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Butler County Ohio CEMETERIES
(NOTE: Stroup-Craig transcription = cemetery inscriptions were copied by Mrs. Hazel Stroup of Hamilton, Ohio, and printed by Robert D. Craig in "Butler County Cemetery and Church Records" Added here for free research, with permission of Mr. Craig.)
  1. Search for locations of 64 Butler Co OH cemeteries (GNIS-USGS maps)
  2. ADAMS Cemetery: Stroup-Craig transcription
  3. Amanda Cemetery (Trenton, OH) "is located in Lemon Twp. between St.Rt.4 and Woodside Blvd. on a little island of land, between Lafayette St. and Oxford State Rd./Rt.73. Across Rt.4 would be Douglas Park and right next to the cemetery is Boulevard Florist and part of ARMCO/AK Steel. Woodside Blvd. runs alongside Woodside Cemetery and was at one time the Miami-Erie Canal bed, which is marked by an historical marker. Some believe in the Little Prairie Baptist Church of 1801 was near where the present cemetery is located. I just don't have any history or record of the graves in that cemetery. Many have called it a Potter's cemetery over the years, but I don't know if that is true or not." -Larry Helton, [email protected]
    * OHButler-L discussion of Amanda Cemetery
  4. Astoria Cemetery (Middletown, OH)
  5. ASTORIA Cemetery, Madison Twp (transcribed by Helton)
  6. Augsberger Memorial Cemetery (Trenton, OH)
  8. BAPTIST Cemetery (Trenton, OH): Stroup-Craig transcription
  9. AUSTIN Cemetery: Stroup-Craig transcription
  10. BETHEL CHAPEL-UNITED BRETHERN Cemetery, Hanover Twp, (R. McMaken post)
  11. BRELSFORD Cemetery, Madison Twp (transcribed by Helton)
  12. Brown's Run Road Cemetery, Madison Twp. #115 on map
  14. CAMPBELLITE Cemetery: Stroup-Craig transcription
  15. CLAWSON Cemetery: Stroup-Craig transcription
  16. DARRTOWN Cemetery: Stroup-Craig transcription
  17. EBENEZER Cemetery, Woods Station: Stroup-Craig transcription
  18. EBENEZER Cemetery, Indian Creek: Stroup-Craig transcription
  19. ELK CREEK Cemetery: Stroup-Craig transcription
    ELK CREEK Cemetery, Madison Twp (partial transcription by Helton)
  20. GEORGE Burying Ground, Morgan Twp (1999, by Richard L. George) MSN map
  21. GERMAN REFORM Church, Madison Twp (transcribed by Helton)
  22. GREENWOOD Cemetery, Hamilton, OH. (Joyce Cates, [email protected])
    Greenwood Cemetery celebrated its 150th anniversary Sept 5-6, 1998 on the grounds of the cemetery. Greenwood Cemetery was once part of David Bigham's property. A few of the individuals buried at Greenwood include the Elliot, Raleigh, and Wingate surnames. Some Civil War soldiers were buried there. Joyce Hardy Cates, 4900 Pleasant Avenue, Fairfield, OH 45014.
    More Greenwood Cemetery burial records, by Rhonda
    More Greenwood Cemetery tombstones, Charlotte Miller
    The cemetery is located at 1602 Greenwood Ave, Hamilton, OH 45011; (513) 896-9726
  23. HAMILTON, OH area cemeteries
  24. HANCOCK Cemetery (transcribed by Shields & Pruitt)
  25. HANCOCK Cemetery (transcribed by Pruitt)
  26. HICKORY FLAT Cemetery - look-ups available
  27. HOLY NAME Catholic Cemetery, Madison Twp
  28. HORNER Cemetery: Stroup-Craig transcription
