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Staten Island, Richmond County, NY
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History, Geography, and Community

NY State and Staten Island Towns It is said that the Indian name for Staten Island is Monacnong, or Enchanted Woods. Staten Island has, indeed, been enchanted for those who have had the privilege of living there. Somewhere between the city and the country you get the balance that is Staten Island.

A British officer wrote in 1776 about Staten Island: "Surely this country is the Paradise of the world...the inhabitants of this Island are tall, thin, narrow shouldered people, very simple in their manners, know neither Poverty nor Riches, each house has a good farm, and every man a trade, they know no distinction of Persons, and I am sure must have lived very happily till these troubles." (The Revolution)

Richmond County was named in honor of the Duke of Richmond, son of Charles II. (Source: New York Department of State.)