Ischua Births Deaths and Marriages
Vital Statististics 1847-48
Town of Rice (Ischua)
These were transcribed and checked by K.Seward & E. Seward

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1847 BIRTH RECORDS for RICE (Ischua)
Date of Birth Name of Child Names of Parents
August 20th Norris Raub Charles Raub and Derendas Raub
September 14th Ai_ Kelsey Ferdinand Kelsey and Ann Kelsey
May 28th Lorentine Grimes Frederick Grimes and Christeen Grimes
April 1st Cortland Graves Elias Graves and Laoniree Graves
October 7th Almira Houck Martin Houck and Eva Houck
January 9th Amelia Smith Abner W. Smith ---Marriett Smith
February 26th Ellen Mary Reynolds William S. Reynolds---Mary Reynolds
March George M. Cline Seymore Cline
May 25th Susan Till Hiram Till
May 16th Howard Otto Silas P. Otto---Hannah Otto
July 15th Ester Dinnthy Densmore William Densmore…Emeline Densmore
August 15th Royal Derby Peter C. Derby---Lovina Derby
November 15th
Benjamin H. Osgood---Cloe Osgood
November 24th Frederick Melvin Hibner David Hibner---Almira Hibner
December 29th Dallas Taylor Veri Taylor
January 16th George B. Knapp Joseph and Sara Knapp
September 19th Alice E. Wilber Oliver and Sally C. Wilber
October 5th Ai_ Wagner John and Susannah Wagner
November 5th
Orson ? and Julia Fitch
September 17th Juliett Piersol George and Margrett Piersol
January 31st Adelbert Hibner William and Deli---Hibner
December 20th
Andrew Nottingham--name of wife not known
March 25th Caroline Farewell Thadeus J. and Elizabeth Farwell

of Marriage
Name of
Name of
of Husband
of Wife
Name and residence
of officer or clergyman
of Husband
of Wife

November 25th Alfred Hacke Savannah Wagoner Rice Rice Rev. Reuben __ingman 28 24
December Frederick? A. Hed Margaret Learn Rice Rice Hirum L. Seavey  Esq 23 18
June 8th __ T.Adsit Polly Ann Corthell Rice
"Rev. H.S. Card. Hinsdale Catt.Co.

March 4th William Hunt Adaline Linderman Rice Rice Hiram L. Seavey Esq. Do 27 17

1847 DEATH RECORDS for RICE (Ischua)
Date of Death Name of person Residence Age Occupation Condition in life Disease
September 29th Mary Stephy Rice 69 farmer married Dropsy
August 17th Charles Guild Rice 2

Cholera Morbus
February 6th George W. Densmore Rice 5 2/3

May 7th Tilden Stickland Rice 24 farmer
January 1st Elvira Stickland Rice 1 1/4

not known

1848 BIRTH RECORDS for RICE (Ischua)
Date of Birth Name of Child Fathers Name Mothers Name
26-Jan Adelbert Linderman Jacob Linderman Disera Linderman
18-Mar John Orlando Hacket Alfred Hacket Rosina Hacket
13-Apr William Brown Morgan Nelson Morgan S.M. Morgan
11-May Fredrick Swarts George Swarts Rachel Swarts
11-May Herman G. Searl Abram Searl Maryann Searl
12-May Porter R. Farwell John H. Farwell Catharine A. Farwell
4-Jun John M. Kidder John Kidder Hinsitt Kidder
4-Jun Elisa Candice Hibner Philip Hibner Alma Hibner
16-May Winfield Scott Hollis Scott Adaline C. Scott
27-Jul Allis Raub John Raub Delana Raub
18-Jul Lovina Conrad Samuel Conrad Mahitable Conrad
19-Aug Colista L. Hed Fredrick Hed Margaret Hed
20-Aug name not assertained Hiram Markham Emily Markham
2-Sep Adeline Williams Horace M. Williams Mayette Williams
9-Oct Edwin Corthell Titus Corthell Jane Corthell
8-Nov Lenord Hauck(Houck?) Siimon Hauck Betsy Hauck
3-Dec Angaline Shafer Adam Shaffer Susana Shaffer

Date of
of Husband
of Husband
of Wife
Name and residence
of officer or clergyman
of Marriage of Husband

20-Aug John Pike to Emily Swift New Hudson New Hudson Hiram L. Seavey
1-Oct Brigham N. Thrall to Susana Wilson Rice Rice Rev. O. Jibbs - Cuba

1848 DEATH RECORDS for RICE (Ischua)
Date Name Residence Age Occupation Mar.Unmar. Native/Foreigner Disease  or cause of Death
6-Jan Hannah Otto Rice 39
m n consumption
14-Feb Josiah Shafer Rice 1
u n worms
30-Apr Sydol B. Iesbey
50 carpenter u n consumption
May Mahitable Conrad
u n dropsey
May Mary Farwell
36 farmers wife m n pneumonia billious fever
19-Jun Maranda Canues?
u n In_ismatin Fever
16-Aug Effy Maunt (Neaunt?)
u n Old Age
Oct Hariett Namam
26 _____ made u f Billias(bilious?)typhoid fever
17-Oct Betsy Townsend
m n dropsey

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