  29. HUFF-DINE Cemetery
  30. JACKSONBURG Cemetery: Stroup-Craig transcription and JACKSONBURG M.E. Church Cemetery, Wayne (?) Twp (transcribed by Helton)
  31. KELLEY Cemetery: Stroup-Craig transcription
  32. KEMP and ZELLER family, cemetery photos
  33. KENNARD, Reilly twp section 33 at Morgan twp border (ohbutler-l message)
  34. LUTHERAN Cemetery, Madison twp. (transcribed by Helton)
  35. McCLELLAN Cemetery, Helton
  36. MENNONITE Cemetery, Madison Twp (transcribed by Helton)
  37. Miami Chapel Cemetery, Fairfield
  38. Cemeteries of MIDDLETOWN, Ohio
  39. MILLVILLE Cemetery: select photos C.A. Miller
    MILLVILLE Cemetery information. Joyce Cates, [email protected]
  40. MILTONVILLE Cemetery: Stroup-Craig transcription and MILTONVILLE Cemetery, Madison Twp (transcribed by Helton) with Photo by Y. Lifter
  41. "MOUND Cemetery is located at Monroe in Lemon Twp. on Rt.25/Cincinnati-Dayton Rd. From Hamilton, take Rt.4 to Rt.63 to Monroe, at second traffic light on Rt.63 turn right onto Rt.25, go through the downtown, past the community park and you will see a gate and sign on the left for Mound Cemetery. If you pass more businesses, you have gone to far. It is named Mound Cemetery for it is actually an Adena Indian mound with all of the present-day graves all over its surface." -Larry Helton, [email protected]
  42. MOUNT PLEASANT Cemetery, Madison Twp. North on Rt 4, left onto Thomas Road with cemetery on the right behind a church. (transcribed by Helton) MSN map
  43. NEW LONDON Cemetery (with partial transcription) at 5195 Alert-Lew London Road. Information, PO Box 56, Shandon, OH 45063-0056, or e-mail John Francis, [email protected]
  44. Paddy's Run: Old Welsh Cemetery
  45. Old REILLY Cemetery, Smith family only (transcribed by Ron L. Smith)
  46. ROLL Cemetery: Stroup-Craig transcription
  47. ROSE HILL Cemetery, Hamilton, select photos by C. A. Miller
  48. ST. JOHN'S Cemetery: Stroup-Craig transcription
  49. ST. MARY'S Cemetery, Findagrave.com
  50. ST. PETERS Cemetery: Stroup-Craig transcription
  51. ST. STEPHENS Cemetery information. Joyce Cates, [email protected]
    * ST. STEVENS Cemetery 1850-1998 look-ups. Tom Hennessy, [email protected]
    * ST. STEPHENS select photos by C. A. Miller
    * Saint Stephen's Cemetery photos, usgwArchives.org
  52. SCOTT Cemetery: Stroup-Craig transcription
  53. SHILOH Cemetery, Wayne (?) Twp (transcribed by Helton)
  54. SIMONSON CHAPEL Cemetery: Photo by Y. Lifter
  55. TRENTON Cemetery, Madison Twp (transcribed by Helton)
  56. UNITED BRETHERN Church of MILTONVILLE, Madison Twp (transcribed by Helton)
  57. VENICE, Ohio, Cemetery: Stroup-Craig transcription
    Photos & info from Rachael & Mark Gilbert
  58. WOODSIDE Cemetery, Middletown, OH (also see select tombstones)
  59. WOODSIDE Cemetery, burial list, Oxford, OH. These US Colored Veterans of the Civil War include biographies of Peter BRUNER and Richard BURNS
  60. WOODMANSEE, Liberty twp (more info below) on Millikan Road. (Also known as SCHUBERT or SUGARVALLEY Cemetery)
  61. Select Wayne Twp cemetery tombstones - Butler Co OH Yahoo forum - photos section
  62. WYNN Cemetery, OhButler-L message

