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ischua of today and the original town of Ischua in Cattaraugus county never had a territorial connection. the old township of the name embraced lands whose south line forms the north bounds of the present organization, or , more definitely, all that part of the county lying north of the line running east and west between the third and fourth tiers of lots of the Holland Land Company's survey.  The present town of Ischua was erected from Hinsdale on  the 7th of February, 1846, and until March 27, 1855, was known as Rice .  Since the latter date its territory has been designated, Ischua, an Indian name which had previously been applied to the principal stream of eastern Cattaraugus.  The township lies upon the east side of the county in ranges three and four, and comprises the most of the town three in the ranges of the Holland survey.   - Adam's Historical Gazetteer of Cattaraugus County  Chapter XLIX

businesses and Post Offices

Excerpts from Child's Gazetteer and Business Directory of Cattaraugus County, N.Y pertaining to Ischua including Post Office Addresses

Vital Statistics

Town Officials

Town Historian

Town Clerk

Rose Edwards de Cordova
5605 Route 16
Hinsdale, NY 14743
(716) 557-8809
Kelle J. Brisky
5557 Dutch Hill Rd.
Hinsdale, NY 14743
(716) 557-2498
Information from 2008 Cattaraugus County Directory


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