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Index To the Enciclopedia Heráldica Hispano-Americana of Alberto and Arturo García Carraffa 88 volumes of the Diccionario Heraldico y Genealogico de Appellidos / Españoles y Americanos, library of congress call number CR2142.G3 contains over15,000 Hispanic surnames with a history of the surname, coat of arms, plus a bibliography for further research.

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Civil War
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1st New Mexico Cavalry Company E

1st New Mexico Infantry Company A

1st New Mexico Cavalry Company D

Civil War Archives
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Buffalo Soldiers of the Western Frontier

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Civil War Sites Rosters

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Spanish American War

US GenWeb Archives 
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Spanish Enlistment 
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NM State Library

Women's Military History

Library of Congress


New Mexico-California State List Sorted Alphabetically of the Korean Conflict

New Mexico State List Sorted Alphabetically by Last Name

Researching a Spanish American War Veteran

Three Power Links to visit:

Census Microfilm Expeditators 
Microfilm censuses and data 

Southwestern Micropublishing,Inc.
Southern Western microfilm, newspapers

Los Estados de la República Mexicana
Recursos Genealógicos Mexicanos

Fun Facts

January enero
February febrero
March marzo
April abril
May mayo
June junio
July julio
August agosto
September septiembre
October octubre
November noviembre
December diciembre


Monday lunes
Tuesday martes
Wednesday miércoles
Thursday jueves
Friday viernes
Saturday sábado
Sunday domingo


0 zero cero
1 one uno (m),una (f)
2 two dos
3 three tres
4 four cuatro
5 five cinco
6 six seis
7 seven siete
8 eight ocho
9 nine nueve
10 ten diez
11 eleven once
12 twelve doce
13 thirteen trece
14 fourteen catorce
15 fifteen quince
16 sixteen dieciséis
17 seventeen diecisiete
18 eighteen dieciocho
19 nineteen diecinueve
20 twenty veinte
21 twenty-one veintiuno
22 twenty-two veintidós
30 thirty treinta
31 thirty-one treinta y uno
40 forty cuarenta
50 fifty cincuenta
60 sixty sesenta
70 seventy setenta
80 eighty ochenta
90 ninety noventa
100 one hundred cien
101 one hundred and one ciento uno
200 two hundred doscientos
300 three hundred trescientos
400 four hundred cuatrocientos
500 five hundred quinientos
600 six hundred seiscientos
700 seven hundred setecientos
800 eight hundred ochocientos
900 nine hundred novecientos
1,000 one thousand mil
2,000 two thousand dos mil
1,000,000 one million un millón
2,000,000 two million dos millones

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