Ellington Free Academy 1898-1899

Ellington Free Academy 1898-1899

Images and texts from the Ellington Free Academy Circular
Transcribed & Submitted by Bonnie Covedill, 2003.

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A - Ellington High School

B - Historical and General Information

C - Board of Education - Names

D - Board of Education - Pictures
Top Row:  Adelbert L. Andrus, Sardius Frisbee, Eugene E. DeVoe
2nd Row:  Chas. A. Seekins, Charles J. Main, Milo O. Gilbert

E - Faculty - Names

F - Faculty - Pictures
Top Row: Miss Rublee, Intermediate; Mrs. Sprague, Music; Miss Mattocks, Primary
2nd Row:  Mrs. Love, Preparatory; Francis J. Flagg, Principal; Miss Gilbert, Preceptess

G - Students - 1898-1899

H - Students - Alumni

G - Students - 1898-1899


                                                            Circular of Ellington Free Academy


                                                  Annual Circular of the Ellington Free Academy
                                                                    Ellington, Chaut. Co., N.Y.
                                                                        Issued June 1898
                                                                 McLean & Cutting, Printers,
                                                                        Silver Creek, N.Y.
Teachers' Class
*Barber, Kittie D., Cattaraugus.
Brooks, Katherine M., Ellington.
Clark, Grace E., Ellington.
Flagg, Minnie M., Tunesassa.
*Fox, Maud E., Sinclairville.
Gabrielson, Minnie M., Clear Creek.
Lawrence, Edna B., Ellington.
McKee, Iva L., Ellington.
Nelson, Fannie C., Kennedy.
Pritchard, Minnie, Ellington.
Risley, William H., Ellington.
*Wheeler, Fannie L., Ellington.
Wilcox, Warren F., Balcom.
*Entered in January.

                                                                            High School
                                                        Post Graduates Doing Advanced Work.
                                 Brooks, Katherine M. (72 counts).          Lawrence, Edna B. (100 counts).
                                 Clark, Grace E. (72 counts).                  McDonald, Arthur (72 counts).
                                 Fox, Maud E. (72 counts).                     McKee, Iva L. (72 counts).

Senior Class.
Barber, Kittie D.                                  
Soule, Lynn G.
Wilcox, Warren F. (74 counts)
Junior Class.
Abbey, Herman                                  
Anderson, Bessie                                
Alverson, Harry J.
Harris, Leigh G. 
Hill, Roy C.
Leach, Hettie A.
Shaw, Arthur
Shaw, Henry
Wheeler, Fannie L.
Sophomore Class.
Billings, Jessie E.
Bronson, Alice M.
Clapp, Ethellyn
DeVoe, Ina Belle
Gilbert, Jane
Gilbert, Garfield O.
Hinman, Burt H.
Lawrence, Franc
Lockwood, Correll A.
Markham, Winfield L.
Phillips, Clayton
Pritchard, Minnie
Risley, Dora E.
Risley, William H.
Wheeler, Retta
Freshman Year.
Alverson, Rosa E.
Barnes, Buddie
Brainard, Nellie M.
Clark, Clifford J.
Fairbanks, Lena P.
Flagg, Minnie M.
Nolan, Charles E.
Soule, Leon
Thayer, Bertha
Waith, Ethel
Wheeler, George D.
White, Willis
Williams, Floyd
Preparatory Department.
Abbey, Harvey
Andrus, Arthur
Andrus, Clair
Anderson, Niles
Bagg, Marion L.
Carr, Emily
Colburn, Edward B.
Colburn, Grace
Cowen, Olive A.
Day, Meade H.
Fisk, Earl
Fuller May M.
Gardner, Bessie E.
Gilbert, Hiram
Greene, Gertrude G.
Hitchcock, Flora M.
Hill, Addie H.
Hoag, Edith D.
Kelley, George
Lawrence, Archer
Lockwood, Marion
Luce, Mildred
Luce, Robert
McCullough, George
Milspaw, Clyde
Race, George A.
Ray, Oakley
Rhodes, Arthur F.
Shephardson, John
Sprague, Arlie Belle
Towers, Grace M.
Wheeler, Carrie
Wilson, Howard
                        Sixth Grade.
Aldrich, Katherine
Andrus, Mamie
Frisbee, Abbie
Greene, Bessie A.
Kelley, Vernon
Lawrence, Effie
Luce, Ethel
Newton, Mabel A.
Rublee, Herbert M.
Race, Mary E.
Smith, Frank
Sprague, Harry
Thayer, Lynn
Waith, Guy
Wheeler, Henry
Wheeler, Silas
Intermediate Department
                          Fifth Grade.
Bentley, Myra
Bentley, Frank
Bentley, George
Brainard, Edith
Bronson, Floyd
Brooks, Arthur
Fairbanks, Floyd
Johnson, Howard
Johnson, Gust
Johnson, Frank
Main, Maurice
Marsh, Ruby
McKee, Mabel
Shulters, Cary
Waith, Glenn
Wheeler, Belle
Yaw, Frank
                           Fourth Grade.
Andrus, Ebba
Brooks, Inez
Brown, Glenn
Lawrence, Frances
Seekins, Russell
Sweet, Hattie
Thayer, Don
Waith, Ned
Wheeler, Frank
Primary Department.
                            Third Grade.
Anderson, Kittie
Anderson, Earl
Brown, Eva
Brown, Forday
Bronson, George
Dean, Genevieve
Fuller, Harold
Greene, Kate
Milspaw, Isabel
Potwin, Inez
Turney, Franc
Yeager, Hettie
                            Second Grade.
Anderson, Clair
Andrus, Helen
Flaugh, George
Flaugh, Merna
Livermore, Ethel
Lockwood, Jennie
McKee, Walter
Penhollow, Earl
Rice, Kloid
Waith, Eva
                              First Grade.
Anderson, George
Brown, Gerald
Brown, Norman
Davis, DeHart
Gilbert, Stanley
Greene, Harold
Greene, Hazel
Kellogg, Dorsey
Main, Parker
McKee, Alta
Newton, Mabel
Penhollow, Irvin
Seekins, Ruth
Towsley, Clyde
Turney, Arthur

