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Estate of Chauncy JEROME
Estate of Eldad B. JEROME
Will of James LEONARD, pg. 164
Will of Valentine RATHBON
Will of Gideon W. SOWLE

  • ADAMS, Timothy, of the Town of Marcellus. Will dated June 29, 1812. Probated September 5, 1812.
  • Mentions a brother, Riley Adams, and sisters, Lydia Case and Rebecka Woodford.
    Executors, Mildad Hening and Amasa Sessions.
    Witnesses: Jole Smith, Lewis Smith and Cyrus Smith.
  • AMIDON, Joseph, of the Town of Onondaga. Will dated November 1, 1810. Probated April 2, 1811.
  • Mentions wife, Patience; sons, Abel, Caleb, Asahel, and Cheney (Abel the eldest, Cheney the
    youngest son); daughters Eunice, Chloe Thomas, Rhoda Russell, Hannah Chapman and Melatieh.
    Named according to age.
    Executor, son Cheney.
    Witnesses: David Chappel and Daniel Johnson.
  • BARRETT, Ephraim, of the Town of Manlius. Will dated March 25, 1814. Probated May 12, 1814.
  • Mentions brothers Bartholomew, Eliazer, Alexander, Philander, Lannaver and Erestus, sisters,
    Welthy Sweet and Sabner Parks. Also friend Solomon Kellogg.
    Executors: Aaron C. Noard and James O. Wattles.
    Witnesses: John Grinnell and Nathan Paddock.
  • BENNET, Benjamin, of the Town of Pompey. Will dated March 7, 1813. Probated March 10, 1813.
  • Mentions wife Sarah, and three sons, Robert, Perlee and Asa.
    Executors, Isaac Ketchum and Daniel Williams.
    Witnesses: James Warren, Jonas Warren and John Mooney.
  • BERRY, Spencer, of the Town of Marcellus. Will dated July 18, 1811. Probated August 23, 1811.
  • Mentions wife Sarah and son Clark.
    Executors, Amasa Kneeland and Amasa Sessions.
    Witnesses: Amasa Chapman, John Allport and Lewis Smith.
  • BUTLER, Zarpheus (Thadeus), of the Town of Pompey. Name reads as Thadeus, but is indexed as given.
  • Will dated April 8, 1811. Probated June 4, 1811. Mentions wife, Content; daughters, Jenessa,
    Rebecca Allen and Desire Brotherton; grandchildren, Hezekiah Patchen, Content Patchen,
    John Patcehn, Sally Patchen, and Thaddeus Patchen; Polly Hires (possibly Hines), William, Joseph,
    Savia, Eliza, and Nancy Hires (Hines).
    Executor, Philemon French.
    Witnesses: Rei?r Jerome, Paul Clap and Richard Taylor.
  • CHAPPEL, Lebneus, of the Town of Pompey. Will dated August 14, 1815. Probated October 19, 1815.
  • Mentions wife but gives no name. Sons Ezra, Jason, Asa and Daniel; Daughters, Abigail, Eunice
    and Lucy.
    Executor, son Ezra.
    Witnesses: Warren Swanton, Elijah Delles and Willoby Millard.
  • COOPER, Abraham, of the Town of Camillus. Will dated May 21, 1812. Probated June 18, 1812.
  • Mentions wife Mary; two sons, Isaac and another; daughters, Charity and Mariah.
    Executors, Wife Mary, daughter, Charity and John Clark.
    Witnesses: Isaac Hill, John Redman, Benjamin Streeter, Abram Rogers and Mary Hill.
  • COSSETT, Timothy, of the Town of Pompey. Will dated October 20, 1814. Probated November 9, 1814.
  • Mentions wife, no name; daughter Juliette Maria Hollister; brother Calvin Cossett.
    Executors, wife, and brother.
    Witnesses: Jabez Chadwick, Alson Nearing and John Nearing, Jr.
  • CUNNINGHAM, John, of the Town of Manlius. Will dated May 16, 1814. Probated July 6, 1815.
  • Mentions daughter Margaret, wife of Henry Dygert; grandsons Peter and William Dygert.
    Executors, Frederick Bowman and Warren Fole.
    Witnesses: John Edy, William Dygert and Rudolph Devendorph.
