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Newspapers of Morris County
Morris Co.

Numerous towns have local newspapers. I have found the following link to a list of current local newspapers that may be of interest:

Morris County Newspapers

Frequently the only clues that can be found to lead us to an ancestor are found in the local newspapers of the area. If we're very fortunate to find the newspapers, many times they will yield a wealth of information, or at the very least a few clues to aid us in our search. On the down-side, newspapers do not survive age very well. From the earliest time newspapers were disposable. As resources are made available information will be added to this page.

Extracts from The Iron Era - Necrology & Fatal Accidents along with some miscellaneous information.

I was fortunate to obtain a few copies of the Boonton Weekly Bulletin. Here is some information that has been transcribed from the copies that I had. (BKB)

Boonton Weekly Bulletin, published 14 November 1889

Boonton Weekly Bulletin, published 19 March 1891

Newspapers published in Morristown, New Jersey 1798-1849. Copies and Indexed by Frederick Alexander Canfield (1849-1926) as found in the Joint Free Public Library of Morristown and Morris Township, Morristown, NJ.

NOTE: ULT refers to the previous month; INST. refers to the current month; CONSORT = wife/widow; RELICT = wife/widow

Genius of Liberty, 1798 - 1811 (Death Notices 1798-1805)

Genius of Liberty, 1798 - 1811 (Death Notices 1806-1811)

Morris Town Herald, 1811 - 1814, 1816, 1817 (Death Notices)

The Memorandum, 1815, 1816 (Death Notices)

Palladium of Liberty, 1808 - 1834 (Death Notices)

Morris County Whig, 1834 - 1836 (Death Notices)

The Jerseyman, 1826 - 1849 (Death Notices)

Note - Most of the newspaper files from which these copies were made were destroyed when the Morristown Library and Lyceum was burned, in February, 1914.

Some Newspaper Extracts from 1775 

A Letter to the Editor, Jerseyman newspaper, Jan. 31, 1890, a glimpse into life and the weather in the 18th century


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