H - Students - Alumni

                                                                    Circular of Ellington Free Academy

                                                                                   The Alumni.

Class of 1879.
     Lettie Brooks. Attended Oberlin College after graduation. Married August 4, 1880, to Prof. R. R. Rogers, a former Principal of the Academy and at present Superintendent of Jamestown Public Schools. Has taught elocution and is now instructing a class composed of Jamestown teachers in ornithology.
    Mattie Farman. Ellington.
    Lucy Dunham. Died at Cherry Creek, August , 1880. Was the first person buried in Valley View cemetery, Ellington.

Class of 1880.
     John Slater. Druggist, Berlin, Wis.

Class of 1881.
    Lizzie Dobbins. Taught several years. Married to Charles A. Boyle, Ellington, September 29, 1889.
    Frank Dunham. Graduated from Rush Medical College in Chicago with degree  M. D. in 1886. Practicing physician Rawlins, Wyoming.

Class of 1882
     Cora Main. Fredonia Normal Classical, ' 87. Taught one year at Frewsburg. Hillsdale College, ' 92; degree A. B. conferred in ' 92 and A. M. in ' 95. Has taught ancient languages in Pike Seminary from ' 93 to date. Permanent address, Ellington.

Class of 1883.
     Mary Benedict. Studied music in Buffalo, Oberlin, and Boston. Taught in Buffalo and Ellington since. Engaged as music teacher of Academy for ensuing year. Married December 21, ' 97, to Archer Sprague, Ellington.
    Carie A. Nye. Graduated from Pitman's School of Stenography, Buffalo, about ' 85. At present is stenographer in Washington, D. C.
    Arthur W. Ewing. Studied law with his brother in St. Paul and was admitted to the bar in Minnesota and afterwards in Missouri. Is practicing profession in St. Paul, Minn.

Class of 1884.
    W. C. Briggs. Attended Fredonia Normal about a year. Jamestown High School ' 87. Druggist, member of firm of Hatch & Briggs, No. 10 East Third Street, Jamestown.
    Adelbert Shaw. Janesville (Wis.) School of Telegraphy ' 85. Has been manager of A. A. Biglow Lumber Co. from ' 86 to date. Adress, Washburn, Wis.
    Minnie Main. Fredonia Normal, classical, ' 88; attended Hillsdale College ' 88-' 89; taught one year in Burlington, Wis., and seven years near Ellington. Teacher in Intermediate Department of Academy ' 97 - ' 98; will have charge of preparatory Department and German next year. Married August 29, ' 96, to S. Love, Ellington.
    Clifton Gates. Jamestown High School ' 87. Book keeper from ' 88 to date for Natural Gas Company, Jamestown.
    Grace Davis. Fredonia Normal, Elementary English and College Preparatory, ' 87. Taught in Duluth, Minn., three years and in Jamestown, N.Y., three years. Married Burt Randall during ' 96. Present address Duluth.
    Edith Utter. Married October ' 84, to Edwin A. Bagg, hardware merchant, Conewango Valley.

Class of 1885.
    Minerva Lorenz. Had taught before graduation and also one year after. Married September 30, ' 96, to Adelbert L. Andrus, a member of the present Board of Education, Ellington.
    Hoyt Shulters. Rochester Business College ' 86. Book keeper for Natural Gas Co. at Tiffin and Toledo from ' 86 to date. Address, 1429 Superior St., Toledo, O.

