Richards-Gilbert Cemetery, Butler County, OH
The following Richards-Gilbert Cemetery scenes were photographed by Rachael Gilbert and contributed by her father, Mark Gilbert, to the Butler County, OHGenWeb site. Click here for further information about this southwest Ohio family. Other Butler County Cemeteries

Located near Venice, Ohio, on East River Road, near Butler and Hamilton County lines, a mile or so west of the Hamilton County Water Plant, in Fairfield Township.

This cemetery is listed in the Stroup-Craig transcriptions as Venice Cemetery, although this cemetery is not the actual Venice cemetery, which is closer to Ross Ohio.

Others refer to this cemetery as the Richards-Gilbert cemetery because of the white sign in the picture. It is primarily the cemetery of the Giles Richards family, whose daughter Elizabeth, married Alfred West Gilbert. The Gilbert descendents are also in this cemetery. There are at least four generations of these families in this cemetery.

The actual cemetery sits atop a steep hill. The hill ends or bottoms out at the Miami River, but a quarter of the way 'up the hill' runs River Road. The Richards-Gilbert sign and fence sits on River Road. You enter the fence gate and hike up the rest of the three quarters of the steep hill (which is the white concrete steps covered in overgrowth). When you reach the top of this hill you find the brown wrought iron fence that surrounds the actual cemetery, and another gate of entry.

The cemetery is actually at the rear of the property that was the Giles Richards farm/estate and inherited/purchased by Alfred West and Elizabeth Gilbert. It is currently a developed subdivision, where acess to the cemetery from the old estate would require permission of the property owners.

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Sign Gate Bowl Overgrown steps Burial List
The bowl looking thing sits on top of the cylinder looking piece. I call the two pieces together their monument.

The cylinder piece is a roll used on the building of the Cincinnati-Oxford-Brookville Turnpike, and the bowl on top probaby held flowers or plants.

The cemetery is laid out with this monument in the middle with headstones (a few, not many) sprinkled around it

Burial List: