African American Sailors
in the Union Navy
from North Carolina

Below are alphabetical links to data on African American sailors from North Carolina who served in the United States Navy (USN) during the Civil War. This information , plus much more data on each of these sailors, may be found at the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System (CWSS), which couducted extensive research over a period of several years as a special project of the of the National Parks Service (NPS). On the CWSS web site, click on the sailor's name to find more information.
I found 933 African American sailors, formerly ex-slaves and freedmen, who listed various towns and countys in North Carolina as their place of birth on the database. However, a number of sailors listed only North Carolina as a birthplace. My study of some of the most common surnames of Hyde Co., NC showed that many of these men only listed the state, no county. A further study of census, marriage and other records will shed more light on the subject. Your help is needed in adding any data which you may have on any of these sailors and correcting any errors you find.
If you find your ancestor among these sailors and wish to be contacted by anyone else researching him, please send me your first and last name and email address which I will post online with that sailors name. Please contact me, John B. McGowan, with any additions or corrections you may have on these sailors. If your ancestor was an African American soldier from NC who served in one of the five regiments of U. S. Colored Troops formed in NC, or any other Union regiment, please visit us there.


Medal of Honor Winner

For more data on each sailor, see: Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System

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