  • DAVENPORT, Samuel, of the Town of Marcellus. Will dated October 18, 1809.
  • Probated September 24, 1811. Mentions sons, Roswell, Hezekiah and Street; daughters,
    Sarah Smith, Polly Woodward, and Martha Potter.
    Executor, son Hezekiah.
    Witnesses: Dan Bradley, Nancy Bradley and Nancy Bradley, Jr.
  • DANNY, John, of the Town of Manlius. Will date September 9, 1812. Probabted September 26, 1812.
  • Mentions wife, Thankful; sons, John, Jr., Abraham, Cyrenus, Hugh, Solomon, Nicholas and Charles;
    daughters, Polly and Elizabeth. Also mentions Palmer Cotes, Noyes Cotes and Moses Goodfellow.
    Executor, Ebenezer Wickham.
    Witnesses: Sanford Palmer, George Smith and Ebenezer Wickam.
  • DE PUY, Jacobus, of the Town of Manlius. Will dated April 8, 1813. Probated July 24, 1813.
  • Mentions wife Esther; eldest son, Benjamin; eldest daughter, Jane; and brother, John.
    Wills a black girl Bet, her freedom after wife(s) death.
    Executors, wife, Esther, ??? R. DeWitt, Benjamin Sanford and Elias Germain, Jr.
    Witnesses: William Olmstead, Moses E. Rose and William Barker.
    Also mentions Elizabeth Coleman and Timothy Coleman.
  • DUNNING, David, of the Town of Camillus. Will dated July 12, 1815. Probated January 2, 1816.
  • Mentions wife Mary; sons Moses, John, Solomon and David, Jr.; daughters, Eleanor M. Dowell,
    Fanny and Maria. Also mentions Truman Adams.
    Executor, wife Mary.
    Witnesses: Nathaniel Redmond, Catherine Patterson and Truman Adams.
  • EELLS, Nathaniel, of the Town of Marcellus. Will dated November 29, 1814.
  • Probated February 28, 1815. Mentions wife Huldah; son Nathaniel, Jr.; daughters, Huldah,
    Clarissa, Susanna Loss; grandchildren, Marcus Eells and Myra Eells, also sons, Reuben and
    Horan. Also mentions Theodocia Eells and Moses Loss.
    Executor, Horan Eells.
    Witnesses: Daniel Kellogg, Thaddeus Edwards, Seth Hall and David Hall, Jr.
  • FOSTER, James, of the Town of Manlius. Will dated January 21, 1812. Probated March 20, 1813.
  • Mentions wife Elizabeth; sons, Jonathan, Lebbelus, James (deceased), Nathaniel, Jasper, Samuel M.,
    and James, Jr.; daughter, Lucinda; granddaughters, Elizabeth and Rebeckah, daughters of James,
    deceased. Samuel M. and James, Jr., listed as two youngest sons.
    Executors, wife Elizabeth and son Samuel M.
    Witnesses: Jared Luddington, Smith Weed and Ruth Perse.
  • FARNAM, Isaac, of the Town of Onondaga. Will dated May 28, 1813. Probated October 7, 1813.
  • Mentions wife Mahitabel; eldest daughter Abigail Abbey; second daughter Louissa Gaga; youngest
    child and only son, Isaac, Jr.
    Executor wife Mahitabel.
    Witnesses: Jacob Amidon, William Able and Amassa Chapman.
  • GOODWIN, William, of the Town of Marcellus. Will dated April 13, 1811. Probated May 19, 1811.
  • Mentions wife Sally; and four children, William, Jr., Laura, Myron and Joseph Miles Goodwin.
    Executor, Myron Goodwin.
    Witnesses: Dan Bradley, Elisha Chapman and Juliana Brownson.
  • HOLLISTER, Timothy, of the Town of Pompey. (Timothy Cosset, Jr.) Will dated October 20, 1814.
  • Probated November 8, 1814. Mentions wife Alminey; brother Calvin Cosset, and a
    Julitte Maria Hollister.
    Executors, wife and brother.
    Witnesses: Jabez Chadwick, John Nearing, Jr. and Alson Nearing.
    Signed "Timothy Hollister."
  • HOLSTEAD, Timothy, of the Town of Manlius. Will dated November 9, 1811.
