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Index searches to the MAGS Newsletters and many local area records are available below.

Future site of website-wide search - Coming soon.


Bible Records Books Church and Cemetery
Diaries Funeral Homes Crane Genealogy
Military Newsletters Roxbury Census (1810/1820)
Surname Research Inventories 


Search Using Standard FIND Command:

If you want to search on specific criteria instead of looking at all the names in the file, you can search using the basic FIND command. It can search each individual INDEX file in the MAGS Website. It cannot be used to do a website global search.

Locate the INDEX you wish to search, and follow one of the procedures below, depending on if your computer system is WINDOWS or MAC.

WINDOWS Computers: Enter 'CTRL F'.
See little box in lower left or upper right.
Enter the search criteria, i.e.: last name, number, town name.
If found, it will be highlighted.
Click on up or down arrow to move through document.
MAC Computers: Enter 'COMMAND F'.
This will open up two boxes.  You must use the lower box on the screen that is labeled "Find".
Enter the search criteria, i.e.: last name, number, town name, and click on the "Next" button.
If found, it will be highlighted.
The upper box will tell you how many items are found.




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