Parishes in Charlotte County


    In 1785, as part of the formation of the new province of New Brunswick, Charlotte County was established as one of the original counties. 7 original parishes were set off but they did not include all the lands assigned to the County. These 7 parishes were later subdivided as warranted by population increases. Today in the year 2006, Charlotte County has 15 parishes.

         ST. STEPHEN - set off nearly as is today, but for a period (1813-1873) it included lands that are now in
                                     other areas.

         ST. DAVID - Nearly as at present.

         ST. ANDREWS - Nearly as at present, but included St. Croix.

         ST. PATRICK - Nearly as at present, but did not extend as far north. In 1814 it extended to the
                                     County line thus took in Dumbarton.

         ST. GEORGE - Extended only about half its northern depth until 1814.

         PENNFIELD - Included Lepreau, and assumed to extend north to County line in 1814.

         WEST ISLES - Included Campobello until 1803, Grand Manan until 1816, Moose, Frederick and
                                   Dudley Islands until they were transferred to the US in 1817.

         CAMPOBELLO - Set off in 1823 from West Isles, as at present.

         GRAND MANAN - Set off in 1823 from West Isles, as at present.

         ST. JAMES - Set off in 1823 from unassigned lands and part of St. Stephen.

         DUMBARTON - Set off in 1856 from St. Patrick.

         LEPREAU - Set off in 1859 from Pennfield.

         CLARENDON - Set off in 1869 from unassigned land (* or Pennfield and Lepreau).

         DUFFERIN - Set off in 1873 from St. Stephen.

         ST. CROIX - Set off in 1874 from St. Andrews, altered slightly in 1896.

         (* see Clarendon - No legal justification was found to credit these lands to Pennfield although
              maps credit them to this Parish after 1814).

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