  • Probated December 7, 1811. Mentions brother, Cornelius, Samuel, William and Ezekiel; sisters,
    Abigail, Lutishe and Jemima. Phebe Holstead given as wife of Samuel.
    Executors, Cornelius and Samuel
    Witnesses: Moses Shelden, John Badgley and Prentis Rime.
  • HORTON, David, of the Town of Fabius. Will dated April 6, 1807. Probated July 24, 1813.
  • Mentions wife Willibee; sons, David, Jr. as eldest, and Zabina, the youngest, Nathaniel, and Asa;
    daughters, Willibee, wife of Silbenus Collins; grandson William Horton Rockwood, a son of a
    daughter, Anna. Also mentions a widow, Mercy Horton, but gives no husband's name.
    Executor, wife Willibee.
    Witnesses: Elijah Miles, Oliver Phelps and Luther St. John.
  • HUNTLEY, Ira, of the Town of Manlius. Will dated August 18, 1814. Probated October 19, 1814.
  • Mentions wife Polly; sons, Ira, Jr., Enoch, Lee and James (in the U.S. Service); daughter,
    Lucretia Lasher, wife of Frederick Lasher, daughter in law, Nancy, wife of Lee Huntley,
    granddaughter, Sabrina, daughter of Lee; grandson, James Lasher.
    Executors, wife Polly, son of Ira, Jr., and Frederick Lasher.
    Witnesses: John Day and Abijah Yelverton, Jr.
  • HUNTLEY, Jasper, of the Town of Manlius. Will dated December 16, 1808.
  • Probated February 17, 1813. Mentions wife Abigail, and brother Timothy. Also two sisters.
    Executors, Paul Main and Abijah Yelverton, Jr.
    Witnesses: Sanford Palmer, Nathaniel Sheldon and Stephen Wickam.
  • JEROME, Chauncey, of the Town of Pompey. Will dated November 13, 1806.
  • Probated October 10, 1814. Names daughters, Mariah, Lucy, and Attaline, by first wife, Hannah;
    and young son Chauncey, Jr., by second wife, Sally.
    Executors, brothers John and Levi.
    Witnesses: Hugh Clark, John Leach and Joseph H. Smith.
  • KIBBLE, George, of the Town of Onondaga. Will dated August 28, 1815. Probated November 24, 1815.
  • Mentions brohter William, sister Mary Burt and deceased sister Dorcas Lathrop.
    Executors, William and Mary.
    Witnesses: Moses Atwater, N. Gorham and Richard Wells.
  • KING, David, of the Town of Onondaga. Will dated May 2, 1814. Probated January 1, 1815.
  • Mentions wife Sarah; sons, David, Jr. and Polaske; daughter Sally.
    Executor, Polaske.
    Witnesses: David Mosely, Samuel Adams and David Robbins.
  • LAMERSON, Jacob, of the Town of Salina. Will dated December 4, 1811. Probated June 11, 1812.
  • Mentions wife Mary; sons Conrad and John; daughters, Elizabeth, Hannah, Sarah, Mary and
    Catherine McQueen, wife of Daniel McGreen.
    Executor, wife Mary.
    Witnesses: John P. Sherwood, D. Alvord and David Brown.
  • LE FEVER, John, of the Town of Marcellus. Will dated June 1, 1814. Probated February 20, 1815.
  • Mentions sons, Nathaniel and Lewis; daughters, Anne (youngest), Lena, Maria and Jenny. Names
    grandson Adam as only child of Lewis.
    Executors, sons, Nathaniel and Lewis, with son in law Peter Tallman.
    Witnesses: Levi Bodley, William Bodley and Levi Bodley, Jr.
  • LEONARD, James, of the Town of Pompey. Will dated August 10, 1815. Probated October 2, 1815.
  • Mentions wife Eunice; sons James, David, John and Daniel; daughters, Olive Randall, Elizabeth Woodman,
    and Rebecah Monk. Deceased daughter, Eunice Drake, who left the following children, Rhoda, Eunice,
    Mary, Lucy and Asa. Also youngest daughter, Lois.
    Executors, wife Eunice and Joseph Smith.
    Witnesses: Spencer Smith, Asa O. Smith and Joseph Smith.