Class of 1886.
     Estella M. Greene. Teachers' Normal Course in Hillsdale College, ' 90. Taught in Frewsburg one year and in Jamestown public schools three years. Address, Jamestown, N.Y.

Class of 1887
     Cora E. Case. Attended school at Fredonia after graduation. Married December, ' 91, to Clyde C. Hill, a former Principal of the Academy, and ex-School Commissioner first district Chautauqua County. Present address, North East, Pa.
    Lillian Crawford. Married Mr. Elkins of Lakewood.
    Rose Crawford. Has taught several years since graduation. Address, Lakewood.
    Grace E. Farman. Attended Cooper Institute, New York, several years. Has an art studio in Salamanca. Permanent address, Ellington.
    Edith M. Wilcox. Wife of Prof. Wilcox, who was Principal of the Academy ' 86 - ' 87. Whereabouts unknown.

Class of 1888.
     Lutie Barber. Was general agent for publishing house some time after graduation. Married Charles Edward Packard, April 14,  ' 91. Resides at 419 West Sixth Street, Jamestown.

Class of 1889.
    Ella L. Case. Studied music in Oberlin and Minneapolis. Married Lewis S. Chafer April ' 96, and has assisted him in evangelistic work since. Permanent address, Ellington.
    Minnie S. Potwin. Fredonia Normal, Advanced English, ' 92. Has taught in Jamestown public schools from ' 92 to date. Permanent address, Ellington.
    Myrtle C. Carpenter. Married Charles H. Rice, Ellington, ' 90.

Class of 1890.
    Mary L. Bagg. Clerk in law office for a time, and afterwards milliner. Married W. Carlton Case April 25th, ' 94, and resides at 29 West Ninth St., Jamestown.
    M. Maye Briggs. Jamestown Business College, June, ' 91. Was reporter and stenographer for "The Journal" two years. Has been commercial teacher in Jamestown public schools from ' 93 to date. Permanent address, Ellington.
    Bertha E. Crawford. Fredonia Normal, Elementary English, ' 92. Taught in Binghamton three years. Has taught in New Jersey from ' 95 to date.
    Bertha E. DeVoe. Assisted in post office and clerk in bank, Ellington to ' 95. Died Feb. 7th, ' 96.
    Grace E. Fuller. Jamestown Business College Spring of ' 91. Taught at Ellington ' 91 - ' 92. Bookkeeper and Cashier for Brooklyn Beef Co. one year, and for Cook & Treat, Jamestown, three years. Married Elzy James Wolcott, May 26th, ' 97, and resides at 1432 Hoag St, Toledo, O.
    Helena W. Gilbert. Taught one year and entered Fredonia Normal. Graduated from Classical and Elocution courses in ' 95 and has taught in the Academy since. Address, Ellington.
    Jessie B. Haman Taught four terms at Ellery, one at Steamburg, two at Gerry, one at Belleville on Chautauqua Lake, three at Lakewood and five at Ashville. Married Hoyt Strunk, Oct. 28th, ' 96. Address, Fluvanna.
    Samuel R. Town. Taught two years, one as principal of Leon school. Entered Fredonia Normal the fall of ' 92 and completed Classical course in ' 95. Was principal of Clymer Union School to January ' 97, when he was obliged to resign on account of poor health. He is now recovering. Address, Leon.

Class of 1893.
    Hugh A. Lawrence. Senior in Hillsdale College. Address, Hillsdale, Mich.
    Adams Phillips. Principal Otto school ' 93 - ' 94. Entered Fredonia Normal fall of ' 94 and graduated from Classical course in ' 97. Was president class of ' 97, the largest class ever graduated from that school. Enters Cornell this fall to take Agricultural course. Address, Thornton.
    Lafayett Clapp. Taught one year at Conewango Valley. Graduated from Scientific course Fredonia Normal in ' 97. Was president Epsilon Chapter philalethean Fraternity fall of ' 96 and manager of the popular Normal Philagonian orchestra and Amphion Male Quartette ' 95 - ' 97. Has been principal Corfu Union School since graduation and is re-engaged for ensuing year. Permanent address, Ellington.
    Lulu B. Davis. Duluth High School ' 95, and St. Cloud (Minn.) Normal, Classical, ' 96. Has taught from ' 96 to date in Duluth public schools. Address, Duluth, Minn.

