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 St. George Parish GenWeb was created in November 1999 as part of the CanadaGenWeb Project. This is a NOT a research service. Volunteers and hosts are here to provide information on the web to help you help yourself trace your family tree.

~Revolutionary War - Soldiers/Settlers, New Brunswick Names~
The Young Emigrants - Craigs of The Magaguadavic

Link to youtube video of St. George drive through-courtesy Jason Gaudett

Link to youtube drive through to St. George Rural Cemetery-courtesy Jason Gaudett


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Where is St. George in Charlotte County, NB?

Town of St. George, NB website

St. George is located in the central/eastern part of Charlotte County.  The northeast border is Clarendon Parish, and Pennfield Parish forms the southeast border. Directly south is Passamaquoddy Bay, on the south west is St. Patrick Parish, and north west is Dumbarton.  Directly north of Clarendon Parish is Sunbury County, NB. Don't know where in New Brunswick or Canada, the town, village, lake or region is?  Check out Canadian Geographical Names. Here's where you can do a look up of geographic place names to find out where you should be concentrating your efforts.  This web site is courtesy of the Natural Resources Canada. 

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    My name is Charlene O'Neill  Beney. I am a native of Beaver Harbour, NB about eight miles from St. George. I really became interested in genealogy in 1998 when we got our computer. I am researching my husband's family as others are doing the Justason' s, which are my mother's family.   His family originally came from England and settled in the Lee Settlement in St.George, New Brunswick, Canada. Their names were Sunderland and Beney.  They were both listed on the 1851 N.B.census for St.George.  My father's family, the O'Neill's from Ireland, settled also in the Lee Settlement in the 1850's adjacent to the Sunderland's, something we did not know until we were began researching.  The O'Neill's from Lee Settlement who moved to Sorrel Ridge, NB were also related to the St. George, NB O'Neill's.

If you have a CD or a Book that you are willing to do lookup in, please  let me know.  I want these pages to be your pages too and I'm hoping you will give me all kinds of help!
For now please go to the Charlotte County Home Page to see 'Available Look-ups' Look-ups

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