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The Morris Area Genealogy Society (MAGS) publishes a 16-page Newsletter each quarter, which is emailed to all members – with live links and photos in living color—and sent by post to those who want hard copy. In addition to meeting reports, other news, and the North Jersey History and Genealogy Center at the Morristown-Morris Township Library (NJH&GC) acquisitions list, the Newsletter sets out previously unpublished data from this locality, such as old Bible and church records. The Queries section allows members out of the area to seek answers to local genealogy questions. The index to the entire series of Newsletters is available on this public website.

This page provides links to indices and other information pertaining to the MAGS Newsletter.  A print copy of any MAGS Newsletter is available to the public for viewing at the Morristown-Morris Township Library, North Jersey History and Genealogy Center.

Sample Newsletter A sample of one past issue of the MAGS Newsletter in its entirety is available for you to explore. Click here to see that sample.
Frequency of Newsletters MAGS Newsletters are published quarterly, in March, June, September, and December.
Queries MAGS members may submit one query for publication in each issue of the Newsletter. Queries will be limited as space allows.
Newsletter Index A name index is available to the public for the entire series of MAGS Newsletters published. Links to the name index for the MAGS Newsletters are below.


The Newsletter Index pages are the work of the Morris Area Genealogy Society Indexing Group.

Names in the Newsletter are indexed by volume, issue number, and page.
(i.e. 9:3:10 = Volume 9, Issue Number 3, Page 10)

The following should be noted when using an index.

* indicates author of an article
--- unknown name
( ) maiden name
(---) unknown maiden name

Lookups from these indices are available. Lookup Policy.  

  • Volumes 1-15:   years 1988-2002.

    This is an index of all the people named in the first 15 volumes of the Morris Area Genealogy Society Newsletter with the following exception.

Names from the 1868 Beers Atlas Index which appeared in Volume 1, Number 3 (September 1988) through Volume 4, Number 2 (June 1991) are not included in this Index to the Morris Area Genealogy Society Newsletter.

An index to the Atlas may be found in the collection of the North Jersey History and Genealogy Center of the Morristown-Morris Township Library. Sharon Meeker, Every-Name Index for the Atlas of Morris Co., New Jersey by F. W. Beers (Budd Lake, NJ: Legacy of America, 1994) HM1 1868 Atlas Col Index.

Pages 2 – 16 of Volume 6, Number 3 (September 1993) of the Newsletter are labeled incorrectly as Volume 6, Number 2 (June 1993). This index uses the correct issue number.


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