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Welcome to the rural town of Alabama in Genesee County, New York. The town was settled in 1812 and originally called "Gerrysville". Alabama was officially formed in 1826 and is primarily a farming community. The population, as of the 2000 census, is 1,881.
Our town consists of four Hamlets. Alabama Center, South Alabama, Wheatville and Basom. During the 1800's there was also a community called West Alabama, located in the northwest corner of the town. Alabama shared much of its early history with the Town of Royalton in Niagara County, the village of Akron in Erie County, and the Town of Shelby in Orleans County.
Alabama has three major areas. Agricultural and residential is the largest section. The Tonawanda Indian Reservation, home of the Seneca Nation, covers the land on the west side of the town. To the north is the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge. This refuge covers 10,818 acres and extends into Orleans County. It is the largest federal wildlife Refuge in New York State.

Explore our town, its people, our wildlife and history.



General Information on the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge.

A nutshell history of the Town of Alabama from 1790 to 2001.

Visitor Information for the Wildlife Refuge, Seasons, Times, Trails, Recreation, Overlooks, Map, Regulations.

History of Alabama, the Hamlets of Alabama, and notable people and places.

Hunting on the Wildlife Refuge & Regulations.

The original school districts in our community, including the Tonawanda Indian Reservation.

Fishing on the Wildlife Refuge & Regulations

Churches in our community, past and present, including the Tonawanda Indian Reservation.

Located in our Town Hall, the museum is our original school house #12.

History, records and tombstone inscriptions for the town's 13 cemeteries.

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Federal Census for the town of Alabama.

Our Local Government Officials

Federal Census for the
town of Alabama.

History of the Alabama Volunteer Fire Departmant & Ladies Auxiliary

This is a link to "Census-on-Line"with links for NYS Census; plus others! (There is no link there back to Historian's Page)

Alabama Section of the
Gazetteer & Business Directory of Genesee Co. transcribed by Kristy Lawrie Gravlin.

From the Minutes of the Town meetings. Almost like a "head of household" census. Begins in 1826.

Seneca Nation of Indians, Tonawanda Reservation, Iroquois Confederacy

Polly Frisch, murdered her first husband Henry Hoag & her daughters Frances and Eliza Jane. It took five trials to convict her. The cause of the early deaths of her other children are unknown.

The Alabama section of Beers Biographical Record of Genesee County 1788-1890.

"Bread & Butter", a true story set in the 1850s in Alabama, NY. Written by Cindy Amrhein and Ellen Bachorski. Released in January 2001.

Who's looking for who in Alabama. These are your queeries on Ancestors in Alabama so you all can share information!


History of the County, County Splits, 1802 map.


These are a few of my favorite sites. Links to other sources, and most are not the usual ones you see.

How the Seneca Indians lost their land, and the Holland Land Company got it.

An awesome site! You'll be here for hours! Lots of info and links on all the towns and the County of Genesee.

The story of the survey of the Holland Purchase.

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Joe Cassidy - Town of Alabama Historian: January 2008 - Present

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