* Butler County OH Cemeteries, Kowallek
* Cemeteries in Butler County, Huppi
* Find a Grave list for Butler Co OH
* Interment, partial West Chester
* Political Graveyard: politicians born, died, and/or buried in Butler Co OH
* Tombstone Transcription Project, Rootsweb

* Map of Butler County OH Cemeteries, Kowallek
* Butler County OH Plat Maps Search, Kowallek
* Current Butler Co Ohio map with road search, more

* CEMETERY TOMBSTONE INVENTORIES, by volunteers with Caroline Huppi of CHAPS, the Citizens for Historic and Preservation Society, Inc

* BLACK ROAD CEMETERY, east of Millville, OH
by Deb Morrison
select Crooks photos by Gary Griswold
by Darlene Deneen (Deneen family only)
* GEORGE CEMETERY, Kowallek & McMaken
* JACKSONBURGH CEMETERY Sara Allen, select photos
* MIDDLETOWN Ohio Cemeteries
, Madison Township
by Adina Watkins Dyer (mostly Lucas, Mills, Selby families)
* SHILOH - KELLEY CEMETERY Sara Allen, select photos
by Deb Morrison
by Vivian Combs Moon: mostly Combs family

Butler County and beyond
* Tombstone Central
- including * Butler Co

Local Church Histories
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Other Cemetery Lists and Searches:
  • Cemeteries of Ohio - by county, transcribed by volunteers
  • The Cemetery Listing Association (CLA)
  • The Electric Cemetery (American Civil War Records)
  • Find A Grave of famous Ohioans
  • Wills on the Web

    NOTE: Many of the old Butler County WARWICK family and their descendants are buried in the Miami Cemetery, Warren Co Ohio

  • Abandoned Cemetery in Liberty Township:
    (also known as SCHUBERT or SUGARVALLEY Cemetery)
    Chuppi writes (November, 2004)
    "I have been attempting to get Liberty Township's, Woodmansee Sugar Valley Cemetery restored/preserved. I have been working with the Woodmansee family and Griffis families locally and out of state. I am not the motivator of people or resources so only grunt work like mapping and inventorying has been done. As a result of my involvement I ended up working with CHAPS, Citzens for Historic and Preservation Services, to create a Cemetery Workshop. I am trying to pass on information to get Butler County Citizens interested and informed about local cemeteries.

    CHAPS Cemetery Workshop
    365 South B St
    Hamilton, OH 45013-3365

    Abandoned LIBERTY TWP Cemetery report by Joan E. Griffis, Apr 26 1999
    Among the places I recently visited in Butler Co. is the small, now abandoned cemetery in Township three. That's the Liberty Township. The cemetery is on what was originally WOODMANSEE land. Unless you knew about the cemetery you'd never find it as it is located well back from any road and in the middle of a soy bean field.

    The cemetery is in a terrible state of repair and as far as I know, no one from my family has visited it since 1970 or thereabouts. Five or six of my earliest GRIFFIS ancestors are buried in the cemetery along with other families including MILLER, a William ANDERSON and several WOODMANSEE folks. Trees grow up through the graves, stones are down and some are broken.

    The Liberty Township trustees say it is a "private" cemetery and they will not assume responibility for its upkeep. At this point we'd like to learn who does have responsibility for it. We know that the farm owner probably doesn't and we have heard that no taxes are assessed for the land on which it rests.

    In no way do I wish to assign blame to the owner of the land where this small cemetery is located. In many ways he has helped protect it by keeping his farm animals away and by not planting his crops in the cemetery itself. For this I am personally very grateful.

    Now, you can imagine how frustrating it is to live over a thousand miles away, and to not have much knowledge of Ohio law as it regards cemeteries. I do have a growing database of information thanks to the Cemetery Comm. of the Ohio Genealogical Society.

    We've also had assistance from the Butler County Genealogical Society, the Butler Co. Historical Society and the Ohio SAR. I have a letter out to the Butler County Land Records Office in hopes that they can tell us who does have responsiblity for that cemetery.

    Now we've got to find some Woodmansee descendants as it appears they might hold a key to its preservation. I am willing to help fund the cleanup and have even said I'd go back to Ohio to work on the project if we can get it organized.

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