Class of 1894.
    Belle T. S. Eigenbroadt. Fredonia Normal, Classical, ' 98. Address, Ellington.
    Estella Fenton. Has taught since graduation to date. Address, Conewango Valley.
    John W. Fenton. Principal Eden Center Union School one year after graduation. Fredonia Normal, Classical, ' 99. Address, Conewango Valley.
    Edna B. Lawrence. Attended Fredonia Normal ' 96 - ' 97. Has taken Teachers' Course in Academy the past year. Address, Ellington.
    Mary L. McDonald. Has taught. Fredonia Normal, Classical, ' 98. Address, Ellington.
    Ida E. Mattocks. Taught seven terms and entered Fredonia Normal Jan. ' 97. Graduated from Regents' course,  ' 97. Has been primary teacher in Academy since graduation. Address, Ellington.
    Burdette Phillips. Fredonia Normal, Classical, ' 97. President Epsilon chapter Philolethean Fraternity spring of ' 97. Superintendent and Principal of Alleghany public schools ' 97 - ' 98 and is re-elected for ensuing year. Permanent Address, Thornton.
    Maude VanSyckle. Attended Fredonia Normal ' 95 - ' 97. Married May, ' 97, to Alden J. Wagner, of Cattaraugus. Present address, Fredonia.

Class of 1895.
    Sadie E. Day. Taught one year after graduation. Fredonia Normal, Classical, ' 98. Address, Ellington.
   S. Ray Fairbanks. Chicago law school, April, ' 98. Is a member of the 1st regiment of Illinois cavalry and at present is located at Camp Tanner, Springfield. Intends to go to Cuba.
    Mabel A. Boyd. Married Wm. Shaw of Cherry Creek, during winter of ' 97-' 98. Address, Cherry Creek.
    Dora Milliman. Has taught since graduation. Address, Leon.
    Erla L. Ackley. Fredonia Normal, Classical, ' 98. Chairman Normal lecture course committee ' 97-' 98. Address, Pape.
    Nina M. Saunders. Postmistress at Clear Creek since Jan. ' 98.
    Harriette E. Shannon. Taught at Conewango two years, and is now teaching near Alleghany. Address, Alleghany.
    Arthur McDonald. Teacher, Ellington.
    Berdena A. Milspaw. Attending Fredonia Normal. Permanent Address, Ellington.
    I. Henrietta Allen. Taught one year after graduation. Fredonia Normal, Classical, ' 99. Address, Ellington.
    Laverne M. Clapp. Law student with Judge Peckham, Jamestown. Home address, Ellington.
    Floy M. Rublee. Has taught two years since graduation. Will teach next year in Intermediate Department of Academy. Address, Ellington.
    Mabelle M. Brooks. Has taught one year at Clear Creek, one year in Day district and one year in Primary Department of Cherry Creek Union School. Enters Fredonia Normal this fall to take courses in Kindergarten and Elocution. Address, Ellington.

Class of 1896.
    Leighton Soule. Taught one year. Is a student in Fredonia Normal. Home address, Ellington.
    Charles Hinman. Jamestown Business College, spring of ' 98. Address, Ellington.
    Forest Ostrander. Teacher, Gerry
    Fred Carpenter. Professional base ball pitcher, at present with Fredonia "Stars." Permanent address, Ellington.
    Daniel Barhite. Conewango Valley
    Iva L. McKee. Taught ' 96 - ' 97. Took the Teachers' course in Academy ' 97 - ' 98.
    Grace E. Clark. Has taken Teachers' course, ' 97 - ' 98. Address, Ellington.
    Edna Hinds. Has taught since graduation. Married March ' 98 to Earl Frisbee, Ellington.
    Ruth Ware. Just finished Sophomore year in Wheaton College, Wheaton, ILL.

Class of 1897.
    Minnie Ethel Lane. Taught ' 97 - ' 98. Address, Ellington.
    Kate M. Brooks. Took Teachers' course ' 97 - ' 98. Address, Ellington.

Class of 1898.
    Kittie D. Barber. Cattaraugus.
    Lynn G. Soule. Ellington.
    Warren F. Wilcox. Balcom.

Class of 1899. (this info came from next school yr. book) 1900-1901.
     Bessie May Anderson, Hester Ann Leach, Ray Clark Hill, Henry Shaw, Arthur Peer Shaw.

Class of ' 00.
     Rosa Alverson, Marie B. Barnes, Lena Pearl Fairbanks, Dora Risley, Harry J. Alverson, Garfield Gilbert, A. Leigh Harris, Willis White.

Class of ' 01. (this info came from next school yr. book) 1901-1902
     Ethelyn Clapp, Hannah M. Weiser, Franc Lawrence, Ina Belle DeVoe, Joe C. Marts, Edward P. Marts, Geo. A. Race, J. Irwin Gray, Louis F. Day.

Class of ' 02. (this info came from next school yr. book) 1902-1903 & 1903-1904 (same book don't know why..)
     Mary L. White, Mabelle Hubbard, Jane A. Gilbert, Clara B. Love, Evelyn Churchill, Clifford J. Clark, Herbert M. Rublee, Archie W. Lawrence, Harry A. Sprague.


SOURCE:  Bonnie Covedill, 2003.