  • LONGSTREET, Cornelius, of the Town of Onondaga. Will dated November 24, 1814. Probated December 19, 1814.
  • Mentions wife Deborah; also children without naming them.
    Executors, Jabez Tyler, of Marcellus and John VanPelt of Onondaga.
    Witnesses:  William H. Sabin, Asa Danforth and Samuel Forman.
  • MOREY, Solomon, of the Town of Pompey. Will dated blank but probated April 29, 1816.
  • Mentions wife Jerusha; eldest daughter Abigail, wife of William Powell, second daughter Nancy, daughter
    Mary Tiffany, daughter Martha and youngest daughter Elizabeth. Also sons, Solomon and Elijah.
    Wife was administrator with Will annexed.
    Witnesses: Darrius T. Sweet, Samuel Sloan and Levi Peerse.
  • OLMSTEAD, David, of the Town of Manlius. Will dated January 16, 1813. Probated March 16, 1813.
  • Mentions wife Abigail; sons David, William, Charles and George Washington; daughters, Abigail,
    Millicent and Sarah Ingersoll; grandson David, a son of William.
    Executors, wife Abigail and David and William.
    Witnesses: Samuel N. Worden, Eleazer Hungerford and Rudolph Hersen.
  • PATTERSON, William, of the Town of Onondaga. Will dated July 15, 1814. Probated February 7, 1815.
  • Mentions mother Jane; nephews, Ebenezer, Erskine and William Patterson; niece Mary Erskine; brothers
    Elijah and Thomas; sisters, Jane, Sally Erskine, wife of Edward Erskine, deceased. Also mentions
    Samuel Erskine.
    Executors, Joseph Swan and Morehouse Kickock.
    Witnesses: William G. Gasebey, Richard Arnsberg and William Sabin.
  • PECK, Daniel Jr, of the Town of Pompey. Will dated October 10, 1815. Probated October 18, 1815.
  • Mentions brother Eleazer and wife Luna.
    Executor wife Luna.
    Witnesses: Jane Benedict, Avis Benedict and Jonathan Stanley.
  • PINNEY, Peter, of the Town of Onondaga. Will dated April 8, 1813. Probated April 10, 1813.
  • Mentions wife Betsey.
    Executor a brother John.
    Witnesses:  Medad Curtis, Robert H. Scott and David Holbrook.
  • RATHBON, Valentine, of the Town of Marcellus.  Will dated November 17, 1808. Probated April 10, 1813.
  • Mentions wife Tabitha; sons, Saxton, James, Benjamin and Valentine. Deceased sons, Joshua and Daniel.
    Daughters, Susanna, Eunice and Coritha.  Also son Reuben.
    Executor, son Saxton.
    Witnesses: John, Jesse and Daniel Coss.
  • RAYMOND, Abraham, of the Town of Pompey. Will dated January 14, 1813. Probated April 9, 1813.
  • Mentions wife Isabella; daughters, Mary Messenger and Esther; sons, Ira, Joseph and Enos. Also mentions
    Betsey, Roswell and William Morgan.
    Executors, son Ira and Daniel Messenger.
    Witnesses:  Elijah Weston, Nathan Westona nd Thomas Barroum, Jr.
  • ROBINSON, Phebe, of the Town of Marcellus.  Will dated July 7, 1807. Probated July 4, 1812.
  • Mentions son, John Isaac, Jonathan, David, Nathan and Nosh; daughters, Delila, Hannah and Polley.
    Executors, sons John and Isaac.
    Witnesses: Jonas Earll, Watson Earll and Nathaniel Robinson.
  • RYAN, John, late a Corporal of Capt. Stephen W. Kearney's Co. in the 13th Regt. of U.S.I.
  • Will dated July 14, 1815. Probated September 28, 1815.
    Mentions only John Gilbert of Oswego County, Ny> to whom he bequeaths his discharge from the
    13th Regt. U.S.I., at Sacket's Harbor, dated July 1, 1815, by Adjt. Insp. Genl. Nathaniel N. Hall, together
    with all rights to bounty lands, etc.
    Executor John Gilbert.
    Witnesses: James Lyon, William Gallagher and William Helter.
