Tealtown Road, Milford, 
Ohio 45150
before attempting to visit.  Located on a private road, single lane, possiblycould get stuck trying to park off 
lane (I did).  Not easy access.

Pictures and additional inscriptions by Pamela Smith, CCGS member, and Judy Davis, volunteer on March 23, 2007.  The cemetery is very old and a lot of the stones were buried deep.  At one time there must have 
been a church on the Tealtown Cemetery land.  Joseph Avey and his wife, Keziah, deeded one and one 
half acres to the trustees of the M.E. Church for the purpose of a meeting house and burying ground, 
March 15, 1831.  I would love to have a donated picture of the Avey monument inscription for our collection.  
It is laying face down.  It would take four strong men to turn this over.  We found a few new additional stones.

Stones we were unable to locate, previously recorded:
Robinson, Ezekial (found only footstone)
Morris W. (Previously recorded with Robinson family section)



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Armstrong, Spence
Armstrong, Thomas
Armstrong, Thomas closeup
Armstrong, Thomas footstone
Avey, Ida M
Avey, Ida M. footstone
Avey, John F.
Avey, Joseph & Kezia large monument face down
Avey, Joseph, Sr.
Avey, Kezia Garland
Avey monument
David, Elizabeth and Henry
Davis, Elizabeth
Davis, Henry
Fisher, Elizabeth
Fisher, Elizabeth closeup
Fisher, Elizabeth died 1825
Hallsted, Ruth S.
Hallsted, Ruth S. footstone
Harper, Alivia
Harper, Benjamin
Harper, Benjamin footstone
Harper, John W.
Harper, John W. footstone
Harper, Mark W.
Hess, John
Malott, Laura Bell
Many of the old stones
Meguire, Charles C.
Meguire, Ellen
Meguire, Ellen 2nd pic
Meguire, Mary
Morrison, Almira
Morrison, Almira footstone
Robinson, Ann
Robinson, Ann footstone
Robinson, Elizabeth L.
Robinson, Elizabeth L. footstone
Robinson, Eliza Ann
Robinson, Ezekial R. (footstone) could not locate gravestone
Robinson, Stephen
Robinson, Stephen footstone
Robinson, Stephen S
Robinson, Zachariah
S, J. large hand carved stone by Harper Family
Teal, C. buried with Teals foostone
Teal, Morris H.
Teal, William P.
Walker, John D.
Willaimson, infant daughter
Williamson, Cornelia Ann
Williamson, Harvey P.
Williamson, Minerva
Williamson, Rhoda
Williamson, Rhoda footstone
Williamson, William H.
Williamson, Zacharian R.
Williamson, Zacharian R. footstone
Williamson, Zacharian R. Top
Williams, Araminta
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