  • SHERWOOD, Samuel, of the Town of Pompey.  Will dated April 10, 1811.  Probated January 27, 1812.
  • Mentions wife Nancy; son John; second daughter Diana; and eldest daughter Susana, wife of Shubal Marsh.
    Executors, wife Nancy and son John.
    Witnesses:  Robert _____, William Shankland and Peter Smith.
  • SMITH, Joseph, of the Town of Pompey.  Will dated June 1, 1816. Probated June 10, 1816.
  • Mentions a wife Hannah; sons, Asabel, Asa Otis, Francis, Spencer and Ferris; daughter Hannah, Jr.
    Executors, sons Asa Otis, Francis and Spencer.
    Witnesses: Silas Park, Joseph Chappel and Charles Smith.
  • SOULE, Gideon, of the Town of Camillus.  Will dated March 12, 1813. Probated April 21, 1813.
  • Mentions wife Abigail; son Aaron Crane Soule; mother Abigail; and brothers Perry and Lemuel.
    Executors, James Rathbon and James Perry.
    Witnesses: Lewis Ditissel, James Chase and Janna Chase.
  • STANLEY, Jonathan, of the Town of Fabius. Will dated March 19, 1809. Probated January 28, 1814.
  • Also Codicil dated May 22, 1810. Mentions wife Jerusha; sons, Jonathan, Jr.; Ashbil and Elijah;
    daughters, Mabel, Jerush Hills and Abigail Smith.
    Executors, sons Jonathan and Ashbil.
    Witnesses: Isaac Otis, Thomas Willson and Thomas Keeney.
    Witnesses to Codicil: Thomas Keeney, Jr., Nathan Taylor and Jonathan Stanley, Jr.
  • TABER, Erik, of the Town of Camillus. Will dated April 2, 1814.  Probated May 17, 1814.
  • Mentions wife Ruby; son Peleg; daughters, Eliza Ruby Nichols, and Fanny. Granddaughter
    Minerva Taber and grandson Erik Taber.
    Executors, Daniel Taber and John Nichols.
    Witnesses: Eleaser Dunham and John Wright.
  • THORP, Moses, of the Town of Fabius. Will dated December 16, 1811. Probated December 26, 1812.
  • Mentions wife Sarah; son Daniel; daughters, Sarah Eggleston, Lucy Bozworth and Ruth Fillbrirk.
    Executors, wife Sarah and son Daniel.
    Witnesses: Amos Wright, Reuben Bryan and Elkannah Hinds.
  • THOMPSON, Joseph, of the Town of Marcellus. Will dated April 13, 1811. Probated January 17, 1812.
  • Mentions sons Joseph and Selah; daughters, Rhoda, wife of John Capen, Sibbille, Olive wife of Jonas Earll,
    and Hannah, wife of John Morley; grandson Cyrus.
    Executors, son Joseph and son-in-law John Morley.
    Witnesses: Stiles Beach, Amos Barron and Isaac Strong.
  • VIRGIL, James, of the Town of Fabius.  Will dated February 27, 1814. Probated March 5, 1814.
  • Mentions wife Rhoda.  Also Abram Virgil and James Virgil.
    Executors Benjamin and William Virgil.
    Witnesses: John Winchel and William Virgil.
  • WARNER, Samuel, of the Town of Pompey. Will dated April 23, 1812. Probated June 13, 1812.
  • Mentions wife Sarah; daughter Patrinna; grandson John Goodrich.
    Executor, wife Sarah.
    Witnesses: moses Wisewell, Christopher Clark and Lewis Cooley.
  • WOOD, Aaron, of the Town of Manlius. Will dated October 8, 1811. Probated February 9, 1814.
  • Mentions wife Dorothy; sons, Jasper, Aaron, Homer and Thaddeus M., daughters, Dorothy, wife
    of John Phillips, and Rebeccah, wife of Stephen Williams.  Also adopted daughter, Betsey.
    Executors, Hezekiah Granger and James Wattles.
    Witnesses: William A. Clark, Simon D. Wattles and Luther Badger.


    D.A.R. Bible Records. Volume 39, pp. 230-237. Copyist: Caroline Edith Hall, Baldwinsville, NY
    Member of the To-Whan-Ta-Que Chapter, D.A.R., Syracuse, NY

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